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I also had a WONDERFUL experience with my epidural. My water broke during the night at 38+5, but it was only a small leak so thought it was just normal vaginal discharge. Got some more in the morning so DH and I went to L&D to have it checked. I had no contraction and was only 1 cm dilated, so I was given oxytocin. I was hoping for a drug-free birth, but kept an open mind. Good thing I did! They started the drip at 1:44pm, and by 9pm, I was in serious pain with 100% back labor, and only 4 cm, so I asked for the epidural. I got it around 10ish. I didn’t feel a thing when he put it in, and all this back pain and leg pain just vanished!! I could still feel my legs and move freely. I was even able to sleep a little!! By midnight, I was 10cm and ready to push!! So in my case, the epidural sped up the labor; I went from 4 to 10 in 2 hours, and without pain. I could feel the pressure increasing down there as the time went by, so I knew my little girl was getting closer and closer. I started to push at 00:10 am (and I knew when to push, I felt the contractions, but without the pain) and at 00:48 am, Zoe was in my arms Less than 1 hour later, she had fed and I was enjoying a very warm and relaxing shower, standing up. I also quickly became the master of my own bladder again! The epidural made me enjoyed the labor and the birth of my daughter so much more, I’m ready for another one It was also a blessing for my DH, because seeing me in pain and knowing there’s very little he can do to help made him feel so helpless and sad. After I got the epidural, he was smiling again and helped me a lot when I was pushing. Zoe was born with no complications and scored 7 and 9 for Apgar (1 and 5 minutes). I don’t know how my next labor will be like, but if the pain becomes too much, I will not hesitate to get an epidural again!! Hope my story helps

I loved my epidural (it was $900 I paid out of pocket!! best money I every spent). I had a fast labor – was 10cm before I got the epidural just bc I couldn’t get to the room, undressed, and get my IV’s and stuff in fast enough. 10 cm contractions were harsh, the only reason I coped was bc I wasn’t suffering for hours. They gave me morphine or something first so I would stop writhing around in the bed so I could attempt to sit straight for the epidural. It took a while to get in, didn’t hurt, but I would just jump every time I felt the needle. Immediately after it was in all the pain immediately went away. I was so tired I couldn’t open my eyes the whole labor but I think that was just bc I was so high from the narcotics they gave me. Anyway, the dr. said I could push now or wait an hour or two for the baby to come down on her own. I chose to wait and immediately fell asleep for an hour or two. Dr. came back and told me to push – couldn’t even feel the contractions to push I just felt a drop of pressure and pushed then. Did not feel a thing except when the baby was half out – I felt a lot of weird pressure. Would not say it was painful.

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