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• the bulging areas, at the top of my pin, are for either screwing/bolting onto a workbench or applying C-clamps – if you don’t want to permanently affix the pin. I like 4″ or 6″ C-clamps. Take into consideration whether you have a lip on your bench top to screw the clamps onto and the thickness of your bench plus the thickness of the bench pin. Purchase clamps that will encompass both thicknesses. Harbor freight has C-clamps as do all hardware stores.

• A small, stainless steel, round mixing bowlcan work 4″ or 6″. Remember: pitch is pricey so, keep the bowl as small as you can and still be able to work. You also don’t want it too deep. Some people add a layer of concrete or plaster to the bottom of the bowl and then add the pitch.

See my page on pitch for more information. Don’t forget to check resale shops for these bowls. Don’t use glass!

• rio grande now carries inexpensive, 4″ chasing bowls. It’s that costly pitch that makes the costs go up. It is not recommended that you make your own pitch. It is very messy, very hot and produces caustic fumes. Escoliosis dorsolumbar dextroconvexa try to avoid the black pitch and go with green or red. Once again, see my pitch page. At rio grande and other jewelry supply houses, you will be spending about $45.00 for it. The bowl is only $25.00. But, the pitch lasts years and years – if you take care of it!

I had no idea exactly what lay beneath the wooden handle and had never attempted to hack up a universal work holder before so, my methods were a bit haphazard. I bet there is a better way – perhaps purchasing the central pin (that I fought so hard to remove) separately and not bothering to dig it out of the handle but, I was curious and couldn’t wait! I’m going to look for a substitute at the hardware store today!

I also didn’t know how long the screw-thingy was so, didn’t want to use something with power as I could hurt myself. So, I just started sawing into the handle until I hit metal. I then sawed through an area, right beneath the spot where I hit metal. Next, I started cutting the cut-off section, in half so that I could dig out the screw-thingy.

We used a 1″ X 6″ X 6′ board of red oak, (you could use pine too) cut it down the middle and then cut off 3″ sections. A 1″ X 6″ X 6′ board actually measures: .75″ X 5.5″ X 6′ so, you don’t get a perfect 3″ X 3″. You could do that, if you so desired, and if your inner perfection-seeking-self insisted on it! We just went with 3″ X 2.75″ square-ish shapes because we were trying to get as many holders as we could from one board. We needed quite a few for chimera arts (I am co-jewelry director there and I teach jewelry making there too). So, quantity, rather than perfection, was our goal.

Let’s finish the work holder: screw one side, of the metal strapping, into your desk. Place the PVC into position and bend the strapping over the PVC. Escoliosis dorsal izquierda at this point, especially if you want to be able to adjust the height, I’d mark where to place a bolt. Drill out a hole that your bolt will fit into. Use a wing nut to make it easier to unscrew – if you want to move the PVC tube up or down. A friend is a useful tool for this job!

The bench block is such a simple, useful tool! Drill on this instead of on your bench pin! The steel block is great for denting the metal with a center punch (to hold the drill bit in place so that it doesn’t skitter off!). You can also use it for small forming tasks and, if it’s square, as a check for square edges. You can also store your drill bits and any other finishing tools in the holes. Drill holes to match the shanks of your bits.

• to make the bench block: determine the size that you want. The gauge of steel, I used, was 14 gauge. Find or order a piece of steel that fits on the block. Usually, though, you will have to order at least a 12″ square piece. So, you will need to cut it. You can cut it with a jewelers saw, hacksaw, mechanical steel cutting tools like laser cutters or plasma cutters or find someone who can cut the sheet up for you. It is not easy to saw but, it is possible. Cut a few different sizes, while you are at it. Cut a larger piece to use as a hard work surface for your bench. Que es escoliosis dorsal great for forging on or rolling wire.

Okay, this is jenky. You’ve probably seen it in one of my videos before. The great thing about this flex shaft holder is that it was free (sorta). I had an old paint roller, a broken handle, and some leather scraps. I stuck the roller into the handle, cut the leather into strips and screwed the leather, over the handle, into my bench (in 2 places) and violá! A flex shaft holder. Hey, it works! It’s also great for holding the chuck key.

This one is such a useful idea and fits many categories so, I’m just putting it here, all by its lonesome! Idea from pinterest via patrick kusak. Files, saw blades, tools, scribe, paintbrushes – great idea! Could even add a little weight to the bottom is it got top heavy – like pouring a bit of plaster into each “sicle” hole. I couldn’t find this mold anywhere – and I searched and searched. Ah well…

Large files, bezel mandrels, and large mandrel storage. I just purchased various diameters of PVC. Then, I measured the tool it was going to hold and cut to length. I used a skill saw with a blade designed for plastic. Escoliosis izquierda watch the kickback when cutting rounds. I found, that if I started my cut towards the bottom, with an acute angle, it reduced the amount of kickback. Some stores may even cut it to size for you – just ask! You can store anything in these tubes – like tubing – as well as files and mandrels. (mandrel storage)

• add the next sized tubing to the top of the bottom row. Add PVC glue to the bottom of the next tube and onto the corresponding area, on the bottom row, where it will touch. The new tubes will fit into the crack between the bottom tubes so, check where they will sit – mark if necessary. To hold in place, slide something round and heavy into the tube – like a ring mandrel – whatever will fit. The weight of the mandrel will hold it in place. You can do several at once for this layer and all consecutive layers.

• you can also create just one row of tubing, cut a piece of acrylic or just glue another tube of PVC to the bottom. Then you could mount the whole thing on a wall or inside a cabinet door. Just make sure that your tool doesn’t slip into the tube – never to be seen again! Maybe mount with two old belts (junk store trip) that you pull tightly and then screw into the surface.

A few weeks ago I dropped into costco for a “few” things. (right!) accidentally purchased this box of ferrero rocher’s. My husband and I diligently worked our way through the (delicious) chocolates so that I could use the container for gemstone storage. We rationalized that the calories should be considered guilt-free as our gluttony was in the service of recycling. Honestly though, the box is great for gemstone storage and the container only cost a few pounds (ahem). Might need some more storage any day now. Hmmm…