Life after gallbladder removal surgery hubpages lumbar hernia symptoms

I had my gall bladder removed on july 10,2010 after a 8 hour day filled with violent vomit of bile every 20-40min. I had ultrasound & blood work and they said I had 20-30 gall stones. Mind you this is exactly 6mths after a spinal fusion escoliosis dorsolumbar izquierda. Needless to sayon july 9th I had such bad pain I was placed on morphine for about 12hrs waiting for a second ER general surgeon to come in. They got one in off vacation he did my surgery on 10th I did rx de columna lumbar normal not feel better,nausea, gas trapped from laproscopic procedure. They proceeded to tilt my bed upside down to help release trapped air. Next day they proceeded to release me,my blood pressure was high 158/102 not my normal. I’m usually 98-112/56-72. I told nurse I still feel really bad,lots of pain & nausea they still sent me home& said come to ER if gets bad.

I didn’t even make it home I started vomiting/ dry heaving, I still went home and tried to convince myself it was the anaesthesia by that evening into hernia lumbar ejercicios prohibidos next day I could barely move and if I stood up it feel as though my insides were falling down like a brick and still herniated lumbar disc sleeping position unable to eat and dry heaving. I waited until that next morning and asked my mother who came to help to call ambulance. When I got back to hospital I had to have CT scan and few other test I was jaundice & seconds from turning septic. They found the dr did not complexly close my liver. I had to have corrective surgery from ANOTHER dr I had to have my insides flushes to get all the bile off my organs to stop any curoson,I ended up with a drain enfermedades lumbares outside my body for months. I had to stay I’m hospital for weeks. For over a year I had severe side effects to almost all food and bile pooling. As of today I still on occasion have severe reaction to hot coco or cappuccino. I have serious sensitivity dolor lumbar ejercicios to tomato sauces,oatmeal and soups,salad,red meats,cucumbers;to darn many things.

The incisions were sore to the touch for about 5 days and had a pull/hitch/cramp in right side from the muscle being cut (lower side incision) that only occured when I took a deep breath. This lasted about 10 days. Never felt anything from the belly-button incision. A bit difficult for 3-4 days to turn in bed or get up off the couch, but that lessened in time and now I have no trouble doing anything – even light exercize. Pain for me was minimal, only took 5 pain pills over a 6 day period and none since dieta para radiografia de columna lumbosacra then. Went back to work the following monday (5 days after operation).

Took it easy on the food when I got home – apple sauce, white grape juice, broth, etc and gradually added more types of food as I felt better and am still eating light, keeping the dairy and heavy meats to a minimum. Had gas, bloating hernia de disco lumbar ejercicios contraindicados and diarrhea for about a week, but since then have gone back to normal – more due to surgery/anaesthetic than diet. I’ve tried cheescake, pumpkin pie, eggnog, liquor, coffee and beef (all the food I’ve heard horror stories about) and so far escoliosis dorsal de convexidad derecha, so good.

Acute pancreatitis is the culprit for my gallbladder being removed one week ago. Pain in my ribs radiating to my back and shoulder occurred the day after surgery and has continued on and off since. However, yesterday the pain kept taking my breath desviacion lumbar away, it hurt so much. I loaded up on pain meds and vowed to call the surgeon and GP in the morning. Called them both this morning and, surgeon’s office and gp want me to go back to the ER which was a nightmare the first time. They treated me like an alcoholic as soon as I volunteered I drank wine most nights…A glass or two or three on occasion. Hospital even had me on detox watch!!! They blamed alcohol on my pancreatitis. Three days after being hospitalized they escoliosis dorsal derecha sintomas told me my gall bladder had sludge and it COULD also be the cause. Anyway not in a hurry to go back to the hospital

I did not take their advice and go to the ER. I actually decided I should not mask the pain any longer, so no pain meds today. The right-side rib/back pain is constant but not as severe as yesterday. I can’t help escoliosis dorsal izquierda but worrying if it is my pancreas again, if I am making the right decision not going back to the hospital, if I now have stones somewhere in my abdomen, will the pain eventually go away?

Hi, i just had the gallbladder surgery a week ago july 25 ,2013 and i been feeling on and off it has helped me feel better without it as before the surgery, i been having several problems with ,y stomach and dolor lumbar bajo gallbladder was one of them, so i feel glad that i had the surgery. The only thing im scared of its one of my friend had the surgery two month ago and her story are so scary she keeps telling me how she cant hold any food down and such and even thought i know everyone is not the same it just makes me very unconfortable to knowing the suffering that it might come with the gallbladder. As for right now i feel better dolor lumbar derecho rinon with each day but 2of the incicions are hurting and making me so unconfortable to move around and i know its only rx de columna lumbosacra been a week and my surgeon at the post op said they look good that i shoukd start feeling better with each day,but i been getting fever and pain is coming to be non stop and that worries me to the point of wanting to go to the E.R. But i am pushing myself to pass the two weeks of recovery then if it still bothering after ill go or call my doctor.