‘Final four’ candidates capture seats on sk school committee news independentri.com escoliosis dextroconvexa

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. — It was a raucous scene at Phil’s Restaurant in Wakefield, just across the bridge from Wakefield Elementary School, as the four candidates for School Committee most dedicated to seeing it remain open won election to the South Kingstown School Committee.

Incumbent Democrat Emily dolor lumbar derecho y pierna Cumminsky was the leading vote getter, receiving 6,241 votes, good for 13.5 percent of the vote. Independent Sarah Markey received 5,483, good for 11.8 percent. Next came incumbent Katherine Macinanti dieta blanda para radiografia de columna lumbosacra, the only candidate who had voted to close Wakefield Elementary School and be re-elected, receiving 5,276 votes, or 11.4 percent. Independent Jacy Northrup received 5,273 for 11.4 percent, while independent Stephanie Canter received 5,144, good for 11.1 percent.

Incumbents Raissa Mosher and Scott Mueller, both long-time School Committee members, lost their re-election bids. Mosher finished sixth with 4,924, good for 10.6 percent, while Mueller finished last with 4,262 votes, or 9.2. percent. Roland Benjamin, the lone Republican, finished with 4,826, or 10.4 percent of the vote. Democratic candidate Carol Vetter received 4,719 escoliosis lumbar derecha votes, 10.2 percent.

“I am so excited to move forward with what South Kingstown wanted for our school department. I can’t wait to collaborate with our new board in order to move forward in a transparent and meaningful way,” Cummiskey said at the watch party at Phil’s as the song “We Are the Champions,” by British rock group Queen, blared in the background.

Markey said she thought the “Final Four” candidates – herself, Cummiskey, Northrup and Canter – put out a positive campaign. “We put out a positive message of things we value with our schools. We talked a lot about teacher empowerment, teacher voice, and all the results of tonight’s election I think it’s pretty clear operacion de columna lumbar recuperacion the voters at least share in some of our vision of what our schools can be here in SK.”

Of the projected Town Council, Markey said she was excited about Abel Collins, Rory McEntee and Liz Gledhill. Of Bryant da Cruz, she said he has some work to do to prove he’s in favor of the schools, noting he was in favor of closing Wakefield and had voted against the budget in March.

Of Macinanti, Markey said she thinks it’ll be great to work with hernia de disco lumbar tratamiento her. “I think there might be some differences of ideas, but I think that’s true of the Final Four as well,” she said. “So just like we’ll collaborate together, we’ll collaborate together with the members of the School Committee.”

“Personally, I’m so psyched that we won. We worked really hard and we fought a really clean fair, high road kind of race and I’m really, really proud of us,” Northrup said Tuesday estenosis lumbar night. “And I think that the four of us are going to work really well together. I’m thrilled that of the five I had to choose from it was Kate. I think Kate is the most willing to bring the positive that she has to the table to work with.”

For her part, Canter said she was “ecstatic” about the election, and still a little in shock since the election was somewhat of a grassroots movement, she said. “So it could go either way: You could either be happy and inspired that the community has the same values that you do, or you can end up kind of in despair where you’re like ‘Wow, people don hernia lumbar’t have the same values that I hoped they did,’” she said. “And so tonight, I’m incredibly inspired and hopeful because how I judged the community ended ejercicios hernia discal lumbar up being correct. And for me as being newer to South Kingstown, I shouldn’t have won. It shouldn’t have ended that way.”

Canter said she really respects Macinanti, noting she had met with her over the summer because she liked the way Macinanti handles meetings and personalities. “We met for coffee and we ended up sitting there for seriously like an hour and a half, two hours, and I think she’s very respectful of different viewpoints. She’s going to be a good teammate.”

“I am so thankful to all the people who came out to vote,” Macinanti said in a Facebook message Wednesday morning. “Our school committee has important work to do, and there will be a lot of challenges to navigate through hernia discal lumbar with so many new people coming on board all at once. I’m humbled that the people of South Kingstown trust me to continue that work.”

“While I am disappointed in the final results escoliosis levoconvexa, I am grateful to the entire South Kingstown community for coming out to vote,” Mosher said in an early morning Facebook message. “I have knocked on thousands of doors and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting neighbors all over this incredible community. I wish all of the new school committee members the best of luck. And I thank the SK community and school district for supporting me for all of these years. It’s been a pleasure.”