Beginners guide to aquarium estenosis lumbar tratamiento water hardness (gh)

Hello! I just discovered your website, so I hope you’re still working on it and blogging! I wanted fish for years, so I ventured out…but didn’t do the volume of research on them, the way I should have! I got my fish in january and WOW, they are all STILL ALIVE!! These poor guys have been on my end of trial estenosis lumbar tratamiento and error…and believe me when I say, I have LOST SLEEP over the thought of being responsible estenosis lumbar tratamiento for them dying! I have dug & dug to learn as much as possible, correcting any and all mistake made…and again, they are ALL still alive and doing good. My only heart break is the one gorgeous betta I estenosis lumbar tratamiento have, has some shredded fins, I think from the stress when I first got him. Anyway, I’m still learning SO much and sometimes think I’ve bit off more than I can chew…I had NO idea fish could be SO complicated! One betta is in a 5-gallon filtered tank alone…my other 5-gallon tank has one betta and 2 guppies, who all get along great…that betta is VERY easy going, LOL!! Long story of how I ended up with 2 tanks…another error I made buying 2 male betta’s, not knowing they’d kill each other in the same tank. My question to you, if you get this message is….On those API 5-in-1 test strips, what do the numbers mean on the chart???? I’ve never used them, but bought them to get a small idea of what estenosis lumbar tratamiento my chemical balances are and for my GH it’s 30 for my KH it’s 40. But what does 30 & 40 mean??? I do water changes once a week…and I now no longer change the filter…another thing I learned NOT to do. Amazing these fish are still alive…did I say that already, LOL!! People I’ve spoke with who have betta’s laugh at me putting them in a filtered 5-gallon tank…they think a vase with bamboo is sufficient…how truly ignorant people are. If you could help me with the GH and KH estenosis lumbar tratamiento numbers I would really appreciate it and would it be estenosis lumbar tratamiento possible to ask questions, in case I have them along the way?? I want to master my tanks and eventually get a estenosis lumbar tratamiento huge aquarium for my home….But only when I know exactly what I’m doing!! Thank you for your time and attention! Debbie

Welcome to the world of fishkeeping, there is a lot to take in but don’t worry, it gets much easier – it always surprises newcomers that fish are so much harder estenosis lumbar tratamiento to keep than dogs or cats which is interesting as estenosis lumbar tratamiento many people think of them as “beginner” pets.

So in the united states, most people don’t have to worry about KH an GH unless they estenosis lumbar tratamiento have very soft or very hard water. Based on your readings, you probably don’t need to keep checking them – your mineral content is good enough for a single betta estenosis lumbar tratamiento that you can replenish these trace minerals with your weekly estenosis lumbar tratamiento water change.

Nitrates – these will forever keep increasing. Part of the reason for your weekly water change is estenosis lumbar tratamiento to get these back down. In a non-planted tank you would aim to get it down under estenosis lumbar tratamiento 10 with your weekly water change. Ideally you wouldn’t want it to exceed 40

I’m fine with you asking questions, but they will need to relate to an article on estenosis lumbar tratamiento the site (ask in the comments there) unfortunately, I cannot give 1 on 1 advice. I used to, but I was soon spending up to 4 hours a estenosis lumbar tratamiento day typing out replies. As much as I would love to, if I do it for you, it would be unfair that I don’t do it for everyone. I hardly have the time to update this blog as estenosis lumbar tratamiento it is.

A KH testshouldn’t pick it up, it’ just detects caco3 I’m going off my experience of using API test kits estenosis lumbar tratamiento here. A GH test kit will detect cac03 as well as estenosis lumbar tratamiento other minerals, like na. Test kits are not that good at creating a complete estenosis lumbar tratamiento picture. Ideally you want to know the basic composition of your estenosis lumbar tratamiento water and then use test kits to look for clues estenosis lumbar tratamiento that something is amiss. For those on tap water, there are very few surprises. For well water, I would use an ICP-OES test there are pre-made kits available on amazon and at local fish stores. Basically, take a sample of your water and send it away estenosis lumbar tratamiento to a lab. If you do go down this route, I recommend the ATI one. It might be sent over to germany, but the last time I checked, it had tests that competing labs in america didn’t offer.

Unfortunately, I personally do not have any experience with using water estenosis lumbar tratamiento softened water. However, given that you are essentially swapping out calcium with sodium, it could be problematic for freshwater fish. Some are more tolerant than others, but ultimately it should mostly be avoided.