Breeding winter whites – hamster central escoliosis lumbar derecha

We bought the hamsters a few months apart from the same shop at a garden centre we chose within a reasonable distance of home. Now before everyone jumps in with "Hybrids!!!!11one", we watched and waited for pedigree WW for months and none came up within hundreds of miles of us in the north of the UK. IIRC, the only ones that came up were a pair in Somerset, and they were siblings. More on provenance later because it’s obviously of paramount importance.

One thing I’m not entirely clear on is the expected litter size. I see numbers from 3 to 15, which can’t be right, so was preparacion para radiografia de columna lumbosacra bioimagen wondering if those with experience of their own litters could perhaps share their litter sizes. It would be great to be able to properly manage expectations in that area and plan accordingly.

We already have homes for many future babies and the shop from which the parents came is willing to buy some back but if we’re talking 15 kids then it’s a slightly bigger deal We’ve bought many spare houses for the kids though – we are approaching this as if we have to house them all for life. Better safe than sorry and better to be prepared but again, 15 is a different prospect from 3

Another question I’d like to ask is around what to do about separating Mum and Dad before or after the birth. Again, I have read completely contradictory information in this area. Some say that Dad should be removed from the equation before the kids are born and others say that Dad will actually provide help for Mum. I’ve read stories from breeders saying that babies will choose to go and sleep with Dad from time to time if there’s competition for feeding. I love the idea of the kids getting quality Dad-time! I know how important it was for me with my own kids but obviously don’t want to anthropomorphise the baby hamsters too much The counterpoint to that is others saying Dad will get jealous and eat the babies Related question – if it is OK to leave Dad in with the family, how soon after the birth would we need to be implementing erm birth control? We want to manage the frequency of births carefully and probably only have one desviacion lumbar or two litters with this pair so how long after birth does Daddy need to do one and go into a separate cage again?

And whilst we’re on the subject of eating babies (!) is this something I can expect or is it a rare anomaly? If Mum or Dad killing babies is normal or even rare but expected, then I need to prepare myself and the family for the trauma and make sure I have an educational narrative ready. Again, it’s hard to get definitive intel on the interwebs and easy to find contradictory evidence. If everyone is healthy and we do everything "right", should we expect all the babies to live?

My final question contractura lumbar izquierda on this front (and thank you or indulging me!) is about future generations. Once we have selected King Chungles, the Second of His Name, through whom the dynasty shall continue, will we have to find "new blood" to breed into the family? That seems the logical thing to do for genetic diversity but surely in the wild they’d all be humping each other all the time and rival families would fight, no? So again, it’s always best to ask

We checked and checked again with the experts in our chosen supplier and were given assurances that they only sell Winter Whites and that none of them are hybrids or cambpells but they offered no certification. However, you can’t be sure and certified pedigree WW in the UK just doesn’t seem to be a thing. I have only ever seen one pair of certified siblings for sale in the year I’ve been looking.

Chungles looks like an absolutely perfect pedigree Winter White. He has all the characteristics, the colouring, the temperament … everything. He doesn’t have any characteristics that I can see that would imply a break in his lineage. He just doesn’t have a certificate.

Sossij, on the other hand, is slightly different. She’s from the same supplier, albeit a few months later. She was nearly hernia discal lumbar ejercicios prohibidos pure white when we bought her with her WW markings being a very fine beige or sandy colour. As she has grown up a little and grown out of her white coat, it’s a much more silvery colour now and looks like those shown on the interwebs as "Pearl" winter whites. She has the right head shape, she has good boundaries on the side arches – no yellowing in the boundary – she has lighter eyebrows, a thick, but relatively faint, dorsal stripe. Heck, she even changed colour for winter. But … but but but, when you shine light at the correct angle, she has slightly ruby eyes and I hear that’s impossible for a pedigree WW. So in short, everything about Sossij says she is a very high percentage WW, in fact I would happily call her a Winter White and not a hybrid, but somewhere in her lineage is an alien and she has inherited a slightly ruby hue to her eyes and estenosis lumbar sintomas a slight variation to her colouration.

tl:dr We have two dwarf hamsters which have all the hallmarks of being Winter Whites except one of them has a ruby hint to the eyes. I think this means they’re good to go for mating as there’s probably only a small percentage of alien genes deep in the past and they’re very close to genetically pure. But I’m not the expert so I’m here asking those who are

I wouldn’t be comfortable breeding Sossij. I think it’s already a question of ethics to breed uncertified winter whites (certainly ones from a gardening store, where you have absolutely no knowledge of their relationship to each other for starters)- but you’re going down a whole other moral footpath to breed from one who is *very* obviously a hybrid. I think it’s a very far stretch to say that a ‘winter white’ with red eyes and a beige coloured coat is “almost genetically pure” when neither of these colours (eye colour nor coat colour) are a trademark of winter whites. She is, however, a poster child for what a hybrid hamster typically looks like; with obvious traits she’s inherited from each species.

She’s not a pearl, either – nor does she look like one. Pearl winter whites are completely white individuals with a darker dorsal stripe who remain that colour their entire lifespan. She may potentially look like one in her winter coat, but she’s certainly not a pearl. Her turning white for the winter also wouldn’t reassure me in any way that she’s “mostly” winter white. They turn lighter in reaction to daylight hours (so can technically turn white at any time of the year!), so few actually turn lighter in captivity due to artificial lighting in the home – I know of some purebred WW’s who have never changed, but I also know of hybrids who have… so it’s not necessarily a good indicator of how much WW is in her.

I’m not a breeder, just someone passionate about Winter Whites, so I’ll leave it there. I just have some concerns with the idea of breeding obvious hybridised individuals, and I think it’s unethical, personally. No hard feelings! just some of my concerns.

Sossij is without a doubt a Hybrid. She has red eyes for sure These are not found at all in Winter whites. She is a hybrid with an argente Campbells somewhere in her genetic make up. They can still change colour in winter even if Hybrids. This escoliosis izquierda combo was sold as a Mandarin WW by some but it’s still a hybrid. The shape is also wrong for a WW. Once an animal has been hybridized you simply cannot breed out those genes. It is fixed in the the animals and their desendents forever. Chungles is a Sapphire in colour however again though closer to a WW in type and colour he will still be a Hybrid if he came from the same source. He does not have the head type of a WW. I’m sorry but your supplier is incorrect.

I really would suggest you do not breed them. To knowingly breed them and breed more hybrids is unethical to me. The problems that can occur further down the line due to the hybridization can produce pups who may suffer illness and other issues with temperament. One of the main problems is with the mother and the delivery of pups. The two species vary slightly anatomically and if the pups are more WW and the mother more Campbells then the difference in head shape can result in pups getting stuck in the birth canal and her dying due to being unable to deliver them. Both species have health problems such as the eye estenosis lumbar tratamiento condition glaucoma, diabetes and neurological problems. Hybrids can ‘double up’ these genes resulting in pups suffering from these conditions more commonly.

Should you go ahead then you must separate the male as soon as you see that the female is bulgy and looks pregnant. They will mate as soon as a litter is born and I mean literally’ as soon as’ if not inbetween delivering pups. She will be pregnant again while nusing and a second litter arrives around 22 days later. This is not good for the female to have back to back litters. They will be fine apart. Dad will sometimes take in the male pups as long as you put them with him about 4 weeks of age. Don;t put the females near him as they can escoliosis causas breed at about 5 weeks themselves so essential they are sexed properly or you get a population explosion.

You can’t keep inbreeding them as this fixes and amplifies bad traits in. Some of these don’t show till they are older so you won’t know now if either of these two might develop glaucoma or diabetes will you. In the wild the young males are driven away and find their own territories and will not breed in to the same lines. In the wild also Campbells and WW live in totally different regions and would not hybridize.