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"One of the primary problems with feral hogs is that estenosis lumbar tratamiento they root through the soil in search of food, causing various problems in both agricultural and natural settings," said sam riffell, MSU wildlife and fisheries assistant professor. "This type of behavior can cause soil erosion, destroy native plant communities, reduce nesting cover and available forage for other wildlife species, and cause economic losses through crop depredation in agricultural systems."

Hayes, a native of milton, fla., examined the home range, habitat use, and survival of 29 feral hogs in central mississippi. From april 2005 through april 2006, hayes trapped and radio-collared the hogs then located them two to three times estenosis lumbar tratamiento per week using radio telemetry.

"Our study found that several factors influence the preferred habitat estenosis lumbar tratamiento of wild hogs," hayes said. "First, because hogs have no sweat glands, they prefer moist areas during hot weather, and may become primarily nocturnal during the hottest parts of estenosis lumbar tratamiento the year."

Sponsored by the mississippi department of wildlife, fisheries and parks, the mississippi agriculture and forestry experiment station, and the berryman institute, the study revealed that season, wet versus dry, also influences home range size. In general, the home ranges in this study were larger during the estenosis lumbar tratamiento dry season than the wet, possibly due to seasonal flooding of some areas within the estenosis lumbar tratamiento home range.

"Understanding the home range of feral hogs is important for estenosis lumbar tratamiento minimizing negative interactions between feral hogs and native wildlife," hayes explained. "Managers need to know what types of habitat the hogs estenosis lumbar tratamiento are using as well as how large an area they estenosis lumbar tratamiento roam to make management decisions regarding damage."

"While hunting and trapping may not reduce hog numbers, it may help to reduce damage in certain areas," hayes said. "Private landowners may legally take hogs on their property at estenosis lumbar tratamiento any time of the year, whereas state wildlife management areas have seasons."

Hogs tend to move from areas where they are heavily estenosis lumbar tratamiento disturbed into more peaceful surroundings. For this reason, hunting with dogs may be particularly effective if the object estenosis lumbar tratamiento is to remove a few animals and cause the remaining estenosis lumbar tratamiento ones to relocate.

Hunting with dogs bred and trained for hog hunting is estenosis lumbar tratamiento usually safest, he added, but dogs used to hunt wild hogs should be equipped estenosis lumbar tratamiento with heavy vests to limit chances of injury. Larger caliber, above .243, repeating rifles are best because the bullet has to get estenosis lumbar tratamiento through a tough hide, a lot of muscle, and quite a bit of cartilage around the shoulders to estenosis lumbar tratamiento take a hog.

Other wild hog-related research being conducted at MSU includes a human dimensions estenosis lumbar tratamiento study by edith parks, a graduate student under the guidance of assistant professor kevin estenosis lumbar tratamiento hunt. Her work includes a survey to determine the distribution of estenosis lumbar tratamiento feral hogs and attitudes towards them.

Rich minnis, an assistant research professor is conducting a study on avian estenosis lumbar tratamiento influenza in duck and hog populations around the state. Research of feral hogs by the department of wildlfie and estenosis lumbar tratamiento fisheries also is expanding into the delta region of mississippi.

"Though feral hogs are widespread and extremely damaging to natural estenosis lumbar tratamiento and agricultural habitats, current knowledge is comparatively limited," riffell said. "Through studies like these, scientists provide a stronger foundation upon which to base decisions estenosis lumbar tratamiento about how to manage the population."