Kisat dur the dwarven martial art esclerosis lumbar

The neck: there are two ways to target the neck for assault; the throat, or the spine. To fracture the spine is to paralyze or at least incapacitate the foe, this is very likely to be fatal. When the throat is crushed, punctured, or torn the blood quickly leaves the body resulting in death. If the practitioner wishes their enemy to live, if only temporarily, they may also use the chokehold. To grab the neck and create a sort of lock around the throat deprives the enemy of oxygen. The choke can be held until the foe dies struggling or more aggressively strangled to unconsciousness or further still until death.

The art of nabasuthar is to know the enemy’s decisions before they are made. A kisat dur master may identify the exact type of attack the enemy seeks to use the moment they make the decision but even a novice can be aware that an attack comes.

A weapon makes the enemy predictable. An enemy with a weapon will rely on the weapon and when the enemy prepares an attack successfully grabbing the weapon will almost always interrupt the attack. Escoliosis lumbar levoconvexa should the enemy have a shield they will next attempt to use the shield. With this knowledge the sodel ar can be employed effectively even by a novice.

An unarmed foe is less predictable and it may be wiser to dodge than attempt an uncertain grab but this does not mean the practitioner is without knowledge. In kisat dur attack and defense are different perspectives on the same acts. The defensive mind looks inward and the offensive mind looks outward, when they are combined the practitioner is far more deadly. If the practitioner quickly places himself in a mental state for striking they may feel the instinct that one particular limb is easier to strike than another.

The enemy throws a punch, the perceptive defender catches the blow, the catch is turned into a wrist lock before the enemy can react and the wrist is broken. A master of kisat dur can preform an asasokab in less than a second leaving the foe scarcely aware of the technique which defeated them. This is only effective when the defender can physically overpower the attacker but the maneuver is often enough to end a fight.

This is a high risk manuver exclusively for when the dwarf is physically stronger than the adversary. The dwarf grabs the head and gouges both eyes. Even for a master of kisat dur it is difficult to do this before the enemy has the opportunity to strike back potentially to deadly effect. Que es escoliosis lumbar even a master risks serious injury and death if a strike is allowed passed their defenses. If successful this move renders the enemy incapable of pursuing, resisting, or harming the practitioner effectively ending the fight.

In this case the fighter has noticed an incoming strike and used the knee to trap the blow. While the enemy is off balance the practitioner uses a throw to bring them down and quickly rise to a dominant position, the fist still firmly caught. The positions are now reversed and the kisat dur practitioner has a hold on the enemy’s hand. The hold can be released, turned into a joint lock, or simply used to prevent the enemy from getting back to their feet.

A standard throw is used on the enemy and practitioner quickly moves to their position before they land. This is easier with weaker throws as a strong throw requires the foe to be pursued. Estenosis lumbar sintomas this leaves the practitioner standing over the prone and stunned enemy. From this position victory can be quickly had. If executed improperly the enemy may strike the practitioner knocking himself to the ground in the process.

The asasokab could have ended this conflict as quickly as idrazoluth but the terror it inspires in the elf to be so dismembered is unique to this style. The key to successful biting is choosing the proper target, biting off a finger, ear, or tearing off a hand is more effective than simply gnawing at the chest. Idrazoluth has the power to destroy nerves permanently debilitating an enemy. Should the opportunity present itself a practitioner may even bite at the throat ending the battle in a single stroke.