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If the pack keeps settling the torso adjustment is rather dolor lumbar cronico moot. There is room to add about another inch to the dolor lumbar cronico frame stays if you can source longer stays, but this isn’t the easiest thing to find and it sounds like dolor lumbar cronico another inch probably won’t make a huge difference.

If the HPG belt settles down lower then it needs dolor lumbar cronico to on the ILBE it will likely do so on dolor lumbar cronico any other pack you where to put it on. Fun fact; a ute and an ILBE use the EXACT same stays. I bought some ute stays from the hills and they dolor lumbar cronico even had the same bend as the USMC ones and dolor lumbar cronico come from the same maker. If you swap the belt and harness on an ILBE dolor lumbar cronico with HPG you will have a pack that rides 90% the same as a ute (of course it will be heavier).

I’ve found some body types just don’t jive well with the traditional internal frame stay and dolor lumbar cronico lumbar pad arrangement, but there aren’t a lot of other options to choose from. Hanging belts like what are on some older external frames dolor lumbar cronico tend to work better for me as I do not dolor lumbar cronico have a deep lumbar pocket and ILBE style packs tend dolor lumbar cronico to creep down my back (the front of the belt stays put, the pack creeps down, and the belt starts to angle more and more).

Click to expand…Dont worry about that upper curve matching or moving away, that is just personal preference and is just a distraction dolor lumbar cronico at this point, to be decided separately from the slipping issue; safe to say they are unrelated. Similarly with torso height on the straps, even a pack with the worst straps in the world dolor lumbar cronico or NO straps at all should still ride at the dolor lumbar cronico correct spot on your hips; worrying about torso length is a distant third after belt dolor lumbar cronico ride and frame height. Even if you have shoulder straps tickling your kidney’s or nothing but a tump line, this will not cause belt issues.

Unfortunately pack quality and price has little to do with dolor lumbar cronico whether the pack fits you or not, for instance I’ve owned a few kifaru packs that retailed for a dolor lumbar cronico pretty penny and quite simply they did not work for dolor lumbar cronico my body type at all despite their well-earned reputation. The standard advice in this case is probably the best; go to a sporting goods store and spend a lot dolor lumbar cronico of time wearing different packs with large amounts of weight dolor lumbar cronico in them. For now your goal shouldn’t be so much to find a new fancy pack dolor lumbar cronico to buy, but to isolate belt styles and features that work better dolor lumbar cronico then others. Try not to get hung up on frames or shoulder dolor lumbar cronico straps or ventilation, but simply try to find what belt shape, inner belt fabric, and belt strap arrangement feels the best and is the dolor lumbar cronico most secure. Many times you will be able to source the belt dolor lumbar cronico separately and most can be retrofitted to work with an dolor lumbar cronico ILBE. If you can’t find a local sewer to do the mods for dolor lumbar cronico you I’m more then happy to help.

For my body type (which is prone to belt slip from having no hips dolor lumbar cronico and no butt) the solution for high weights was a belt like what dolor lumbar cronico mchale uses on his packs, a shallow obtuse V shape with TWO separate belt buckles dolor lumbar cronico that lets you fine tune the cant of the belt. I can then tighten the top of the belt more dolor lumbar cronico then the bottom increasing grabbing ability. This isn’t an easy feature to find or make yourself but dolor lumbar cronico my main point is don’t give up, there is a solution for everyone even though not everyone dolor lumbar cronico can just grab packs off the rack

(6) check that the shoulder straps are properly tensioned. There should be slight tension in the shoulder straps when dolor lumbar cronico the upper load stabilizers are pulled. The upper load stabilizers will bring the pack closer to dolor lumbar cronico the body and help snug it in to the back, but they should not be used to compensate for a dolor lumbar cronico poor frame stay fit.

(7) apply proper tension on the upper load stabilizers. Pinch the end of the strap between index finger and dolor lumbar cronico thumb and pull on strap. DO NOT apply too much tension on the upper load dolor lumbar cronico stabilizers. This would result in undue strain on shoulder and neck dolor lumbar cronico muscles, reduced head clearance and poor frame stay fit. To maximize the upper load stabilizer function, their ideal angle is 45 degrees. Individual preference, however, may range from 30 to 60 degrees. This angle minimizes the tension required in the straps to dolor lumbar cronico maximize their main functions of load transfer and stabilization. Note: the main rucksack comes equipped with emergency disconnect buckles for dolor lumbar cronico quick release of the pack system.

D. Load-lifter straps. To adjust the position of the center of gravity (weight) for the pack while in route, located on the front of the shoulder straps you will dolor lumbar cronico find the loadlifter straps. Pulling down or paying-out on these “load-lifter” straps will move the pack upward or downward on your dolor lumbar cronico back respectively. Pulling down on the load-lifter straps will raise the center of gravity (weight) more on the shoulders. Paying-out (releasing) the load-lifter straps will drop the center of gravity (weight) lower onto the back and hip region.