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Thanks for those dolor lumbar derecho y pierna words. Funny enough I’ve had a spinal tap but that was 15 yrs ago when my neuro started to take me seriously because I had something called clonus (ankles shaking back and forth) and hyper reflexes And MS was suspected. But again, my symptoms had started years before the spinal tap and didn’t get worse after it.

Also, one neuro I saw in the ER had suggested arachnoiditis as a possible explanation for my symptoms and said CT was better at picking this up than MRI. I’ve never had a CT of my back. But given my history of autoimmune issues likes thyroid disease and migraines it who knows if when I injured my back that unleashed a bunch of autoimmune stuff that damaged my nerves rather than a classic cauda lesion.

But at least progressive neuro stuff like MS and ALS has been ruled out given that my symptoms ejercicios hernia discal lumbar have not progressed to weakness dieta blanda para radiografia de columna lumbosacra. I have a bad habbit now with my frustration of punching through walls and breaking stuff which isn’t good but proves I’m not "classically" weak.

Yes I have hashimotos. Crazy enough I was diagnosed with it exactly at the same time I injured my back in 2003 when I was 21. I gained 30 lbs and was tired all the time and just was acused of being lazy. Strangely after I went to the neuro after the initial discussion herniation no clonus. A year later when I had bladder issues the clonus and hyper reflexes appeared. My neuro said that is caused by an upper motor neuron lesion not a cauda lesion. However, like I said they did a spinal tap and multiple MRIs, then sent my to a psychiatrist. But what infuriates me is that something caused those abnormmalities hernia lumbar. They weren’t there before. Even now, every now and then when I’m tired or have walked a lot. I can check my ankle clonus and my foot will wobble back and forth indefinitely til I stop it.

I have read anecdotally that physical trauma can trigger latent autoimmunity. Problem is no one in my family has any history of autoimmune disease. But I’m pretty sure there is a connection. I also have t2 diabetes and operacion de columna lumbar recuperacion hypertension despite being 155 lbs and 5’10 and I was a runner. In all likelihood my issue is multifactorial.

As for the CT, since I left my job dolor lumbar izquierdo cadera the crappy government plan won’t even pay for a Lumbar MRI of my back to follow up on my arthritis or disc herination. My primary ordered and they deemed it medically unnecessary. Until I collapse and can’t walk and get to the ER in ambulabce I doubt I will be able to get more testing.

phugoi1982, regarding your back pain,…I’ve thought of another possibility. Calcium oxalate crystals could be causing it. These crystals form due to a time of dehydration, renal insuficiency, etc. The herb Stone Breaker (Chanca Piedra radiografia de columna lumbar normal) can soften the crystals. The crystals hurt like little shards of glass.

I’d been having back pain for several days. I took my kidney herbs that I use for UTI’s, but my urine flow was good. I used my SyncroZap, that always helps UTI’s, pain dimished temporarily and my complexion cleared up. I took my parasite-killing herbs, and my thinking cleared up. But the back pain continued. Finally, this morning while I was waking up, I realized that I don’t have any fever —just PAIN, like shards of glass. Aha! The words “oxalate crystals” popped into my head. Happily, I keep Chanca Piedra in my kitchen drawer. I’ve had two big cups of Chanca Piedra tea estenosis lumbar today, and I’m on the road to recovery. How did I get into this pitiful condition? Well, my diet for the previous two weeks was exactly the same as the escoliosis lumbar leve list of foods that CAUSE it,…listed in the article at the following link.

Need to vent!!! So, the recommendations of the "Undiagnosed diseases program" that rejected me was to get a second opinion from a Rehab hospital that specializes in Spinal Cord Injury like Spaulding in Boston which is one of the best. First of all, are these people idiots? Rehab hospitals will treat BASED on an F*ing diagnosis which I do not have. In fact, I called this hospital two years ago and they refused to take me and I called another one now in DC and they also will not take me because I have no physical limitations. When are these morons going to realize that I need A DIAGNOSIS and that I obviously have an ATYPICAL case of Cauda Equina. Fortunately, the medical team that hernia de disco lumbar tratamiento rejected me is going to call my Urologist who referred me and give him more info and hopefully he will continue to reiterate his belief that I have a Cauda dolor lumbar izquierdo lesion. At this point (and I’m joking), I sometimes wish i could go to a hospital ER with a gun and demand attention and a diagnosis (for those of you like the show House M.D. there was an episode where a patient who was sick and dismissed did this). Instead, in America, we have a sytsem that is more sympathetic escoliosis lumbar derecha to alcoholics and drug addicts and people who are depressed with really no reason for it and people like us who are physically ill don’t get any attention. It makes me so mad that despite having this problem and being diabetic, hypertensive, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, and being only 36 and 5’10 and 160 lbs I still eat healthy and have never turned to alcohol or drugs even though with the level of anger and depression I feel It would be so easy to do so.