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Absolutely, godparents are not mentioned in the bible once. The origins of godparents stems back to early christianity when persecution was common, and followers of christ had to keep their church services secret. When a new member wished to join they would not be taken to the secret church service location right away. Instead, a “godparent” would tutor the hopeful member on scripture for a number of months until that new person could be trusted. Once the new member was deemed trustworthy, their tutor would vouch for them in front of their church as the new member’s godparent. Because godparents are more or less a nice tradition now, it’s okay to create your own guidelines for choosing the godparents of your child, weather that be 4 godmothers and no godfathers or simply one godfather, it’s completely up to you.

Pastor steinberg did note that godparents are not legally recognized, for this reason he highly recommends making a will to make sure that your children are left in good hands in the event of your passing.

Here are some sample massages: make a twisting motion on the baby’s leg. To do this, use both hands above the knee cap first; shape hands in the form of a C and massage the thigh by rotating the hands in opposite rotations. Repeat this under the knee cap once finished so as not to harm the knee joint. Use your fingers to hug each little toe. Some babies don’t like the bottoms of their feet touched, but if they do try making thumb presses. Next go to the tummy. Because intestines empty on the left side of the baby’s tummy, make sure to always press the baby’s tummy from his/her right to left. Leg massages can also be used for the hands and arms. For back massages, various positions can be used if the baby is happy. These include the mother’s lap, shoulder, or on a flat surface with the support of a blanket. Finally, if the baby is comfortable enough and gives permission, move on to the face. Stroke from cheek to behind ears, from bridge of nose to cheekbones, upper jaw up to the sides, or even make little cheek circles.

Here is a list of furniture and appliances to make sure you cover: dishwasher, countertops, cabinets, stove, refrigerator, sink and faucets, bathtub and shower, bedding and mattress, washing machine, silverware, bookshelves, patio furniture, couches, tables, chairs, and other upholstery.

Use salt and soda water to clean inside refrigerators. This is also an excellent time to go through your entire fridge and get rid of all expired food. Also when you’re finished don’t forget to place an open box baking soda in both your freezer and fridge. Move your fridge away from the wall and clean all the dust built up behind it. This way you can clean the condenser coil to keep your fridge fully functioning and reunite yourself with anything you or your cat have kicked behind it.

​spring is a beautiful time. It’s the season where everything starts fresh. Why not get rid of the clutter in our hearts? Let bygones be bygones. Let go of old grudges and stressors. We are in the easter season; christ has washed away all our transgressions! Take this time to start anew and blossom like the beautiful human being that god created.