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“We are calling for $15 an hour wage —RAI$E IT! ” said Cathy Cranston dolor lumbar derecho causas, organizer for ADAPT and PACT. “We are here in the Capitol Rotunda to demonstrate what it looks like to not hav e any Community A ttendants and what it means for people with disabilities.” The current base wage is $8 an hour.

Texans with disabilities of all ages who need long term services and supports are facing a crisis estenosis lumbar tratamiento in their services . A growing shortage of direct care workers, Community A ttendants, means people with disabilities are without the vital assistance to maintain their care. Community Attendants perform basic assistance with tasks the person cannot do for themselves, things like dressing, toileting, transferring, bathing and feeding.

Without this assistance many people with disabilities cannot function nor live independently in the community, facing potential and costlier institutional assistance costing the state 10 times columna vertebral lumbar more than the cost to live in the community . Yet with the wage of $8 .00 an hour, (and NO benefits) it is getting harder and harder to find people to do this critical work.

The extremely low wages the attendants are paid is one of the primary reasons for this shortage . The economics of labor force competition shows that desviacion lumbar w hile someone starting work at a fast food restaurant, at Buc – ees , at Amazon, or any number of other unskilled jobs, will start at $12 to $15 an hour , or more. Texas Community A ttendants start at eight dollars an hour.

More and more frequently, people with disabilities are literally having to sleep in their wheelchairs or spend long stretches in bed because no one can come to assist them. This leads to health complications such as pressure sores. After preventable hospitalizations, t his can lead to people being forced into nursing homes or sent to rehab hospital s and it can even kill them. These alternatives (aside from death) are exponentially expensive dolor lumbar izquierdo cadera than providing the services they needed in the community in the first place.

ADAPT and PACT believe part of the reason for ignoring this crisis is that people are out of sight of the decision makers. “We want everyone to see exactly what happens contractura lumbar tiempo de recuperacion when a person with a disability has no Community Attendant to assist them ” said Nancy Crowther. “We want people to see what being without Community A ttendant s means in our lives que es escoliosis dorsal for just one day or over a lifetime .”

“We have done studies, met with bureaucrats, participated in work groups, testified again and again to the Health and Human Services Commission and the Texas Legislature. We have made videos, interviewed those affected, and done everything we can think of to get this issue addressed” said Cathy Cranston, PACT organizer.

“I think my life is worth more than a hamburger, a tank of gas or some packing peanuts” added Josue Rodriguez. “Not paying Community A ttendants what they are worth means people with disabilities suffer the consequences. I think Texas can do better.”

“The situation is worst for seniors and adults with disabilities, from cirugia lumbar ventilator-users, to quadriplegics, to people with dementia or stroke . Community Attendants in these programs earn less than those who work for people who work in other programs even though they are doing the same tasks for the person .” Bob Kafka of ADAPT added. “ It is time to raise ALL wage$ to $15. Equal Pay for Equal W ork .”

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National ADAPT is gathering in Denver to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Gang of 19 Action. This was the first blocking of buses in the demand for accessible transit. Members of the Atlantis Community were the initial instigators of this movement that spread across the whole country. This initial act eventually led to the birth of ADAPT, and eventually the requirement in the Americans with Disabilties Act that all new buses have lifts. 19 brave souls surrounded a mainline bus in downtown Denver, after having been dolor lumbar causas emocionales blown off again and again by the transit company RTD. They refused to let the bus hernia lumbar sintomas go until RTD agreed to negotiate in good faith. They spent the night around the bus and the next day RTD gave in and agreed. If you want to know more about this historic event you can go to the ADAPT Online Museum and click on the Early Atlantis and RTD albums. The City of Denver and RTD long ago erected a plaque to mark the site of the begining of this critical fight.

In addition to these historic commerations, ADAPT will carry on the fight to liberate people with disabilities and allow us all to live escoliosis fotos in dignity. You can follow the action on the National ADAPT website, as well as via Twitter, FaceBook and more. Posted in News ADAPT/PACT Host 3 Student Volunteers from E4Texas