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The neurosurgical department of mediterranean hospital of cyprus team consists of neurosurgeons with experience covering the entire range of neurosurgical diseases. With our modern equipment and the doctors’ experience, all modern surgical treatments of neurological diseases are performed in our hospital.

Neurosurgery team consisting of neurosurgeon who are trained in treatment of all the spectrum of diseases of the nervous system such as brain and spinal cord tumors, spine disorders, tumors of the skull base, vascular diseases of the brain, functional neurosurgery, pituitary tumors and pediatric neurosurgery.

The neurosurgery department of the hospital is in constant cooperation and communication with distinguished neurosurgical centers abroad in brainstorming level and continuous education for the performance of difficult and complicated operations.Dolor lumbar bajo

The neurosurgeons of mediterranean hospital of cyprus participate in many clinical studies in collaboration with scientists from abroad aiming to find new methods of treatment of neurological diseases.

The spine department consists of neurosurgeons and orthopedic specialists in treating disorders of the spine, with the direct collaboration of anesthesiologists and specialists for the treatment of pain

It involves the use of minimally invasive methods with specialized surgical instruments for the treatment of various diseases of the spine, such as disk herniation, stenosis, disk degeneration, spondylolisthesis and spinal fractures. These surgeries are made with very small incisions and with a microscope, endoscope and intraoperative neuroimaging.

The degenerative diseases of the spine, such as the degeneration of the intervertebral discs, the facet joints arthritis and spondylolisthesis are frequent causes of sciatica, particularly in older ages.Dolor lumbar bajo

Initially the treatment of these conditions is conservative with drugs (especially anti-inflammatory and pain killers) and physical therapy. In those cases where the conservative treatment has not helped in improving the symptoms over a period of 5-8 weeks, and in cases of worsening of symptoms or appearance of a new and progressively deteriorating neurological deficit (weakness in hand or foot) then there is indication for surgical treatment .Symptoms that should more concerned the patient are the uncontrolled pain, weakness and difficulty in walking, difficulty in performing fine tasks with hands (eg. Button their clothes), sphincter disturbance (sychnouria, urinary incontinence και urge to urinate) and other neurological problems.

Spinal deformity like sagittal inbalance, scoliosis and kyphosis, may cause pain, restriction on mobility and neurological problems.Dolor lumbar bajo the treatment of those conditions aim to the restoration of the normal anatomy, balance and functionof the spine, reducing with this way the pain and neurological symptoms.

Spinal deformities may occur at birth but also in later age and may be caused by infection, metabolic diseases, trauma, and other conditions. The frequency of the spinal deformities usually increases with the increasing of age. The most common types of deformities of the spine are kyphosis, scoliosis and lordosis. The most common symptoms are pain, difficulty in walking and standing, loss of balance, and a visible deformity and of the back.

For mild types of spinal malformation and when there are no severe symptoms, the treatment is conservative and includes the use of drugs, use of splint and physiotherapy.Dolor lumbar bajo more severe types with severe symptoms that do not respond to conservative treatment usually require surgical treatment.

Extradural tumors are located outside of the dura, arise from the adjacent tissues (eg. Vertebrae) and they compress the dura and spinal cord. Spine metastasis is almost always extradural and they are located in the vertebrae and in the epidural space.

Extradural tumors usually have to be removed surgically. The main target is the complete removal of the tumor without causing neurological damage, minimizing the possibility of recurrence or dissemination. For many tumors their complete removal is possible because they have clear boundaries from the adjacent neural tissue but for the others their complete removal is difficult. In these cases partial removal of the tumor is done and the residual tumor can be treated with radiation. (SRS, gamma knife)

dolor lumbar bajo

Spine tumor removal surgeries requires specialized neurosurgeons and are always done with neuromonitoring of the patient during the operation which is done by experienced neurologists-neurophysiologists.

The infections may cause by bacteria or fungus and they usually affect patients with predisposing conditions such as malnutrition, diabetes mellitus, immunodeficiency, renal failure, i.V drug use and alcoholism. Spinal infection symptoms are non-specific and the most common are fever with chill and back pain. Infections always require long-term intravenous antibiotics and very often operation for debridement and drainage of the abscess and the necrotic tissues caused by the infection but also for the stabilization of the spine.

Spine trauma may cause serious και progressively worsening injury the spinal cord or at the nerve roots, for this reason the diagnosis and the treatment should be initiated immediately on the patient’s arrival at the hospital.Dolor lumbar bajo the neurosurgical treatment may include non-invasive procedures such as cuff and cast positioning or surgery for the reduction and stabilization of the spine.

Thoracic surgery is the medical specialty that refers to any surgery performed in the chest cavity and affects organs such as the heart, lung, mediastinum (the area in the middle of the chest that includes the lymph nodes, big vessels and organs such as the thymus gland), pleura (a thin film covering the lung and the chest wall), ribs and the surrounding muscles and also the diaphragm, which is a strong muscle that enables us to breathe and separates the chest from the abdomen.

Every medical condition affecting the aforementioned organs that require surgical intervention is part of thoracic surgery but due to extreme sub specialization and the development of new techniques it is impossible for cardio-thoracic surgeons to have an efficient background and adequate technical skills to deal with all.Dolor lumbar bajo subsequently in the majority of medically advanced developed countries, thoracic surgery has separated from cardiac surgery and represents an entirely independent medical specialty.

A thoracic surgeon today is dealing with congenital, benign or malignant conditions of the chest. The role can be diagnostic (performing biopsies from the above organs), curative (surgical treatment from established medical problems) or palliative (helping to improve the life expectancy and the quality of life of end stage patients).

The number of conditions a thoracic surgeon can treat is countless. In order to achieve the standard level of experience needed they have to spend vast amounts of time reading books and papers. They also have to spend time in thoracic theatres where they have to practice and learn how to operate with safety and efficiency and at the same time adopting anything new that is beneficial to the patients.Dolor lumbar bajo

It is useful to point out that the most common and important situation that requires thoracic treatment is cancer of the lung (primary or secondary), which is top of the list of deaths from cancer in the world!

Mediastinal tumours (teratoma, thymoma, and lymphoma etc.), tumours of the pleura (mesothelioma), of the ribs (sarcoma) and also benign conditions such as pneumothorax, empyema, sternal malformations and diaphragmatic hernias represent more than 95% of the everyday practice of a thoracic surgeon.

The need to deliver a better quality of treatment pushed thoracic surgeons to sub-specialize and develop new skills and techniques that have entirely changed how thoracic surgery is performed today compared to 10 – 15 years ago.

The use of a camera and the implementation of minimally invasive and keyhole surgery for the majority of patients including the most complex cases is standard practice for most thoracic surgeons today.Dolor lumbar bajo

A thoracic surgeon is never alone in this constant fight to defeat cancer and other serious medical conditions. They are part of a chain, which consist of other medical specialties including chest physicians, oncologists, general practitioners, radiologists and pathologists who work together for the common cause which is the cure of every disease.

This is the only unit that offers cardiac surgical services in limassol. It covers the requirements of the city and the surrounding area on a permanent continuous basis, with the ability to respond immediately to any given routine or emergency referral.

The mediterranean hospital of cyprus has signed an agreement with the ministry of health regarding the provision of cardiac surgery services to public patients, enabling them to receive immediate treatment in a modern, well organised institution.Dolor lumbar bajo

The intensive care unit is staffed by intensivists continuously on a 24 – hour basis. This in combination with the modern, latest technology equipment available in ICU ensures an optimal level of function resulting in the safe and successful postoperative course of the patients.