How can you do android data recovery without root easily preparacion para radiografia de columna lumbosacra

When you encounter android data loss issue, you must want to find a way to get the lost and deleted data back. Thus, you begin to search one solution on the internet.

Then, you will discover that all android data recovery programs require you to root your android phone or tablet in advance if you want to recover data from your android device directly.

Before answering this question, there are some matters you should know about rooting your android device. Please read on. The advantages of rooting your android device

To be specific, more often than not, android users choose to root the android device due to its advantages, for instance, it allows you to run special apps, and it can free up some internal memory for more apps & files.

In addition, if you want to use a third-party android data recovery tool to recover lost or deleted data from your android device directly, you need to root the android device in advance to make this software successfully detect the data on the android device. The disadvantages of rooting your android device

However, some of you still don’t want to root the android device because it has some disadvantages at the same time. Here, we will show you the main disadvantages as follows:

After rooting your android device, the manufacturer’s warranty will become void. Should any issue develop, even it is not caused by rooting, you will lose your android device’s warranty. In view of this situation, many android users refuse to root the android device.

A ‘bricked’ android device means the device is dead as a brick in your pocket. If this issue happens, you will be unable to use the android device as usual.

Just like your computer, the android phone is a target of viruses and malware. After you root your android device, you will be able to flash your android device’s ROM by using custom programs.

While, if you want to recover deleted files from SD card android, you will not have to root your android in advance. In this respect, to recover deleted files android unrooted is possible.

Then, in the following part, we will tell you some available solutions to doing android data recovery without root. You can have a reference. Part 2: how to recover deleted files from unrooted android

From the above introduction, you will know that, in this post, android data recovery without root actually means SD card recovery for android.

For example, minitool mobile recovery for android is especially designed to recover android data from android device as well as android SD card;

MiniTool power data recovery can be used be recover lost and deleted data from all kinds of storage devices, and android AD card is included;

Before android SD card data recovery, you need to insert the SD card into an SD card reader and then connect the reader to your computer. Then, in the following three solutions, we will not repeat this step. Solution 1: use minitool mobile recovery for android

Firstly, we will briefly introduce this professional android data recovery software. It has two recovery modules: recover from phone and recover from SD-card.

Obviously, you should use recover from SD-card in this case. In addition, with this module, you can get these android data back: photos, videos, music files, word documents, and more.

Besides, this software can run on all windows OS, including windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 8, and windows 7. So, you can download this free software on your computer and have a try.

Note: it is a general rule that data recovery software can only recover lost or deleted data which are not overwritten by new data. MiniTool mobile recovery is not an exception. So, you need to stop using your android SD card as soon as possible to prevent data from being overwritten.

After the scan process, you will enter the scan result interface as follows. In this interface, you can see the data types are in a list on the left side. You can just choose one type and view the detailed scan result in this interface.

For example, if you want to recover deleted photos android, you can select camera, screenshot, app picture and picture from the left list, and then view the scanned items.

Besides, if you only want to view the deleted files, you can switch the blue button OFF to ON to make the software only show you the deleted items.

Then, you need to know that there are some limitations (see detailed in this introduction: limits in minitool mobile recovery for android free edition) in this freeware. But the advanced edition breaks these limitations.

In fact, minitool power data recovery is a dedicated data recovery software it has four recovery modules: this PC, removable disk drive, hard disk drive, and CD/DVD drive.

With these four recovery module, you can retrieve lost or deleted data from all kinds of storage devices, such as internal hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, memory stick, SD card, and more.

You can see that SD card is the supported device. So, this software can fully satisfy your need to recover deleted files android unrooted. And to recover android card data, you need to use the removable disk drive module .

If you have never used this software before, you can firstly download and install the trial edition of this software on your computer to have a try.

Remember that you can only use this trial edition to scan the device you want to recover. If you need to save your needed files which are detected by this software, please choose to use the full edition.

Step 1: open the software and you will enter this PC interface directly. The, you need to click on removable disk drive module to enter its interface. Then, the target SD card will be shown there.

If you only want to choose some specified files from the android SD card, you can click on settings feature to make your choices. After that, choose the SD card and click on scan button to start the scanning process.

Step 2: when the scanning process finishes, you will enter the scan result interface. Then, you can choose the files you want to recover and click on save button.

The unregistered version of this software allows you to retrieve 200MB data totally. So, you can download this software on your computer to try it.

Step 1: connect the SD card reader to your computer and then launch this software to enter the main interface as follows. Next, click start button to continue.

Step 2: the software will display all of the detected storage devices in the following interface. Here, you can select the target android SD card and click on scan button to continue.

Step 3: the software will begin the scan process. When it is finished, you will see the following scan result interface. Then, you can choose one folder from the left list and view its details.

If you want to recover more photos and videos from your android SD card with this software, you can choose to update this freeware to an advance edition.

In addition, this software devotes itself to recovering lost and deleted photos & videos from all kinds of storage devices. If you friends are facing related issues, you can introduce this software to him or her.

But, it is fortunately that retrieving lost or deleted data from android SD card doesn’t require you to root the android SD card in advance, and there are different kinds of data recovery software which are designed to do this job.

Then, this post introduces three minitool programs which can help you to do SD card recovery for android: minitool mobile recovery for android, minitool power data recovery and minitool photo recovery. All of these three tools have their advantages, you can choose one accordingly.

Of course, you can also just show the issue in the following comment zone. At the same time, your good suggestions and solutions are also appreciated here. Thanks in advance.