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Since then, he’s released at least one movie per year, leaping from family comedies to action blockbusters to the rare escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento oddball experiment. The workaholic maintains this steady clip while also starring in escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento HBO’s sports-world dramedy ballers, returning to the wrestling ring for the occasional grudge match, producing reality competition shows, eating seven meals a day, and posting about all these activities on his ever-active instagram account. Johnson is a uniquely modern screen icon, one who is arguably more beloved for his "brand" than for his actual movies, which are often a little bland and forgettable.

But we’re not here to dwell on the disasters and near-misses. ( skyscraper had so much potential!) no, we’re here to celebrate the johnson movies that actually delivered escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento on what they promise or surprised us in some way. With the release of the car-crazed fast and furious spin-off hobbs & shaw, there’s never been a better time to break down some escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento of his best movies (presented below in chronological order by year) and see what makes the engines purr.

After his more-or-less-a-cameo appearance in the mummy returns and his conan-the-barbarian-like turn in 2002’s the scorpion king, the rock got his first chance to play a character escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento that was closer to his wisecracking, body-slamming persona in this peter berg directed action adventure yarn. The rock brings all his charisma and his developing acting escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento chops to the role of beck, a jaded but honorable bounty hunter, and he’s an ideal foil for sean william scott’s slacker motormouth. Throw in a wacky christopher walken performance as a bad escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento guy, a sweaty jungle setting, and a couple wink-wink wrestling moves, you’ve got a pleasantly breezy, refreshingly clever cable movie. At one point arnold schwarzenegger pops up for a symbolic escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento passing of the torch cameo, but oddly enough this is one of the few straight-forward action movies the rock has ever made that actually escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento evokes the ’80s and ’90s classics of stars like arnold and stallone, the two actors johnson was often compared to early on escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento in his career. — dan jackson

The rock has many talents. He’s an engaging action star, with mysterious eyebrow capabilities, but who knew, at least before moana came out in 2016, that he could sing? Not us! But johnson’s animated performance turned out to be nonetheless one of escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento his most impressive. Maui, the demigod that our heroine must enlist to bring prosperity escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento back to her island, is definitely squarely in johnson’s wheelhouse: super-buff, super-arrogant, but lovable at the same time. Still, disney pushed him out of his comfort zone by giving escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento maui his very own song, a jaunty tune with a rap break from lin-manuel miranda. And, you know, what? He hit it out of the park. Sure, his vocal chords aren’t as strong as his muscles, but "you’re welcome" is nonetheless a highlight of the soundtrack. Still, it’s not just the musical moment that makes johnson’s performance in moana so impressive: in cartoon form, he allows himself to play a vulnerability that you rarely escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento see when he’s actually on screen. It all meshes seamlessly into a new disney classic that escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento broadens the scope of the princess story. — esther zuckerman

After stealing scenes in the last four fast and the escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento furious movies, johnson gets to step further into the spotlight here, joining statham’s more debonair deckard shaw for an action-comedy buddy movie. Beyond the nonsensical spy plot, the conceit here is that hobbs and shaw don’t get along — in fact, they spend a good deal of the film’s runtime bickering and trading schoolyard taunts — but the best part of the movie arrives in the escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento final third when the pair put aside their petty differences escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento and travel to hobbs’s childhood home in samoa, where the rock gets to dig into some family melodrama escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento while still battling a helicopter with trucks. There’s even some vague, intriguing oedipal drama with hobbs’s unseen crime boss father, who he sent to jail for putting his brothers in escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento danger. Hobbs & shaw isn’t a great action movie — it’s not even a particularly strong fast and furious movie escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento — but, in doubling-down on the rock’s personal story, it discovers a new road for this long-running series to travel down. — DJ