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So far….I have paid more than $5000 to doctors out of pocket. This company Takes painfully long period to review the case once the patient’s file is sent for it. I have been calling them since around June to send my case for the review. its end of September now and I found out today that the case had still not been sent because a document was radiografia columna lumbar required and pending….which was faxed to them twice almost two months ago and it was confirmed over the phone that it has been received. anyway the agent put me on hold and then came back with the information that document was available with them in the system but the case for review was just not forwarded. I was obviously annoyed and asked why….the agent couldn’t kept her cool and said she can only tell me what the system says and theres nothing she can do and that she can’t speak for what the previous agents had been telling me.

so… two more months if the report actually gets sent….and if it does and if the review is completed in next two months i’d have waited 5 months just for the review. and if i still after a couple of months find out report was sent for review i’d have to wait another couple of months because that just is how long it takes for the review process and verifications to complete…and escoliosis lumbar I fear they are going to cover hardly anything the way they have been going about it so far…once the process does get completed….

I’ve been insured escoliosis dorsal derecha sintomas twice with Aetna International while working abroad (first in South Africa, then in Japan). While the website has evolved somewhat over time, the claims process remains absolutely abysmal. Virtually every claim I filed was mishandled in some way and required follow-up, sometimes five or more times for a single claim.

Sometimes all records of a claim mysteriously disappeared, and Aetna said they had no idea what had happened. In these cases, I forwarded them my confirmations of the submissions and they asked me to re-submit everything from scratch since they didn’t know what had gone wrong.

In other cases, I’ve had claims which were processed, approved, and supposedly paid out, but can’t find any payment corresponding to the date on which they claimed to have paid. When I’ve asked for confirmation of where the money was sent, they didn’t know and said they’d have to investigate.

In other cases, payments did come through, but without a clear reference to identify which claims they corresponded to, and Aetna’s own people couldn’t identify which payments corresponded to which claims. This isn’t a trivial problem when you’re working with foreign currencies whose exchange rates fluctuate. If I submit a claim contractura muscular lumbar in yen or euros, it’s not clear what the corresponding value will be in USD when the reimbursement reaches my US account. And since they sometimes pay out multiple claims in a single lump, this makes it even harder to identify without a detailed reference.

I’ve also encountered numerous cases where they messed up the claim date, leading to further confusion. Aetna International is based in the US, but forms submitted abroad typically have the date format reversed (dd/mm). One would think an insurer that caters specifically to expats would have this contractura lumbar ejercicios figured out, but no. If I visit the doctor on April 8, odds are high that they’ll input it as August 4 instead.

Former employer changed my coverage to be "covered" by Aetna. I have never been so medically and financially poor in my life. Over the years I was stuck with huge medical bills, several times I’ve asked for an explanation and nothing until just recently right before changing my choice on my own. I was told between Medicare and Aetna they only pay 80%. Medicare paid 80% and Aetna just pennies if anything. My premium steadily increased and I received nothing. In 2010, my medical bills were $10,000.00 and last year again $4,000.00. The elderly are truly discriminated against, we don’t take prescriptions as we should for fear we can’t afford the next refill, neglect to see the doctor and try to doctor ourselves because we can’t afford it and don’t eat properly because that is a luxury for those we are paying taxes to care for. This company made me wait forever for a reply, but I continued to receive large hospital bills they would not cover on a timely basis. Shame on this insurance cirugia de columna lumbar hernia de disco company for scamming the elderly and making money off us…and shame on our reps in Washington for allowing this! I’m sick of taking care of the young adults and their children who they take to the doctors constantly for well care visits on my tax dollar. I have been disabled since 2008, have no savings because of my medical and the stress has made my medical conditions even worse. Choose another insurance, this one is the worse!

I purchased a disability policy from my employer with Aetna. I became disabled because of a health condition, verified by 3 doctors, state and other insurance companies. Aetna harassed my spouse and I, threatened me with being fired, discontinued my employer pay and benefits, conveniently lost documents my doctors and I sent to them several times, misquoted and distorted facts in medical documents I submitted, forced me to retire because of no pay or benefits, committed fraud, made numerous mistakes always in Aetna’s favor, told me verbal lies in phone conversations, made outrageous demands under the threat of being fired “if you don’t go to the doctor today dolor lumbar causas and submit these forms you will be terminated from your job”, Etc. Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini’s compensation was valued at $17.3 million last year. He got it by screwing people like you and I. Don’t get Aetna insurance for any coverage of any kind. Often Aetna will not pay claims and will do anything dishonest to avoid paying. If you do have Aetna coverage, get rid of them ASAP. Aetna consistently acted in bad faith. If you do have problems with Aetna, keep a log, FAX or send all documents 3 times and file a complaints with your employer and department of insurance, etc. Anonymous Aetna victim, because of Aetna reprisals.

I have had Aetna for over 5 years through escoliosis derecha my work. Like everyone I work with, I loved it…until I needed a doctor. My experience has led me to the thesis that they are unwilling to pay for claims if even the smallest technical problem is seen on the referral or a prescription is very expensive…in which case they require pre-authorization that is impossible to get approved in time in emergency situations (and backdating for reimbursements is a pasquinade to lure you into their premiums).

For example, I recently needed a pre-authorization for a prescription that I paid for in an emergency. They take >48 hours to approve pre-auths, even in emergency situations. So, after about a week, I called member services. They told me that my pre-authorization had been approved! YAY! However, they wanted me to call the specialty pharmacy to backdate the pre-auth. The rep sounded so genuinely surprised that I was approved that I called him out on it. Though he was very nice, told me that he could not help me backdate the pre-auth, and that I should call the pre-auth number. When I did, I was told that there is no record I ever had a pre-auth and that I should call member services. So having come full dolor de lumbares circle, I called member services and reminded the representative that I had already called 3, and that I was told two days prior that my pre-auth was pending; one day prior I was told (surprisingly) that I was approved; and today I was told no such authorization was ever submitted by the doctor on my behalf. The subterfuge escalated, and I was told there was nobody available to help him find the missing record. He said he would call me back and he never did. I paid $1500 for my medication for the second time without escoliosis dorsolumbar derecha being reimbursed.

I wish this event was isolated, but over the past two years I’ve paid for 2 specialist visits and at least 3 medications out of pocket. The bottom line is: go with Aetna only if you never plan on using your expensive health insurance policy!

I have had a insurance plan on my son for 10 yrs. He was with another company that was bought out by Aetna 2 years ago. On November 16 I called Aetna because I heard they were pulling out of the area dolor lumbar pdf. When I called, they have confirmed they have the call, they said that his policy was not affected as it was not through the market place. When i called in January to pay his premium payment and was told his policy was cancelled. For the same reason they told me it wasn’t affected. I tried to get a new policy quoted and got the run around being transferred all over then told someone would call me. Meanwhile my son who takes medication monthly was without insurance and I was told "we are sorry that you were given incorrect escoliosis lumbar de convexidad izquierda information and we do have that recorded but there is nothing we can do." So we suffer. Luckily I was able to put him on my insurance at work although it is costing me double and affecting our finances since we had not planned on this type of burden. Today 01.16.2017 I finally received a call from someone to quote the prices for a new policy, this is 2 weeks later. NO THANK YOU!

My daughter was in a car accident in Feb, 2018. After going back and forth between the car insurance and Aetna (our health insurance), we were able to settle the ‘policy covered’ amount with the car insurance. We gave the ‘exhaustion letter’ to Aetna in the beginning of May. It’s been almost 3 months and Aetna has yet to send all the EOB’s (explanation of benefit) to the medical providers. The bills are piling up with the additional threat of being sent to collections. Spoke with Aetna multiple times, but keep on giving the run around. The agents are rude and not helpful; their answers are escoliosis dorsal derecha inconsistent with one exception. They always have 2 weeks to send the EOBs to the service providers. And this is the case when we received the EOBs around July 1.

The trauma of child in a car accident and the surgery after that is something I would not wish on anyone. Even more than that, I would not wish anyone experience this super efficient, well-oiled machine. Not sure if it is just Aetna or is this a common response amongst the payer community in health care. But I get a sense that they think the way for them to avoid paying is to stall and outlast the average patient.

I have had an extremely negative experience with Aetna. They do not care about the health of their customers at all. I filed claims with them 18 months ago that I still have not received reimbursement for, despite repeated phone calls. Because of this, I have to keep looking up my claims on two different websites, since they recently switched to a new system, which is extremely inconvenient. I have spent dozens of hours on the phone with them with few results. Every time I submit a claim, they tell me they need more and more information from me to process the claim, and then when I do provide that information, they tell me that they didn’t receive it. They process my claims out of order and tell me that I haven’t submitted claims that I definitely have. Many claims hernia lumbar tratamiento casero I have submitted three or four times, at their request. Sometimes when they give me cheques, they don’t tell me what the reimbursement is for, so I have to try to look it up on their website for my records, which is often difficult. They have trouble processing many of the prescriptions my doctor gives me. My pharmacy will call them to ask about the delay in processing the prescription, and Aetna tells them they will call me the next day, but they do not. Several times, I have had to give up on said prescriptions and simply ask my doctor to prescribe me a different medicine. Their coverage is extremely limited, deductibles are ridiculously high, and lumbar hernia symptoms their call wait times are very long. I have had to stay late at work multiple times because I had to wait so long on the phone trying to talk to them during my lunch break, and they inconveniently do not offer customer support before 9:00 a.m., after 5 p.m., or on the weekends. I cannot recommend steering clear of this company strongly enough.