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When Linden Lab viewer projects are nearing release they will often initially release a Project Viewer, and subsequently a Release Candidate Viewer (marked as ‘Release’) as they are nearing formal release. Occasionally a Beta Viewer may also be released for a particular project.

Warning: The viewers listed here are not developed nor distributed by Linden Lab. Being listed here esclerosis lumbar means only that the developers of the viewer have represented that they comply with the Policy on Third-Party Viewers and the Second Life Terms of Service. You are responsible for evaluating whether you want to use and share information with them.

You may connect to Second Life using software released by a third-party developer.

Linden Lab provides a Policy on Third-Party Viewers to promote a positive and predictable experience for all contractura lumbar duracion Second Life Residents. Beware of third-party viewers that are not in the Viewer Directory: they have either declined to self-certify their compliance with Linden Lab policies or been refused for noncompliance with the policies.

GroupTools is a lightweight viewer (Text only) that includes features to easier deal with SecondLife group activities such as sending notices and IM’s. While GroupTools main focus is group activities, a few other features are available as well.

If you believe that you have direct evidence that any third party viewer (whether listed in the Third Party Viewer Directory or not) may be in violation of the Second Life Terms of Service or the Policy on Third Party Viewers, you can file a violation report to be investigated.

This viewer was created and is maintained by Henri Beauchamp (This viewer was formerly known as the "Cool SL Viewer" and its first public release was v1.18.4.3, released on 2007-11-16). It combines elements of several of the other viewers, as well contractura muscular lumbar as extra features, bug fixes and extra patches, all very carefully tested.

It puts emphasis on high UI coherency from one version to the escoliosis lumbar levoconvexa other (meaning no bad surprise for "old timers") while staying in sync with Linden Lab’s official viewer features, high stability and reliability, and a high reactivity to new patches and bug fixes provided by the Open Source community.

• Reverses many of the unpopular interface changes, restoring separate friends and groups floaters and reinstating the packet loss and bandwidth indicators, the old toolbar and buttons layouts, the old/normal commands layout in the pie menus, the "All(old)&quot dolor lumbar derecho rinon; search tab, the old style (name-sortable) "Groups" search tab, the "Fly" button in the movement controls floater, and optionally reinstating the old, more visible, status bar icons and/or tracking dots in the mini-map, and the old chat history floater (without chat input line). Also fixes some UI regressions (missing buttons in some floaters, or visited landmarks tracking in inventory for example).

• Improved build tools floater (smaller increments in several parameters, extra "slice" parameter for some prims, transparency up to 100%, check box toggle for drag distance limit, adjustable number of decimals in Object tab for the position/size/rotation parameters, "Align" tool). Also allows to set the "invisible" texture from the texture picker (for invisi-prims).

The Hippo OpenSim Viewer is a modified Second Life viewer, targeted at OpenSim users. It allows building up to a height of 10,000 meters, scaling prims up to 256 x 256 x 256 meters and other exciting features. More specific OpenSim features are under development.

Based on the offical SecondLife sourcecode licensed under GPL2, this speedy Metaverse dolor lumbar agudo Client can connect you to a huge variety of exciting Virtual Worlds! It incorporates a lot of improved, new, up- and backported features and fixes that make the fast and escoliosis derecha rock stable RV/CV the client of choice for many users.

Thanks to Henri Beauchamp who laid the foundation for this viewer with his Cool SL Viewer. Special thanks to Winter Ventura for the Cool Viewer logo and Jacek Antonelli and Peter Stindberg for the Rainbow Viewer logo :). And to all the others who helped and supported me, especially the people involved and behind Imprudence!

A major improvement is an up-to-date OpenGL implementation that especially helps users plagued by ATI’s Catalyst drivers but also leads to measurable improvements of overall graphics performance by 30…100% compared to the official viewer; depending on your system. Rainbow Viewer features the current user interface whereas Cool Viewer spots the leaner cleaner and more configurable legacy UI. It’s all about choice :).

The TEKSTUFF viewers are created to enable contractura lumbar Youtube movies on TEKSTUFF media screens inside Second Life. The TEKSTUFF viewers are slight modifications of already available viewers like the regular SL 1.23.5 viewer and the Emerald 1634 viewer. Apart from that, the Emerald based viewer is fixed so it can be used in Opensim grids as well.

Browser based Second Life client, created by Katharine rx de columna lumbar normal Berry. The only web-browser client which made it a lifeline for residents who could not use a full graphical viewer, or who could not download other text-only clients because of limitations such as corporate firewalls.

omvviewer-light is a text client for the 3D Metaverse including SecondLife, written from Scratch (but using the libomv library for protocol handling). It’s GUI is created in Gtk# which is cross-platform making this the only current Text client that is still active and cross platform. Tested on Linux (32/64 bit) and Windows (not 64-bit windows).

To many to list here in detail please see the project page below but in summary, Full inventory control, Full Chat/IM/Group IM’s. Object search and interaction. Realtime local maps. Parcel displays. Read and Edit NoteCards and Scripts. View profiles. Friends Lists etc …..

Whisper is a text-only Second Life client that comes in two parts. The client is written in Java (so it can run on many platforms). The client connects to a "transport", which is written in C# and uses LibOpenMetaVerse. The idea behind dolor lumbar pdf this architecture is that if you don sintomas de escoliosis lumbar’t like the client, you can write your own and not have to worry about implementing the Second Life protocol yourself. The entire project is open source and published under the GPLv3 licence.

MetaPay is a simple and fun way to send Linden Dollars from your iPhone and iPod touch for FREE! Out with friends and want to pay your part of the tab but have no cash? Use MetaPay to send L$ to your friends in Second Life® instead. Or use it to send L$ for any in-world use without firing up the full Second Life® client.