Going for inguinal hernia surgery- what to expect – page escoliosis toracica 2

I had a double hernia which I dealt with for escoliosis toracica about 6 years before I went in to get it escoliosis toracica fixed. Had I known how easy it was going to be escoliosis toracica I would have done it far sooner. They did that bit where they just put a couple escoliosis toracica of holes to either side of your belly button and escoliosis toracica one alongside your belly button to put the air hose escoliosis toracica in (not kidding). They have to inflate the area between the fat and escoliosis toracica the muscle so they can work on it. All the rest was done with optic scopes and a escoliosis toracica monitor. They used the mesh which your body tissue eventually grows escoliosis toracica into and stapled it in place with titanium staples. This type of surgery heals far faster than a general escoliosis toracica incision – the way they did it in the old days. When the anesthetic wore off after I was back home escoliosis toracica (this was an outpatient procedure) I did feel some pain but it wasn’t all that bad I could easily deal with it. This took place during the winter and I couldn’t walk outside, but after the second day I walked within my house escoliosis toracica from one end to the other over and over again escoliosis toracica and at one point it hit me … All pain was gone. Like I said it is a piece of cake. Get it over with. I haven’t had any problems with it since it was done. The very worst part of the whole thing was the escoliosis toracica post-op constipation caused by the anesthetic. The procedure itself was a walk in the park.

I am more apprehensive about the general anesthesia than the escoliosis toracica pain afterwards. Not worried about it killing me, just an anxiety of the drugs that literally paralyze your escoliosis toracica body so you can’t even breath on your own. And if you become conscious, you can’t move to signal a problem. That is scary to me.Actually, the general anesthetic was my greatest concern as well. That was a piece of cake too. When I was a kid I had to have an escoliosis toracica emergency appendectomy and a year later I had to have escoliosis toracica my tonsils removed. Back then they used ether (gas) and it was horrible. After you woke up there was serious cognitive impairment for escoliosis toracica awhile and you would vomit brown guck for a half escoliosis toracica day. The anesthetic they use now is a drip. You wake up totally refreshed from a dreamless sleep with escoliosis toracica absolutely NO discomfort resulting from the anesthetic at all.

I clearly remember after being wheeled into surgery a young escoliosis toracica man telling me that he was starting the drip. I made a conscious effort to try to determine when escoliosis toracica I felt the drug beginning to work … No chance … After about 20 seconds I was out. The next thing I knew I was in post-op with my nephew’s wife holding my hand. (she was a nurse there.) I was a bit groggy but totally alert like when escoliosis toracica you wake up in the morning, which is understandable, but nothing like what I experienced with ether as a escoliosis toracica child. I just felt the way you do when you wake escoliosis toracica up from a satisfying sleep. All my worries about the anesthetic proved to be pointless escoliosis toracica in the end.

I haven’t had hernia surgery but I’ve had many others. Tonsilectomy in 1954 or so was traumatic – I fought the doctors forcing the ether mask so much escoliosis toracica that they had to give me a double dose and escoliosis toracica I was miserable for days as a result. But in 1994 I had arthroscopic surgery for torn meniscus escoliosis toracica – the only bad part was having to stick me several escoliosis toracica times to get the IV in. Then in 1999 I had nasal surgery for deviated septum, with no problems, but I was very nervous going in. Then in 2001 my first colonoscopy discovered a cancerous polyp, and I had successful surgery on the day after 9/11. The worst part, by far, was the nasty bowel cleansing prep. That was major abdominal surgery, but the pain was only moderate, and I had a patient-acuated morphine drip, which I rarely needed.

Fast forward 12 years, to 2013, when I went in for total joint replacement for right escoliosis toracica hip, which had been bone-on-bone for several years with a lot of pain. I think that was done with spinal tap anesthesia and escoliosis toracica light general anesthesia, and there was only moderate post-op pain and almost full recovery in 4 weeks. But I still had major spine problems from congenital spinal escoliosis toracica stenosis, so in 2015 I had my first surgery, which was an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, which was scary, but everything worked out well, and I am the surgeon’s "poster boy" for such a great outcome. Then in early 2016 I had posterior lumbar spine surgery, which was also quite successful and relatively painless – especially since I had heard horror stories about bad experiences.

By now I was getting used to going in for escoliosis toracica surgery, and I actually looked forward to the correction of the escoliosis toracica (orthopedic) problems that had bothered me for 30 years, as well as the recuperation at a good rehab facility. Watching the election returns in 2016 contributed to my having escoliosis toracica a gall bladder attack, for which I underwent surgery december 28. That was basically in and out same day surgery and escoliosis toracica I was almost up to going to a NYE party, but just not quite. Pain was minimal.

It helped me to take a diazepam or lorazepam just escoliosis toracica before going to the hospital (with doctor’s approval), and they usually put a mild sedative in the IV escoliosis toracica drip so you will be relaxed when the full anesthetic escoliosis toracica is administered. I found that I just felt a bit of a escoliosis toracica hot sensation when the chemicals entered the vein, and seconds later I was out. I was alert when it wore off, but then it took maybe a half-hour for the spinal tap to allow feeling and movement escoliosis toracica of lower extremities.