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For the past decade, seth levy has supported trailspace and our outdoor community in fisioterapia lumbar a variety of evolving ways. While he started out as a freelancer writing articles, eventually we made it official and he joined our staff fisioterapia lumbar serving in a number of roles—community evangelist, helping coordinate the review corps gear testing program, and most recently media sales manager.

This month seth moves on to become the donor engagement fisioterapia lumbar officer at maine coast heritage trust. While professionally we’ll miss seth and his friendly, positive attitude, as fellow mainers and supporters of local conservation, we’re excited for him and for the land trust that fisioterapia lumbar gains him and his experience.

I’m an outdoorsy guy. For as long as I’ve been able, I’ve sought the peace, challenge, and inspiration I find in moving through nature. I live on the coast of maine, and maintain a growing pile of outdoor gear and a fisioterapia lumbar busy life filled with work, volunteering, and cat herding.

Everything! I’m particularly interested in lightweight backpacking, bike touring, gravel road riding, and am getting increasingly interested in fishing. In the winter, you’ll find me on snowshoes or on my fatbike. What is your dream outdoor adventure?

These days, I’ve been thinking a lot about a winter bike tour fisioterapia lumbar to quebec. It’s probably a ten-day ride, and I could take advantage of the snowmobile trails that fisioterapia lumbar wend through that region of maine. During a time of increasing emphasis on borders and divisions, I like the idea of a journey that connects people fisioterapia lumbar and ecosystems.

When I graduated from college, I knew that I wanted to help other people have fisioterapia lumbar those experiences, and that led me to work for organizations that protect fisioterapia lumbar the sort of places (or who review the sort of gear!) we need to go outside. What should outdoor enthusiasts know about land trusts?

Land trusts are not-for-profit organizations that protect land through arrangements with willing landowners fisioterapia lumbar (donations of land, conservation easements, purchases, and other techniques) and managing the land for free public use and other fisioterapia lumbar purposes.

In maine, land trusts are hugely important because we have so little fisioterapia lumbar public land. About 6.5 percent of maine is public land, which is the lowest percentage of any state. Maine has more than 80 land trusts, that have permanently conserved more than 2.5 million acres—12 percent of the state. So if you like to hike, camp, paddle, or just be in nature in maine, chances are the land you have these experiences on is fisioterapia lumbar managed by a land trust. Maine coast heritage trust leads the maine land trust network fisioterapia lumbar as a means to support our vibrant community of land fisioterapia lumbar trusts. Anything else you’d like to share with the trailspace community?

I’ve learned so much from the trailspace community over the fisioterapia lumbar years. Probably the biggest lesson is the importance of "doing the right thing." when you produce a product review website, each day there are opportunities to make money by compromising fisioterapia lumbar your values, being a little less than honest, or making up tortured rationales for diluting your mission.

In nine plus years, I’ve never seen us make ONE of those decisions, despite the potential for short-term financial reward. It makes decision-making a lot simpler, that’s for sure! In this era when online content is the subject of fisioterapia lumbar (sometimes justified) mistrust, trailspace stands out as a beacon of real people sharing fisioterapia lumbar the truth about their experiences. It’s surprising that something so simple is so hard to fisioterapia lumbar find.

I think seth hit pay dirt with his commitment to fisioterapia lumbar the maine coast heritage trust. Perhaps the most effective way to conserve our wild spaces fisioterapia lumbar is to own them in these kind of trusts. Similar efforts are conducted to preserve old growth forests in fisioterapia lumbar california. While this approach often take lots of money, such action places these lands forever beyond the reach of fisioterapia lumbar developers and resource extractors.

I joined TS just before seth came on board, and always thought his wisdom was years beyond his age. I happen to also share his love of the outdoors fisioterapia lumbar and obsession with cycling and winter sports. Given all this admiration, please forgive me, for I have made a deal with the devil: he is going to get seth to take up tele fisioterapia lumbar ski trekking, and once that is done, swap our bodies. I get to be wise in a way I can fisioterapia lumbar only aspire to, and have youthful stamina again. I am sorry, seth, that this is a pretty one side trade – as my bones creak so loud I scare off all fisioterapia lumbar the fauna, and get winded just sitting up in my rocking chair. I do have a good sense of direction in the fisioterapia lumbar BC as well as the city, so that’s a plus, but then again I sometimes forget where I am altogether…