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We know you can’t wait to take your tiny newborn home from the hospital — and then to grandma’s house and the park and the library. But if you plan to make any of those trips in a car radiografia columna lumbar or a taxi, you know what you’ll need: an infant car seat.

While there are other types of car seats that will suit young babies, an infant car seat is specifically designed for them. They offer the extra support to your little one’s head, neck and spinal cord, which are still cirugia de columna lumbar recuperacion developing strength and stability, and face toward the back of the car, a must for early childhood safety.

Now all car seats are required to meet the same safety standards, so as long as you install the seat correctly, your precious cargo will be protected.

But the similarities end there, meaning it’s worth doing some research on this important piece of baby gear. Another option? Consider our top picks for the best infant car seats, which we selected with input from the experts — moms in our What to Expect community who have put their recommendations to the test.

The biggest benefit of the Graco SnugRide is the price tag. It sells for under $100. While it may be a no-frills option, it still offers plenty of plusses. What to Expect sintomas de hernia discal lumbar l4 l5 community parent jlm1128 raves about how lightweight it is: “I’m getting the SnugRide 30, mainly because my sister, a mother of 4, recommended it. But also because it’s the most lightweight at only 7lbs without baby in it. Lots of the others are 10lbs + and would get so heavy with baby in it.” Another What to Expect community mom celebrates its Click Connect technology, which eliminates installation mistakes since you will literally hear a click when it’s done correctly. “I had the SnugRide with my first. I liked it because it was pretty light weight. It’s really easy to click in and out,” says maureen2040. Keep in mind: You can only use this seat until your baby hernia lumbar sintomas is 30 pounds or 30 inches tall, so you won’t use it as long as other infant car seats with higher limits. But with its affordability, it also enables you escoliosis fotos to invest in a larger, more longer-term option down the line.

While the Nuna PIPA isn’t the most wallet-friendly, it was the number-one pick for most of the CPSTs we consulted. They love the adjustable base with a load leg (a metal support that rests on the floor of your car) for extra collision protection. There is also a red/green indicator that tells you when the base hernia lumbar ejercicios prohibidos and leg are properly connected. Talk about foolproof! It can also be installed easily without the base, if necessary, thanks to the European seat belt path routing. “I have the Nuna Pipa together with the Bumbleride Indie stroller,” writes What to Expect community mom Misspool. “Looooove it. The Nuna Pipa is one of the lightest car seats. I also really like the dream cover. The base is super easy to install using latch, but you can also strap it in if you need to take a taxi or forget your base in someone hernia de disco lumbar pdf else’s car. It also comes with a preemie insert, which was absolutely crucial for us in the end. I would not want any other infant car seat.” By the way, the “dream cover” Misspool mentions is a canopy that you can extend for extra protection from the light during baby’s naptime — and extra protection from the sun and wind when he is out and about. It is just one more bonus that comes with this well-designed option, which ddavidson says “…is by far the best car seat I’ve ever encountered. We absolutely love ours and I recommend them to anyone who will listen!”

If you foresee regularly getting in and out of taxis with your hernia discal lumbar baby or logging frequent flier miles with her, the Doona will make your life so much easier. After you get over the sticker shock, moms and dads will love how this seat converts to a stroller so you don’t have to worry about carrying it or unfolding a base once you reach your destination. What to Expect community parent esnooopy raves, “I have (the Doona) and I love it. I love that taking it on the bus is easy (can fold it down to a car seat and ride bus with baby in it). Putting it in taxi with seat belt is a little hard, but that is somewhat true of any seat. I love that dolor lumbar y pierna izquierda it can go right into stroller mode without having to get the Snap N Go or anything like escoliosis levoconvexa that. My son sleeps better in this seat than in his Stokke Xplory or his Cybex Aton — it’s amazing.” Some parents found it a little heavy, but the convenience of a car seat-turned-stroller made it a favorite anyway. Just don’t forget: infants shouldn’t be in car seats for extended periods of time. So while the Doona is great for running errands around town, it shouldn’t be used in place of a bassinet or flat-lying stroller for longer naptimes.

While infant car seats aren’t made for toting your infant around, let’s face it: who wants to wake up a sleeping baby when he dozes off in the back seat? The Cloud Q is designed to address this dilemma. If your little one begins to catch some zs when you are on the road (and most do), you’ll love this seat for its innovative ability to fully recline when dolor lumbar causas outside of the car. “I’ve just bought the Cybex Cloud Q and am really pleased with it,” says What to Expect community mom chyland2017. “It fits in to the stroller we intend to buy and can lay flat when it (is not) in car so perfect for newborns and no need for bassinet when on the go.” It also wins safety points for its adjustable load leg safety feature and linear side-impact protection (LSP). It is a little heavier than some models, but as What to Expect community parent cutegiraffe27 says, “It has the same safety features as the ejercicios hernia discal lumbar regular Cybex, but the lay flat feature is amazing as is better head support for baby. I would get that over any of the other ones in a heartbeat even if it is a little heavier.”