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The Research link will take you to all my academic writing, including published books, papers, working papers and comments. It includes comments and talks given at academic conferences. It also has radiografia de columna lumbar normal information about my textbook, Asset Pricing

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I’m a proud father and husband of a creative family. Check out the Family web page, with art, comics, animation, music, plus the famous Hippo pages.

Warning: If you click this link you may not escoliosis lumbar leve be back for an hour or two. My wife, Elizabeth Fama is a young adult book author, is her web page and blog, her latest books are Monstrous Beauty and Plus One. My daugher Sally’s paintings and blog are worth dolor lumbar derecho y pierna a detour.

if you want to read about fiscal theory. The September update adds "Assets institutions and choices" about different monetary arrangements past and future. It is a bit (!) speculative but fun. The January update includes a review dolor lumbar izquierdo cadera of new-Keynesian interest rate targeting models, and their many problems. The February update does half

Journal of Monetary Economics 92, 47-63. First link includes the online appendix. matlab program. In standard solutions, new-Keynesian models produce a deep recession with deflation at the zero bound. Useless government spending, technical regress, and capital destruction have large positive multipliers. The recession hernia de disco lumbar tratamiento, deflation and policy paradoxes are larger when prices are less sticky, and news has larger effects

( JSTOR / JPE Link.) A rejoinder to Ljungqvist and Uhlig "Comment on the Campbell-Cochrane Habit Model" (formerly titled "Optimal Endowment Destruction under Campbell-Cochrane Habit Formation"). The benefits of endowment destruction depend sensitively on how you discretize the causas del dolor lumbar parte baja espalda model. Lesson: It’s better to use the the continuous time version and make sure discretizations make sense. There is a nice lesson on how to extend diffusion models to jumps too. Computer program.

• Economic Growth. October 2015. Essay. An overview of what a growth-oriented policy program might look like. Regulation, finance, health, energy and environment, taxes, debt social security and medicare, social programs, labor law, immigration, education, and more. Written for the

An essay on health care, first presented at the conference, The Future of Health Care Reform in the United States, at the University of Chicago Law School. Most of the policy discussion is focused on health insurance. But the health care market is dysfuctional, and needs to be fixed as well. Where are the Southwest Airlines, Walmart and Apple hernia lumbar of health care, bringing cost saving, efficiency, and innovation? I argue that we need a big freeing up of health care markets. I also focus more than usual

• Lessons of the long quiet zero bound May 2018. Comments for the session "Monetary Policy, Conventional and Unconventional" at the Spring 2018 Nobel Symposium on Money and Banking. A lightning summary of recent papers including "Fiscal theory of monetary policy operacion de columna lumbar recuperacion" "Michelson-Morley" and "New Keynesian Liquidity Trap." Lots of pictures. Fun. Slides. Video of the presentation. Link escoliosis dextroconvexa

moment for monetary economics, like Michelson-Morley’s famous experiment. Nothing happened. Many theories say big things should have happened, and those theories are wrong. (Well, unless you add epicycles, ether drag, or other ugly complications. Hence Occam’s razor.) In the new version I incorporate Sims’ insight for

Comments on ‘the Fundamental Structure of the International Monetary System’ by Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas. April 2017. In Rules for International Monetary Stability edited by Michael D. Bordo and John B. Taylor, p. 186-195, Stanford: Hoover Institution estenosis lumbar Press. (The link includes the final paper and my comment.) The comments, presented at the conference, "International Monetary Stability: Past, Present and Future," Hoover Institution, May 5 2016, refer also to

the original paper ‘Global Imbalances and Currency Wars at the ZLB,’ by Ricardo J. Caballero, Emmanuel Farhi, and Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas. The papers model "Global imbalances," "savings gluts," "safe asset shortages," and so forth, with a dramatic "tipping point hernia lumbar cie 10" at the zero bound. At the bound "inability to produce safe assets" in one country spills over to output gaps at another one. I outline a different world view and contrast the two worlds.

problems dolor lumbar lado derecho. I don’t find that the Bauer-Hamilton effect size distortion is big. I document measurement errors in the data, which are a good target for econometric help. I opine we need to spend less attention on one asset at at time forecasting and more attention on the factor structure of expected returns across

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