Herniated disc – page 2 hernia de disco lumbar tratamiento

So I started having issues back in January with tightness in my right ass cheek. I didn’t think anything of it. I tried to stretch this this out and got a foam roller and it gradually got worse. Come March it was bad. I could only sit in certain positions etc without driving pain down the right side of body. I sucked it up and went to the DR for the first time in probably 10 years. They put me on steroids for a week which relieved the pain but as soon as I came off it the pain came back. I went to orthopedic and they told me I could get steroid injections but required an MRI to do it. MRI came back and it was a herniated disc. Basically the disc is being pushed back into the sciatic nerve.

It’s the worst pain I’ve ever had in my life. I got the steroid injection and got relief that same day. I been doing physical therapy and it’s helping and set to get the second steroid shot next Wednesday. Physical therapy with electronic stim has been helping big time. Curious if any other posters have had this issue because last thing I want to do is go under the knife. I’ve heard horror stories about it.Sorry to hear you’re having problems with your back.

I had back surgery in 1999 at the age of 22. The area was L4-L5. The symptoms you are describing are very similar to mine. It felt like a pulled hamstring at first. The sensation you are feeling is the disc pressing against your lower extremity nerve lines. In fact… there’s a delay in relaying this information to your brain. What does this mean???? When you tell yourself to run…. there’s a half second delay in telling your legs to move from your brain… you think you’re at full strength…. but you’re only running half speed. Been through all of this…

It’s scary because it’s not normal… you have 2 choices… continue to live life like the way you are… in constant pain… or go through surgery. When the doctors opened up my spinal cavity… they had to change their original decision… they were going to fuse a section together… but upon further examination… they decided for a discectomy. Basically… they remove the disc that is oversized bulging… or degernerated… leave the spot open. (That’s what they did in 1999.) Of course… technology has changed since then… they might put a manufactured disc or implant in that spot now??? I wouldn’t know???

The constant pain before surgery… will stop 7-14 days after surgery. There’s a memory of pain in your body. That’s what my doctor told me. I lived 1 full year of pain before I went into surgery… 24 hours a day. So the doctor told me… the "memory" will fade… give it time. He was right. No pain… flexible…. full recovery back to lifting weights…. 90-120 days after surgery.

Almost 20 years later since surgery… I’m older now… less flexible… but… only slight discomfort when the weather changes here and there. I’ve been working out with a back brace (for precautionary measures only) since surgery… I enjoy staying fit…. and being healthy…. if you decide not to workout…. you wouldn’t need a back brace unless you have a job that you are constantly bending… kneeling…. and putting more pressure on the lower back.