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We can all relate to that utter disgust that overcomes columna vertebral lumbar us when we simply smell a spoiled bottle of milk. Worse yet, assuming a product to still be fresh since it was columna vertebral lumbar only recently purchased and noting that the stamp indicates ample columna vertebral lumbar time till expiration, taking a sip of a glass of spoiled milk. I can’t tell you how many times I have prepared my columna vertebral lumbar ingredients for a cheesecake only to open the container of columna vertebral lumbar cream cheese and smell the sour aroma wafting through my columna vertebral lumbar kitchen. Just this week I had to throw away two packages columna vertebral lumbar of sour cream, from two different companies mind you, that upon opening looked like curdled soup in contrast to columna vertebral lumbar the thick and creamy texture that sour cream should be. These events are unfortunate, especially when we realize that we invested double the price columna vertebral lumbar as compared to the alternatives.

I have become extremely frustrated with this phenomena. My husband graciously accepted the stringency of eating cholov yisroel columna vertebral lumbar while in his fifth grade class, as a merit for the terrible attacks happening in eretz columna vertebral lumbar yisroel. He maintains this stringency till today, and I and our family gladly accepted this beautiful halacha columna vertebral lumbar and custom when we got married. We cannot help but notice, that without fail, and on the items that are noticeably more expensive than columna vertebral lumbar the other kosher, non cholov options, a majority of milk, sour cream, heavy cream, and other products that we purchase spoil very rapidly, many times way before the stamped expiration date.

It is nearly impossible to reach anyone to provide feedback columna vertebral lumbar regarding this phenomena as the product all lost shell companies columna vertebral lumbar rarely either website, and of course without a phone number listed or web columna vertebral lumbar contact. There is essentially no real way to voice concern for columna vertebral lumbar this issue, and no person to hold accountable for these for lack columna vertebral lumbar of a better term, failures. I could replace the item at the supermarket, if they are willing, as they usually are, to replace it. But it is the concept that is all to problematic.

I have spoken to a few places, and the only reasonable explanation I have heard, is actually counter-intuitive. All milk products in the US are regulated the same columna vertebral lumbar way with extra scrutiny by the FDA. The cholov yisroel sourced products are no different than, and often come from plants, that mainly produce non cholov yisroel options for the public. The speed of spoiling quickly occurs, potentially, due to the trucking and the standards taking place after columna vertebral lumbar products leave the plant. One theory is that the trucking utilized for the cholov columna vertebral lumbar yisroel brands are lax in their handling, and upkeep of the cold temperatures necessary to keep dairy columna vertebral lumbar products from spoiling. Another idea suggested it is the receiving at stores that columna vertebral lumbar exhibit some carelessness while receiving goods at their loading docks, leaving items on sidewalks, exposed to heat, or simply not refrigerated as it should be. In all likelihood, there are a number of contributing factors that are responsible columna vertebral lumbar for the degradation of the product integrity over time – a severe lack of care for a consumer already making columna vertebral lumbar multiple sacrifices in the selection purchased, the cost of said purchase, and the limited time to use it before it goes columna vertebral lumbar bad.

Friends, I believe we need to take the words of rav columna vertebral lumbar moshe feinstein Z”tl in one of the cholov yisroel teshuvos to heart columna vertebral lumbar – where he writes that a “baal nefesh yachmir” , loosely translated as “one who is concerned with their soul should be stringent columna vertebral lumbar in this”, and apply it to the macro of the situation and columna vertebral lumbar experience of fellow people. Apart from the “V’ahavta L’reyacha K’amocha” regarding the price or cost expended on maintaining cholov yisroel columna vertebral lumbar products, the standards of the cholov yisroel industry – from the factory to our homes, needs to maintain the respect and dignity deservant of said columna vertebral lumbar stringency and the people seeking to keep it. I encourage anybody who knows anyone in a position of columna vertebral lumbar influence or control in this industry, supermarkets, trucking companies, brokers, etc., please let the individuals with the ability to do something columna vertebral lumbar about this to know about this article and suggest that columna vertebral lumbar they immediately order a review of the procedures, or lack thereof, contributing to the product degradation and identify the cause of columna vertebral lumbar this phenomena along with actions to remedy it.

It’s a tremendous convenience and bracha that many mainstream reputable columna vertebral lumbar frum rabbonim permit non- CY milk from anywhere in the united states. There are many frum communities in the US and canada columna vertebral lumbar outside from the epicenters of NYC, chicago, toronto, LA, miami where CY milk may very well be transported from columna vertebral lumbar hundreds if not thousands of miles away; likely resulting in quicker spoilage. Also, those “out of town” communities may simply not have the ability to easily find columna vertebral lumbar CY dairy goods around their corner. I personally drink non-CY dairy products, which allows me to enjoy dairy goods in far-out places like alaska, hawaii, utah, and the carolinas (if I were to drive from NY to FL). My frum relatives in cincinnati are able to enjoy nearly columna vertebral lumbar every dairy product in their local supermarkets (cottage cheese, milk, yogurts, puddings, chocolates, cakes, etc) ; which would be nearly impossible if they observed CY. While frum jews in europe, asia, and most stretches of the earth are not recommended to columna vertebral lumbar drink non CY milk, a jew in alabama can enjoy milk purchased at his/her local walmart.

What bothers me most about so-called “heimisha” companies is that there is no way to contact them! Look at any goyishe company product, from canned corn to cold cereal to swiss fudge cookies columna vertebral lumbar to orange juice to whole wheat bread (yes paas palter GASP!) to frozen ice cream bars and you will find an columna vertebral lumbar 800 number, an email, a website, etc… with the heimishe companies, GORNISHT. Too bad. It’s not our problem. We don’t want to hear about it. We made our money, get lost. They are above the law. They are cowboys in their own right. They come and brag by the kosherfest and other such columna vertebral lumbar trade shows, as if they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Only a naive gullible fool believes that their 2nd rate columna vertebral lumbar products compare to the standard “goyishe” companies/corporations as far as quality, taste, appearance, health, freshness, PRICE, and being treated like a wanted consumer. Hiring a popular marketing team to push their products doesn’t change the metzias hadvorim.

Yes, I’ve heard many speeches when I first got married that columna vertebral lumbar I MUST switch to chalav yisroel only. Consuming chalav stam is a terrible aveira. It’s mitamtem halev and you’re a lowlife drek if continue to eat good humor columna vertebral lumbar ice cream bars. It’s even worse than not wearing a white shirt. Bla bla bla.

I once met an older single bachur in manheim pennsylvania columna vertebral lumbar who said he was thee mashgiach for a certain milk columna vertebral lumbar plant, including shabbos, that supplies so-called chalav yisroel milk to all the heimishe companies. Ever since then I’ve always doubted the legitimacy of the whole chalav yisroel columna vertebral lumbar charade.

I have used cholov yisroel for over fifty years and columna vertebral lumbar have not found it to be as bad as you columna vertebral lumbar say! I check every dairy product purchased with the dates and columna vertebral lumbar smell. On rare occasions I find a smell and take another columna vertebral lumbar container from the shelf. I remember 50 years ago when the quality was poor. This is not the case today.

You call yourself a “talmidchochom” what do you do with the haloches in yore-deah that prohibits cholov-akim? If you want to quote me the igres-moshe, then look at the end of the 3rd tshuvah where columna vertebral lumbar he says not to use it if you don’t really need it. What about the harm to the neshumah of those using columna vertebral lumbar cholov-akim/stam? Their learning and davening?

Today, even the frum yeshiva world uses cholov-yisroel whenever possible. The government fines are meaningless for someone with a reason columna vertebral lumbar to mix in non-kosher products. The fear of government is not really there today. Today government inspectors in the food industry don’t really look at all these items closely; especially if does not relate to ecology.

The problem is the jewish delivery companies & stores do not handle the dairy products properly. I have seen first hand the difference between the cholov columna vertebral lumbar yisroel delivery companies to the local jewish stores as compared columna vertebral lumbar to the non jewish ones delivering to shoprite, stop & shop, fairway etc. The non jewish ones use a forklift to remove pallets columna vertebral lumbar of dairy product from a refrigerated truck & drive it immediate into the large refrigerators where it is columna vertebral lumbar sorted & shelved – never being in room temperature for more than a few columna vertebral lumbar minutes. Many of these stores can load the fridge from behind columna vertebral lumbar the display within the fridge itself – the opposite is true with the jewish delivery companies & stores. Many times I see pallets of dairy products sitting outside columna vertebral lumbar the store in the heat or cold as well as columna vertebral lumbar inside the store at room temperature for hours before a columna vertebral lumbar worker will come along & put in the fridge. If our people cared at all they would never handle columna vertebral lumbar the any dairy products this way – but they don’t. This is why I only buy cholov yisroel where there columna vertebral lumbar isn’t an alternative from cholov stam. Better to save the difference in price & give it to tzedakah!!!

Those who try non cy milk & CY products, can see definately see the difference in price & quality. I agree with most who say their CY milk spoils columna vertebral lumbar faster, and costs double. Also, for some reason CY milk does not come in gallons columna vertebral lumbar which i think would be a great savings for large columna vertebral lumbar heimishe families, but I am sure the reason for that is you columna vertebral lumbar can make more money if you sell smaller bottles, or maybe because the companies who make them know that columna vertebral lumbar it will not last that long. Besides that I believe the whole kosher industry is a columna vertebral lumbar big mafia type of business starting from wine business that columna vertebral lumbar was forcing other companies out of business to be a columna vertebral lumbar monopoly, to kosher dairy where 2 biggest dairy products companies actually columna vertebral lumbar woned by the same company under 2 different names. Same goes to orange juice companies. Regarding pride of the farm, it was available long ago in brooklyn, and I remember the quaility of it great, their yogurts were better & cheaper than others, but then I remember there was a campaign against it columna vertebral lumbar probably started by competion who did not like someone stepping columna vertebral lumbar in their business, and I don’t see it anymore, so I even thought it was not in business anymore. Same shock and fightng were against norman’s yougurts when they just came out, but BH we still can get that for cheaper price columna vertebral lumbar than the “original” CY companies.

I think it has to do with the time of columna vertebral lumbar delivery and that especially summer time it sits outside waiting columna vertebral lumbar for the store to open. Some stores actually give the keys to the company and columna vertebral lumbar if you buy milk there it lasts longer. Case in point, i have been away for two weeks and came home columna vertebral lumbar expecting my milk to be spoiled as it is 2 columna vertebral lumbar days past the stamped later date and the mild was columna vertebral lumbar great. Thank you devash farms.

However, the writer makes a valid point, we should demand a better delivery system. She says she can’t reach them. Without trying i looked up upstaet dairy farms (goldenflow) and devash farms and their phone numbers were as clear columna vertebral lumbar as day in a simple google search. In addition devash farms has website that lists an email columna vertebral lumbar address as well. Fresh and healthy, I would need to know the name of the farm….. If the writer was really interested in making a difference columna vertebral lumbar instead of bashing, she would have written that there is an issue (which many f us are aware of) and can we all call so we can make a columna vertebral lumbar difference. Unfortunately, it seems that wasn’t the point.

Ben hash, I do not rely on R moshe’s heter, so I have no bias here, but please do not lie. R moshe says no such thing. On the contrary, he is very clear that his heter is 100% lechatchila, and that he believes this is the halacha, so one may rely on it even in the heart columna vertebral lumbar of borough park. He merely recommends that a baal nefesh should be machmir, and in another teshuva he requires that schools be machmir. Indeed, it is well known (from eye witnesses) that in his own home they had commercial milk, which he did not drink but his wife and children columna vertebral lumbar did.

I have also heard from a very reliable source that columna vertebral lumbar R moshe was asked how much extra money should one columna vertebral lumbar spend on this chumra, and he answered that it is till $100 a year. If keeping “regular” cholov yisroel (as opposed to relying on his shita that commercial milk columna vertebral lumbar is cholov yisroel) costs more than $100 a year one needn’t be machmir. And for cheese he said one needn’t spend any more money at all; only if they’re the same price should one be machmir.