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At Back Clinics of Canada, Dr. Ron Nusbaum sees firsthand how nutritional supplements affect results for patients undergoing Spinal Decompression care. Patient suffering from low back pain who take doctor-recommended nutritional supplements may experience higher healing success with nutritional support.

To best understand the role that nutrition plays in better spinal health it’s important to review some spinal anatomy and the mechanism of serious spinal injury. The spine is made up of 24 moveable bones (vertebrae), each separated by a soft-tissue shock-absorbing spacer pad called the disc. Damage to the spinal disc soft tissues is often the root cause of severe back and neck pain.

When the disc is traumatized it usually triggers the formation of inflammation. Over time, if uncorrected this inflammation often leads to disc degeneration and even bulging and herniations, causing pressure or irritation against the delicate nerves that pass through the spinal column. This is the source of the profound pain that so many feel.

Spinal Decompression directly addresses the damaged disc from an external perspective. It creates a specific healing environment for the disc that can actually cause re-hydration of the disc and simultaneously retract the bulge or herniation off of the nerve. Eat Right for Your Spine

Nutrition plays a very important and direct role in spinal health, and in healing the discs and surfaces of the spinal joints from an internal biological perspective. Regarding the spine, a calcium rich diet is a bone-healthy diet. Keep your bones strong with such foods as:

Glucosamine sulfate– Found naturally in the body, is essential for the maintenance and repair of collagen (the primary component of discs). The body uses glucosamine sulfate to form the chemicals it needs to repair cartilage, tendons and ligaments, and synovial fluid (the naturally occurring fluid that bathes the spinal joints). Collagen helps to maintain and repair spinal joint cartilage

Every food or drink you put into your body directly impacts your health. Give your body an extra boost of healing power by eating wisely. And while your low back pain or neck pain will not go away with food alone, you can further your body’s innate healing power. Nutritional Supplements

There are times when your health-care professional may recommend nutritional supplements. This is because it is not always possible to naturally ingest the quality or quantity of nutrients that your body needs to heal and function optimally.

Dr. Nusbaum offers patients at his Toronto back clinic Disc Renewal Plus TM. Formulated by Dr. Nusbaum, this is a proprietary, ultra-pure, highest quality combination of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Glucosamine Sulfate + MSM, and Collagen nutritional supplements. Disc Renewal Plus TM delivers this unique combination of nutrients to help support the healing of damaged connective tissues, the primary component of discs. Back Clinics of Canada patients strive to have the best fighting chance to heal the cause of their pain which is often due to damaged discs. Healing has the potential to be more robust when support occurs internally, on the cellular level. Disc Renewal Plus TM nutritional supplements are only available from Back Clinics of Canada.