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I LOVE markets! The vibrant atmosphere, the smiling happy people, the great variety of unique things to shop, the delicious street food, snacks, and drinks – what’s not to like about markets? 🙂 it is great fun walking around in between the different contractura lumbar izquierda stalls looking at all the strange, unique, useful, and unuseful things they sell.

When you find something you like at a bangkok market, and you want to buy it, remeber to haggle/ bargain over the price. Haggling and negotiating on the price is always a part contractura lumbar izquierda of the shopping game in bangkok markets. In thailand, negotiation about the price is expected by the sellers and contractura lumbar izquierda the first price they give you is always too high. It is all about finding the fair and acceptable price, both for the buyer and the seller. If I can walk away from a market with a contractura lumbar izquierda few bargains, then my market trip has been a success! 🙂

Markets are a huge part of the thai culture, and the locals love markets just as much as tourists. Especially night markets are extremely popular and trendy in bangkok, probably because the temperatures are more bearable in the evenings. Also, markets are the perfect place to head to for some contractura lumbar izquierda delicious cheap street food and snacks.

There are so many fun things to do in bangkok, but visiting a bangkok market should be part of any contractura lumbar izquierda bangkok trip even if you don´t like shopping. The bangkok markets on this list are easy to get contractura lumbar izquierda to by public transport or taxi/ tuk-tuk/ grab car if you are staying in the central areas contractura lumbar izquierda of bangkok.

A tourist attraction in itself, the chatuchak market atttracts more than 200 000 visitors on contractura lumbar izquierda a typical weekend! It is popular among both local thais, foreigners living in bangkok, and tourists. You should come here and have a look even if contractura lumbar izquierda you are not a big shopper. It is great fun, but it can also be a sweltering and humid experience.

Here you can find things like wood carvings, clay handicrafts, local souvenirs from every part of thailand, buddhist amulets, wooden furniture, handmade decorated flowers, ceramic wares, chinese wares, garden plants, stones, trendy fashions, silk, hill-tribe outfits, paintings of local painters, fluffy dogs, handbags, shoes, jewellery and fashionable thai design of all sort – all at a cheap price! It is spectacular!

We like the art section of chatuchak the best. It is great fun to walk between all the beautiful contractura lumbar izquierda and fantastic art and paintings made by talented local artists. Often you can see artists working on their next painting contractura lumbar izquierda or piece of handcrafted jewelry right there.

The first talat rot fai market opened in 2010 by contractura lumbar izquierda a previous antique seller and was initially located near the contractura lumbar izquierda chatuchak weekend market (see above) on a piece of land owned by the state railway contractura lumbar izquierda of thailand (SRT). The market stalls were set up among unused train tracks, old warehouses and train wagons, therefore it got nicknamed “train night market.”

The original talat rot fai market was forced to close contractura lumbar izquierda down in 2013 as the land was to be constructed contractura lumbar izquierda into the BTS skytrain station bang sue central. The market was then relocated to srinagarindra road (behind the seacon square shopping mall) where it still is today. It soon became very popular, even though it is located a 30-in drive from the center of bangkok (siam area) and has no skytrain or subway/MRT station nearby.

Because of its huge popularity, two similar talat rot fai night markets opened a couple contractura lumbar izquierda of years later. The second talat rot fai opened on ratchadaphisek road (behind esplanade mall) in january 2015, and the third talat rot fai opened on kaset–nawamin road later the same year. The latest market on kaset-nawamin road has, however, closed down and is not operating anymore.

The two talat rot fai or train night markets, which has nothing to do with trains or railways any contractura lumbar izquierda more, must not be confused with the mae klong railway market contractura lumbar izquierda (hoop rom market) which is located on an actual railway track an hour contractura lumbar izquierda drive southwest of bangkok. Mae klong railway market is the market where the train contractura lumbar izquierda goes through (and run over) the stalls and the goods on sale.

I must admit that I seldom find much to shop contractura lumbar izquierda at talat rot fai as the clothes and shoes sizes contractura lumbar izquierda are tiny as they are mostly aimed towards thais and contractura lumbar izquierda not big europeans like me. 🙂 and I am not that into vintage second-hand clothes and shoes. They also sell a lot of typical mass-produced knick-knacks where the quality is not the best. But I love coming to talat rot fai for the contractura lumbar izquierda delicious food, drinks, and snacks. Talat rot fai is one of the best places in contractura lumbar izquierda bangkok for street food. Talat rot fai 1/ srinakarin train market

Talat rot fai srinakarin is the first and original talat contractura lumbar izquierda rot fai market, or train night market, in bangkok. It is still the biggest and most famous of the contractura lumbar izquierda two train night markets, even though you will not find any trains here anymore. Rot fai market srinakarin is located on srinakarin soi 51, just behind seacon square shopping mall.

The talat rot fai srinakarin is, however, the most difficult to get to as it is located contractura lumbar izquierda in the outskirt of bangkok and has no skytrain or contractura lumbar izquierda MRT station close by. The best way to get to talat rot fai srinakarin contractura lumbar izquierda market is to take a taxi or grab (about a 30 min drive from central bangkok depending on contractura lumbar izquierda the traffic which can be pretty bad especially at weekends).

In the market zone, you will find over 2000 different stalls selling just about contractura lumbar izquierda everything you need and did not know that you needed. Here you can do some real bargains when it comes contractura lumbar izquierda to urban and fashionable clothes, shoes, toys, and stuff to your home. Market zone is a great place to find some gifts contractura lumbar izquierda and souvenirs to bring back home.

Here you will find lots of different stuff, from household things to your house, electronics, used car parts, and second-hand clothes and textiles, shoes, and accessories. The things that are sold here all have a vintage contractura lumbar izquierda shabby-chic kind of style to it. You can even find old collectible items such as old contractura lumbar izquierda vintage coca-cola signs, car plates, toys, and cameras.

This factory-style building is the gem of the talat rot fai contractura lumbar izquierda srinakarin market. The whole building is packed with cool antiques and vintage contractura lumbar izquierda things from all over the world like vintage american cars contractura lumbar izquierda and motorbikes (vespas), furniture from all over the world, and decoration things for your home. You are allowed to take photos, so this is a great place to head to for contractura lumbar izquierda those unique and cool instagram shots. 🙂

• how to get there: take the sky train to chit lom station, and walk from there. Follow chid lom rd., till you get to petchburi rd which you cross and contractura lumbar izquierda take a left. Walk on petchburi rd till you reach ratchaprarop rd., and take a right on ratchaprarop rd and you will contractura lumbar izquierda be right at the pratunam market.

Markets are a big part of daily life in bangkok, as they are the main places where people do their contractura lumbar izquierda shopping. There are extremely many markets in bangkok, but these are my favorite ones! They are not typical tourist markets, so here you can shop along with the local thai contractura lumbar izquierda people while they are doing their daily shopping.

• snacks, markets, and more – A 3,5-hour walking tour (3 km) in the afternoon that takes you through 7 different markets. The tour starts at the lovely flower market, and you will end up in chinatown. This is a great way of getting an introduction to contractura lumbar izquierda the thai street food and snacks of bangkok.

• bangkok’s night markets tour – A 4-hour tour where you get to experience several of the contractura lumbar izquierda best night markets of bangkok with a fun english-speaking guide. You will learn everything about the market culture of thailand, and try the best thai street food and snacks. You will be driven around between the markets in a contractura lumbar izquierda tuk-tuk.