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Make sure you use the Apptentive App Key and Signature for the Android app you created in the Apptentive console hernia lumbar l4 l5. Sharing these keys between two apps, or using keys from the wrong platform is not supported, and will lead to incorrect behavior. You can find them here. Integrating Without an Application Class

If you didn’t already have an Application class defined in your app, you will need to create one and add it in your Manifest. Simply create a subclass of, make sure it calls Apptentive.register() like above, and add it to your AndroidManifest.xml in the element with android:name="YourApplication" like this: Delaying Apptentive SDK Registration

Apptentive will inherit your app’s styles by default.

If you are using a Light operacion hernia discal lumbar/Dark AppCompat theme, Apptentive will look like your app by default. But if you are using another theme, or if you want to force Apptentive to adopt different styles than your app, please follow instructions in Android Interface Customization. Message Center

The listener will not be run on the UI thread, and may be called from a different Activity than the one that is set on the listener. The correct way of setting Apptentive listeners is to create a listener with the same lifecycle as it’s intended usage, then passing it to Apptentive. For example, if the listener is going to be used in a specific activity, make the listener an Activity data member. This way, when the activity is gone, the listener will automatically be garbage collected and Apptentive will know about this through WeakReference (and we’ll stop calling the listener). Send Custom Data With a Message

You can pass in custom key/value pairs to Message Center that will be sent in the next message that the customer sends while Message Center is open que es escoliosis lumbar. For instance, if you have a dining app, you could pass in a key of restaurant_name and value escoliosis de convexidad derecha of Chipotle. If the customer sends a more than one message, only the first message will include this custom data. If you wish to add more custom data to another subsequent message, you will need to call this method with custom data again. Custom data can be of type String, Number, or Boolean.

• In your GcmListenerService, get the title, body, and PendingIntent from the incoming push, and create a Notification to display to your customer. If the returned PendingIntent is null, then the push did not come from Apptentive, and you should handle it yourself.

• In your GcmListenerService, get the title, body, and PendingIntent escoliosis dolor from the incoming push, and create a Notification to display to your customer. If the returned PendingIntent is null, then the push did not come from Apptentive, and you should handle it yourself.

• When your AirshipReceiver receives a push, if it came from Apptentive, extract the title, body, and a PendingIntent, and use them to construct a Notification object. If the PendingIntent is null, the push did not come from Apptentive, and you will need to handle it yourself.

At Apptentive, you are our customer, and we refer to your customers as consumers. If you have multiple consumers using your app, you may want to use Customer Authentication to protect each customer’s information from one another. Customer Authentication requires that you have authentication built into your app, and will also require you to modify your server’s authentication code to pass authentication information back to your app, and then to Apptentive. For more information on this feature, see our Customer escoliosis de convexidad izquierda Authentication Configuration Guide.

Your server will authenticate a customer when they log in. At that time, you will need to generate a JSON Web Token (JWT) with a specific format, and signed with the JWT Signing Secret in your app’s API & Development page. Logging a Customer In

The JWT will be a string. When your server generates a JWT, you will need to send it back to your app, and then log in to Apptentive with it. You will also need to pass in a callback that will allow you to handle login failures. Your callback must implement the Apptentive fisioterapia lumbar.LoginCallback interface.

It is a good practice to choose an expiration that is longer than your normal session duration so that Apptentive does not cause your customer to need to re-authenticate. Apptentive.setAuthenticationFailedListener(yourAuthenticationFailedListener); AuthenticationFailedListener

When no customer is logged in, Apptentive’s public API methods will no-op. If you are using Message Center, and the rotoescoliosis dorsolumbar button that launches it is visible in a part of your app that your customers can access without logging in to your app, you should follow the Message Center instructions above to hide the button unless Message Center can be shown. Customer Information Set Customer Contact Information

Message Center provides dialogs that allow your customers to set their name and email as well. Calling the above methods will overwrite what your customer enters. If you don’t want to overwrite what they enter, you can check their values first. Apptentive.getPersonEmail();

You can send Custom Data associated with either the device, or the person using the app. This is useful for sending user IDs and other information escoliosis lumbar consecuencias that helps you support your users better. Custom Data can also be used for configuring when Interactions will run. You can add custom data of type String, Number, and Boolean.

Apptentive . addCustomPersonData ( "user_id" , 1234567890 ); Apptentive . addCustomPersonData ( "country" , "United States" ); Apptentive . addCustomPersonData ( "pro_membership" , true ); Apptentive . addCustomDeviceData ( "wifi_only" , true ); Custom Rating Providers

• Enable your consumers to leave a Play Store rating from behind a captive portal by displaying the Play Store as a WebView within your app instead of within the Play Store app, bypassing the need to whitelist a potentially unmanageable list of URLs. That is, some apps may provide some online functionality without consumers being fully connected to the internet (for example, some airlines allow consumers to access entertainment within their app without requiring the consumer to purchase full internet access). In this scenario it may be unmanageable to whitelist all potential URLs of the Play Store app due to different URLs based on version, etc escoliosis toracolumbar., which may result in the rating Play Store app failing to load if not properly whitelisted.