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BEST TIME TO VISIT GUIMARAS ISLAND: the dry season – january to may are the best months to visit guimaras. As much as possible, avoid public holidays as it can get too crowded. If you are visiting during the rainy season, check the weather forecast, do not proceed if the weather is bad.

GUIMARAS ELECTRICITY: if your resort is located in mainland guimaras, electricity won’t be a problem. But if you choose a beach resort offshore, some rely on solar power and generator only. If that’s the case, bring power bank and extra batteries for your camera.

GUIMARAS SAFETY: guimaras island is a tourist-friendly place, it is safe for travelers, even for solo female travelers. Years ago, I have tried solo traveling in guimaras – I did the island hopping and land tour and I contractura lumbar sintomas find it pretty safe and enjoyable. But take extra precaution when doing adrenaline pumping activities. Also, when taking the boat to and from iloilo and doing contractura lumbar sintomas the island hopping tour, wear your life vest. Do not proceed to guimaras if the weather is bad contractura lumbar sintomas to avoid any unfortunate incidents. Secure your gadgets on a dry bag.

Guimaras island has plenty of low-key beach resorts to choose from, but nueva valencia is the preferred base of many travelers contractura lumbar sintomas especially those who plan to go island hopping since most contractura lumbar sintomas of the islands included in the guimaras island hopping tour contractura lumbar sintomas are close by.

My friend marcos and I stayed at nature’s eye beach resort during one of our visits in contractura lumbar sintomas guimaras. I like the atmosphere of the place as it is contractura lumbar sintomas quiet and it has a scenic view of the islands contractura lumbar sintomas below. It’s also a perfect spot for sunset watching. There’s a small village adjacent to the resort where you contractura lumbar sintomas can mingle with the locals and experience local lifestyle. The only downside is, it’s too far from jordan port. So, if you plan to do the usual guimaras island hopping, this is quite far. But, they also offer an alternative island hopping to islands that contractura lumbar sintomas are close to this guimaras beach resort.

Jeepneys and multicabs are available to take you around guimaras, but they are usually full. Fare is around ₱15 ($0.30, £0.24, SGD 0.40, AUD 0.43) – ₱50 ($0.98, £0.81, SGD1.35, AUD 1.43), depending on your destination. If you are a large group, you can also hire a multi-cab for your guimaras land tour for ₱1,500 ($30, £24, SGD 0.40, AUD 40) – ₱2,000 ($39, £32, SGD 54, AUD 57).

Tourists also usually prefer tricycle tours in guimaras. Rate is ₱1,200 ($22, £21, SGD 32, AUD 34) for a whole day tour, good for 2 -3 persons. If you want to include the san lorenzo wind farm, add additional ₱300 ($6, £5, SGD 8, AUD 8). The guimaras tourist spots typically included in the tricycle tour contractura lumbar sintomas are:

I remember during one of my visits to guimaras (I’ve been to guimaras 3 times), habal-habal (motorcycle) drivers offers tours around the island. Usual rate is ₱1,000 ($19, £17, SGD 26, AUD 28) for a whole day tour. Guimaras tourist attractions included are the same as those in contractura lumbar sintomas the guimaras tricycle tour listed above. If you are traveling alone and you are on a contractura lumbar sintomas budget, this is another option. Just make sure you are provided a helmet for safety contractura lumbar sintomas reasons.

Guimaras takes pride in its island-speckled shores, a usual jumping off point for the island hopping is contractura lumbar sintomas nueva valencia, usually along the coast of alubihod beach you can find contractura lumbar sintomas touts and boatmen offering island hopping tours. Rates depend on how many hours it will take for contractura lumbar sintomas you to finish the tour (see the detailed rates I mentioned above). Like I said, it is possible to visit a few islands in 3 contractura lumbar sintomas – 4 hours, so allocate at least half day for the island hopping contractura lumbar sintomas tour in guimaras.

Within the confines of the national mango research center is contractura lumbar sintomas a sprawling mango plantation. You can find one just along the main road of contractura lumbar sintomas guimaras. The center is composed of several buildings for horticulture, mango production, research, packaging, etc. You can also purchase a variety of mango seedlings here.

The trappist monastery in guimaras (abbey of our lady of the philippines monastery) is run by the cisterian order of strict observance. It’s one of the more popular tourist spots in guimaras contractura lumbar sintomas because of their delicious mango products sold as souvenirs. Tourists who also wants to experience a peaceful retreat in contractura lumbar sintomas guimaras can also stay here.

One of the top things to do in guimaras is contractura lumbar sintomas to indulge on mango products and take them home as contractura lumbar sintomas souvenirs for your family, friends, or coworkers. Mango products such as dried mangoes, mango jams, mango cookies, etc. Are sold by souvenir shops and stores in guimaras. You can find some stores along the road near the contractura lumbar sintomas guimaras capitol. They also sell guimaras mangoes that you can take home. If flying international, check the customs policy of the country you are flying contractura lumbar sintomas to, usually perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, etc. Has to be declared to avoid hefty fines.

Mention guimaras beaches and alibuhod beach comes to mind. It is the most popular beach in guimaras and it’s not surprising why. Alibuhod beach has a swirling mix of aquamarine and seafoam contractura lumbar sintomas water lapping a cream sand shore. It’s a perfect place for swimming and a good base contractura lumbar sintomas when exploring guimaras. Resorts have mushroomed here over the years. If you’re doing the island hopping in guimaras, this where you can rent a boat for the island contractura lumbar sintomas hopping tour.

One of the top things to do in guimaras is contractura lumbar sintomas visiting the crumbling, age-old guisi lighthouse. The lighthouse itself is already in ruins, in fact there’s already a new one beside it, but it’s still a beautiful sight to behold. The guisi lighthouse was built during the waning period of contractura lumbar sintomas the spanish government who colonized the philippines for roughly 370 contractura lumbar sintomas years. While you are at it, the surrounding denim blue guisi beach fringed by rocky cliff contractura lumbar sintomas is also a worth a visit.

Guimaras is admirable for its shift to renewable energy. It is the first coal-free province in the philippines, banning the use of coal and other polluting energy resources. Guimaras is now home to the 54 megawatt windfarm in contractura lumbar sintomas san lorenzo, one of the biggest windfarms in southeast asia. You can include the san lorenzo windmills in your guimaras contractura lumbar sintomas tricycle tour for additional ₱300 ($6, £5, SGD 8, AUD 8), good for 2 – 3 persons.

Guimaras island’s main festivity is manggahan festival, celebrated around april and may each year, right after the harvest season of the sweet mangoes of contractura lumbar sintomas guimaras. During manggahan festival, a parade is held at san miguel and a mango-eating contest!

*since this sample budget is good for 2 people, island hopping, tricycle tour, resorts, and tricycle transfer to and from beach resorts are divided contractura lumbar sintomas by two. Total rates mentioned per day are per person for a contractura lumbar sintomas group of 2. If you are a party of 3 or more, sample guimaras trip expenses would be cheaper. If you are a solo traveler, you can check my sample budget and itinerary for guimaras contractura lumbar sintomas on my other guimaras tourist spot blog, CLICK HERE.