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Here’s my story. About 6 weeks ago, I lifted someone up about 130 lbs and held them on my shoulders while on a trampoline for about 30 seconds. After putting them down about five minutes later I began epxerienced pain in the lower right side of my back and extreme tightness. About 10 minutes after this I realized that when bending down to touch my toes I couldn’t go passed my knees, and also my right leg was having pain/numbness. Anyway that is how I herniated my L5-S1 disc.

After this I began seeing a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist. After the first week my pain in my back went down but I was still experiencing limited range of motion and numbness down my right leg. Anyway it has been 6 weeks now since this happened and I currently feel good.

I no longer have any pain in my back. My symptons now are: When I wake up every morning I still have a little numbness in my leg, and limited range of motion. However after about an hour my range of motion is back and the numbness is gone. If I sit for a long period of time when I get up I have some numbness in my leg but again after about 5 minutes of walking it goes away. If i lie in the supine position when my right leg is lifted about 50 degrees I still get pain in my low right back. My MRI which i got 2 days ago confirms I do have a minor herniation in L5-S1.

Here is my dilemma I’m a very active male, a goalie in hockey , and love working out. I want to be able to play hockey again and I have been working out lightley already just no back or legs. I worked core on a ex ball for the first time in a month (my chiro told me I can’t but i didn’t listen) on monday, and I felt great the next day, actually since working core I feel better than I ever have. My chiropractor doesn’t want me doing anything because she says I can make it worse. However I feel fine and not doing anything gets me depressed. My acupuncturist who is my uncle told me since I feel almost 100% definitely work core, do a light workout with no back or legs, and I can play hockey with a Back Stabilizing belt. I want to be 100% and feel no more symptoms.

My doctor (general doctor) about a week ago prescribed me anti-inflamtories, muscle relaxers, and lidoderm patch. I haven’t taken or done anything he said because I don’t feel any pain and my chiropractor said that will only take away my pain when I take it no actually make it better. She also said muscle relaxers may help or worsen the problem and they make me drowsy. Since I feel almost 100% i’d rather not take a chance at making it worse.

I now do not know what to do. I want to play hockey, and workout. I feel fine get occasional numbness but no pain in my back at all. I don’t want to take pain killers or muscle relaxers. And most importantly I want to feel no symptoms at all including numbness. Should I start physical therapy and drop everything else? Is it safe to play hockey? Should I work core and workout lightly, minus my back and legs? Please help me!

I am a 27 year old female. I, like you am very active and it’s killing me not to play hockey and workout. I am a goalie as well as a right wing for 2 different women’s leagues I herniated my L4-L5 disk 2 weeks ago and have undergone chiro and laser treatment. The laser treatment is awsome. It had me up and walkin within 3 days of my injury. Though it has taken me almost a week to regain my flexability back my chiro has suggested that i dont participate in any sports for a long period of time. My body wants to go but she put it straight out there, she told me it was either my back or hockey? I have been forced to drop my schooling. I am currently working on my fitness for police foundations and should have graduated a few years ago. My back seems to cause injury. I would suggest continuing with chiro regardless. They have spent numerous hours training on back anatomy. They should know how to treat your symptoms and offer you suggestions of how to get back on track. I hope you are healing up well. It’s now just a matter of time for me.