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"In the psychology of vision, health issues can give us clues about what is going on in our subconscious minds. It is sort of like a psychiatrist doing dream analysis – physical symptoms can also be read as symbols for the conflicts in our minds. Escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento healing the emotional conflict certainly doesn’t hurt a person’s chances of healing physically, and there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that it is helpful, but we have not done any research studies on the subject, and we do not make any claims."

"The bloggers claim that us looking at the metaphors of illness with people (similar to louise hay’s work) is actually us blaming them for having their symptoms. This, of course, would have no value for the client – blaming a person for their illness is completely counterproductive to their healing and wellbeing.

Taking accountability, on the other hand, gives the client power in their life."

"But while hay may have hedged about whether positive thinking could cure AIDS, in her writings she was adamant that thoughts — not just sexual behavior — could help cause it. “venereal dis-ease,” hay writes in “you can heal your life,” using her eccentric spelling, “is almost always sexual guilt. Escoliosis lumbar en adultos it comes from a feeling, often subconscious, that it is not right to express ourselves sexually. Escoliosis dorsolumbar dextroconvexa A carrier with a venereal dis-ease can have many partners, but only those whose mental and physical immune systems are weak will be susceptible to it.” and that mental weakness can be self-loathing, hating one’s looks or just a fear of aging."

"In person and in print, hay mentions these causes only to play them down: “in no way am I trying to create guilt for anyone”; “this is a time for healing, for making whole, not for condemnation.” but she cannot escape her own logic: if our thoughts create our circumstances, then we are always, in the end, to blame. When I asked her if, since people’s thoughts are responsible for their conditions, victims of genocide might be to blame for their own deaths, she said: “I probably wouldn’t say it to them. I don’t go around making people feel bad. That’s not what I’m after.” I pressed harder: did she believe they are to blame? “yes, I think there’s a lot of karmic stuff that goes on, past lives.” so, I asked, with a situation like the holocaust, the victims might have been an unfortunate group of souls who deserved what they got because of their behavior in past lives? “yes, it can work that way,” hay said. “but that’s just my opinion.”

I would like to see surveys from all his devotees and ask them how many have had family illnesses that his cards talk about, like how many devotees have family members that died from cancer of some sort, how many family members have some sort of cancer related sickness in their families, how many devotees families that have some sort of mental disorder in their families, how many are obese?? Ya, i would love to see the correct answers , i would bet there are more than a few that are yess we have family members with these healing cards disorders, but then they aren’t cured, why, ? Because as taught by chuck…It’s all their own fault.. Looks like a very mean man to always blame the victim . Or saying .."It’s all an illusion", you brought this on your self ..Chuck spezzano should go in front of a peer group of educated licensed psychologists with federal authorities in attendance..Let the world know the real truth about the spezzano’s not the nutty one written by his wife.. What a joke that one was