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Integrating the PoSH Act with an organization’s rules and framework for compliance is only half of the work done to create a safer workplace for women. Taking actions to implement and ensure women safety in the workplace is the actual and effective solution. Providing infrastructural amenities like late night shuttle service, female cab drivers, enhanced surveillance for security are few improvements coming up in the corporate work culture. By the Numbers: Diversity in the Workplace

In an effort to woo the best and the brightest in the workforce, Google distinguished itself from the “boring” corporate world, offering benefits unseen at any employer.

In some offices, employees can take advantage of complimentary child care radiografia dorsolumbar, indulge in a free lunch at the cafeteria or hitch a ride in a company-provided shuttle. The Inequalities of Workplace Surveillance

Chances are you work in an unequal place. Your boss probably makes significantly more money than you, and has power over your pay, your hours, your benefits and your promotions. Now, technology is making it easier for you boss to use that power by tracking your work, and feeding the data into decision-making algorithms. June 3, 2019 Your most valuable workplace benefit may be the most overlooked

The survey revealed that for most people it’s okay to talk about and promote diversity at work but prefer to let their qualifications drive career growth even if it means less diverse workplaces. The poll states that 75% of all people polled felt it was important for companies to promote racial and ethnic diversity in the workplace. May 31, 2019 Hyatt to Provide $100,000 in Pay and Benefits to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Suit

Hyatt Corporation, which operates the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York City, will pay $85,000, provide paid leave worth approximately $15,000, and furnish other relief to settle a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency announced today. 1 in 4 workers in U.S. don’t get any paid vacation time or holidays

Public-sector unions, struck last year by a U.S. Supreme Court decision that ended their ability to charge non-members fees, suffered another blow this month when the Trump administration blocked hundreds of thousands of Medicaid-funded home health aides from deducting union dues from their paychecks. May 28, 2019 The Ongoing Struggle to Lower Health Care Costs for Employers and Employees

Recent examples include contractura lumbar izquierda Google agreeing to change its sexual harassment and arbitration policies following public protests by employees, and air traffic controllers, who Brantner credits with helping end the government shutdown. They are not legally allowed to strike, but by slowing down operations and raising questions about safety, that had more of an impact. May 24, 2019 Labor Challenges Are Major Theme of 2019 NRA Show

The busy expo halls of the 2019 National Restaurant Association (NRA) Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show backed up what industry experts have been saying for years: The foodservice industry is evolving, the lines between channels are blurring, and suppliers are eager to seize the opportunity to help operators face the challenges. Controversial Settlement Divides New York Nurses

Kaydon Corporation, a Muskegon, Mich.-based company that manufactures ball bearings for use in medical systems, industrial machinery, semiconductors and aerospace/defense markets, will pay $38,000 and provide other relief to settle a disability dis­crimination lawsuit brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency announced today. McDonald’s workers say restaurants are a magnet for crime

Customers brandishing guns; bloody fistfights; physical attacks escoliosis lumbar ejercicios on employees — for workers at one Chicago McDonald’s restaurant, life behind the counter can sometimes be downright life-threatening. Labor advocates also say such incidents occur with alarming regularity at other of the fast-foot chain’s restaurants, including shootings, sexual assaults and robberies. May 22, 2019 Workers find new bargaining power in a strong jobs market

The economy added more than 250,000 jobs in April and nearly 200,0000 jobs in March. That has restaurants, manufacturers and other businesses across the country reporting difficulties recruiting and retaining workers who find themselves in a position to seek more pay, ask for better benefits perhaps gain increased flexibility on the job. McDonald’s faces 25 new charges of sexual harassment in the workplace

Democrats in the House approved sweeping anti-discrimination legislation Friday that would extend civil rights protections to LGBT people by prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The protections would extend to employment, housing, loan applications, education, public accommodations and other areas. Connecticut Senate gives final approval to $15 minimum wage; Gov. Ned Lamont pledges to sign bill

The National Labor Relations Board’s advice memo, dated April 16, means the agency’s general counsel will take the position that workers for companies such as Uber are excluded from federal protections for workplace organizing activities, like trying to form or join a union. In practice, that means Uber workers are without a federal forum if they want to unionize or file what’s known as unfair labor practice charges. Nike responds to backlash over maternity leave policy

Nike tells female athletes to dream big — until they want a baby, Olympic runner Alysia Montano alleges in a recent New York Times op-ed. Montano, who has run in U.S. championship races while pregnant, said Nike penalized her for having a baby and that she had to fight with her sponsor to keep her paycheck. May 15, 2019 Labor Law Safeguards for Worker Lawsuits Imperiled at NLRB

Without transparent salary information, you may have no idea escoliosis tratamiento fisioterapeutico about salary differences among people doing the same job. Some companies even threaten to punish employees who discuss this information. While having an explicit policy can violate federal labor laws, employers now count on workers being too intimidated to risk discipline or termination. It’s hard to fight unequal pay without knowing what others are making, so the PFA clarifies that companies can’t ban these conversations or punish employees who have them. April jobs report: tons of new jobs and teeny-tiny pay raises

I have been quietly grumbling about this issue for some time now, uncertain how public to be. It is time to call out the men and women who lead us and to draw a line in the sand about how low we are prepared to let hard-working people sink while top management takes home ever-more-outrageous sums of money. April 24, 2019 Why gender pay-gap truthers are on the rise

The gender pay-gap truther”. It is such a distinctive phrase: that neologism of “truther” sitting peculiarly against the throwback of “pay gap”. Something about it tells you immediately that these truthers, like anti-vaxxers, like Russian trollbots, have been around longer than you realise. The Company That Sells Love to America Had a Dark Secret

Women contacting them talked about groping and sexual coercion and sexual degradation and contractura lumbar sintomas rape. Eventually they amassed more than 200 sworn statements from women who, for the most part, didn’t know one another. Some men gave statements, too, haunted by what they had seen at the company and what they had participated in. April 23, 2019 Supreme Court to rule whether civil rights law bans discrimination against LGBTQ employees

“The protection is part of the Affordable Care Act, which went into effect in 2010, which amended the Fair Labor Standards Act, and required employers give women a reasonable break period in order to express milk,” Paula Brantner, senior advisor at Workplace Fairness, told TODAY. The labor-rights activist who helped win 2 million US caregivers higher wages warns that robots aren’t the real threat to workers

Sarita Gupta’s mission is to ensure that we don’t forget the future of workers in our ongoing discussion on the future of work. As the escoliosis lumbar sintomas co-executive director of the union rights group Jobs with Justice, Gupta has spent her career as a leading voice for American workers. Opinion: Paying women less than men for substantially similar work is wage theft

When unions address worker retraining, they do so for various reasons. Sometimes, it’s a reaction to layoffs and plant shutdowns or, in the case of the health-care industry, hospital consolidation, said Daniel Bustillo, the director of the Healthcare Career Advancement Program. H-CAP is a national network of Service Employees International Unions and health-care employers. April 18, 2019 Instagram Memers Are Unionizing

In March, the McDonald’s Corporation announced that it would no longer actively lobby against local, state and federal efforts to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The move comes as Democrats in the U.S. House escoliosis tratamiento have thrown their weight behind a bill to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 per hour by 2024. April 15, 2019 Employee privacy in the US is at stake as corporate surveillance technology monitors workers’ every move

Over the past decade, real wage growth has stagnated, pensions have disappeared, workers are delaying claiming Social Security benefits to maximize payouts, and lifespans are longer, leaving seniors worried they will burn through their retirement savings way too soon. April 12, 2019 Participation in California’s Paid Family Leave Program is Growing, But Who’s Benefiting?

A Labor Department official who worked for a steel company in a lawsuit against a worker union after joining the Trump administration has stepped down from his post in the face of ethics questions. Associate Deputy Labor Secretary Michael Avakian resigned effective April 5, a Labor Department official told Bloomberg Law. April 8, 2019 Listen: Better Life Lab: Schedule Chaos

Employers added a solid 196,000 new jobs to the US economy in March — slightly more than economists expected, according to the latest jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But wage growth slowed back to a crawl. Despite the tightening labor market, workers only got a 4-cent average hourly pay raise in March. The Robot Will Hear You Now: Easing Job Harassment Reporting

“They’re important for a start, but I would hate to see them replace talking to someone who can really give you sound advice,” she said. “The question is, do the machines have the sophistication to ferret out conduct that might not be actionable harassment now, but the company would want to know about?” April 5, 2019 Microsoft workers shared dozens of sexual harassment stories on an internal email chain

Even without a union, workers who have been misclassified or left out entirely still have a number of potential labor comrades to lean on. Labor doesn’t just mean labor unions; the movement itself is a broad, intersectional network of working people who use diverse means to fight for their rights. April 4, 2019 Disney Hit With Gender Pay Gap Class Action Suit

The suit also alleges that Disney does not have escoliosis dolor an internal mechanism to ensure that women are not paid less than their male counterparts for the same work. “Like other companies that operate without transparency, consistency, and accountability, Disney’s leadership tends to value male workers more than female workers,” the suit alleges. Democrats want to ban mandatory arbitration at work. Senate Republicans are listening.

Millions of Americans have unknowingly signed or accepted these contract clauses, in which they agree to take legal disputes to private arbitration — a secretive legal forum with no judge, no jury, and practically zero government oversight. In private arbitration, workers are less likely to win their cases, and when they do win, they tend to get much less money than they would in court. April 3, 2019 Super Bowl workers say they’ve still not been paid – eight weeks later.

To account for this, the report’s authors looked at women’s earnings across a 15-year period, and compared those with men’s. What they found was a pay gap nearly twice as big as what fisioterapia lumbar’s traditionally reported: averaged out over 15 years, women made just 49 cents for every dollar men made. April 2, 2019 Labor Department to Limit Companies’ ‘Joint Employer’ Liability

As we approach April 2, Equal Pay Day, the day in 2019 when women’s average earnings would finally equal the 2018 earnings of an average man, it is worth considering the important role paid medical and family leave might play in reducing the persistent earnings gap between men and women. April 1, 2019 #MeToo contributes to Iowa’s ‘high bar’ for taxpayer-funded sexual harassment settlements

In Iowa, the number of successful trials and settlements has, in essence, set the bar pretty high for what could happen at trial,” said Paula Brantner, a senior adviser at the national nonprofit Workplace Fairness, which promotes employee rights. “Especially as part of the #MeToo climate, and having people known to be very good attorneys getting larger verdicts, those advising the government agencies may say, ‘Hey, it’s really risky to take this to trial.