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I’ve got a friend who had back pain bad enough that they were considering putting him on a drip. But today he wakes up with a discomfort level of 1 out of 10 according to him when it used to be 8 out of ten on a good day. Of course he exercised and watched what he ate, ended up dropping close to a hundred pounds. But the thing he reports as being the biggest influence on his back pain was ditching the mattress.

I went to a platform bed about a year ago with no mattress. It’s a solid platform of 3/4 MDF on top with supports underneath. At most for cushion I have a king size comforter doubled over to lay on, and it’s pretty flat, just enough to take the edge off. The adjustment was a little rough the first few nights, but man did I notice an immediate improvement in how I felt physically after a night’s sleep with no cushion.

I conveyed this too my friend and he was interested since he tried everything else and even his top dollar memory foam mattress wasn’t working any better then the one he had previously. I built him a bed identical to mine while he watched (felt bad because he couldn’t help with anything other than handing me screws and bolts).

I told him to call me in the morning and let me know how it went. When he called he was crying. He said his alarm went off and he reached for it, shut it off, rolled out of bed and got to the bathroom before he realized how little his back hurt.

I think the premise is pretty much the same as it is in a hammock. more or less. You end up moving more during the night. With the cushionless bedframe I no longer sleep with pillows, i’ve adopted primitive sleeping postures which work amazingly. With a highly cushioned bed like the memory foam and such they’re so comfortable you do sleep deeper, and move less in the night. The thinking is that it’s a more restful and natural sleep (Sounds familiar right?) watch your dog sleep. Do they sleep motionless in the same position all night? does any animal that lays prone? Not at all, they all move, change position, stretch, and spend a sizeable portion of their night in a twilight daze.

Hey you all, those in pain and those not! I’m so glad to read this thread. I know it’s about 6 years old,but I’m hoping that Mike who started it is out of pain and that others are following suite. I was diagnosed with a herniated disk at the end of this summer, and pain is less of a problem for me, but the numbness and tingling in my feet is crazy-making! I’ve not had surgery; went instead with Spinal Decompression Therapy (thru a chiropractor) and I was well on my way to recovery until I walked 100 yards with a 28 pound pack on my newly "healed" back when we went car camping. I can only kick myself so much… Now I’m pretty much starting over with the rehab and my doc knows nothing about hammocks. I’ve had the best nights sleep in my hammock (WB RR) since this injury and I’m hoping to go back to it. Right now, I’m keeping track for a week of how I feel after each night on a "good mattress" and after that I’ll do an informal study of how I feel after a week of nights in the hammock. Then report back to the doc. Does anyone else have relief of tingling feet from a herniated disk by hammock sleeping? I’d love to hear your experience, strength and hope!