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Region – enter " USA," " JPN," or " EUR", or specific county code "FRN", "GER", "SPN", "ITL" "DUT" or "AUS". Do NOT change the region of an existing game entry. When there is a special release for a specific country, enter an appropriate abbreviation.

DSP – which sound DSP version the game is using. Do not use "unknown" if you don’t know the version. Unknown is a valid entry from nintendont’s log when it didn’t find the DSP version. If you don’t know the version, just leave it empty. You can also drag and drop the ISO into dspscan dolor lumbar pdf or search this list of NTSC dsps to obtain the dolor lumbar pdf DSP version.

Sound – whether the sound works of not. Set to works if the game has overall good sound dolor lumbar pdf with very rare on non existent garbled noises. Set to issues if the game has mixed sound issues dolor lumbar pdf (working fine in some part of the game, but some instrument/cutscene/menus don’t). Set to doesn’t work for games with constant garbled noises, incorrect or no sound at all. If the game has no sound due to audio streaming dolor lumbar pdf then mark the sound as issues and put audio streaming dolor lumbar pdf in the notes.

Status – this column is for the compatibility of the game with dolor lumbar pdf a uncompressed (1.35 GB) 1:1 disc image dump. Mark the game as " works" if the game is 98-100% compatible. Mark the game as " issues" if the game plays but may freeze or has graphical dolor lumbar pdf glitches but the game is still playable. Mark the game as " doesn’t work" if it freezes at the same point every time or dolor lumbar pdf fails to boot at all. Verify your game.Iso here. Titles that work but have any missing audio due to dolor lumbar pdf disc streaming are to be entered as works with notes dolor lumbar pdf of audio streaming. Also note that newer release versions of nintendont always take dolor lumbar pdf priority. Should you happen to find that an up to date dolor lumbar pdf nintendont breaks a game that is listed here as working dolor lumbar pdf with an older revision, mention the earlier compatible revision under notes. Make sure to include the problem in the notes if dolor lumbar pdf the game fails to boot (black screen, green screen, freezing, etc)

Options the enhancements of memory card emulation, widescreen patch, progressive patch, discex compression and gcreex (fst) are to be considered optional, and should only be tested after the game has been dolor lumbar pdf confirmed to work without these features. Do not for example, add a new title to the list as ‘doesn’t work’ having only tested the game with one of these settings dolor lumbar pdf enabled, as it’s probable the game works flawlessly without it. MCEmu (memory card emulation) – this is the game save redirection feature which uses the dolor lumbar pdf front SD instead of a gamecube memory card. Keep in mind that not all games will work with dolor lumbar pdf this patching. Enter " yes" for working, or " no" for not working. For partially working games, you can enter " issues". If you have not enabled memory card emulation, leave the field blank. Shrunk – using nintendont 4.428 or newer is recommended to use ciso format converted dolor lumbar pdf with wit (wiimms ISO tool) .The major advantage of CISO is that it removes empty dolor lumbar pdf blocks while maintaining the original file offsets, unlike shrunken isos that sometimes break; some games expect certain files to be located at an dolor lumbar pdf exact location on disc. This also preserves disc seek timing. Alternatively use dmtoolbox or the latest version of discex with dolor lumbar pdf the -c command on your verified 1:1 disc image. Note that audio streaming games need to be aligned 32k. Therefore it is recommended to use dmtoolbox with auto option dolor lumbar pdf to shrink your games. A few titles will fail to start or eventually crash dolor lumbar pdf when you compress the .Iso. Compatible games should be marked " yes", and games that do not work flawlessly after compression should dolor lumbar pdf be marked " no". You should also fill in the size of the compressed dolor lumbar pdf game.Iso ( note: dmtoolbox always displays 1.36 GB as file size, which is usually wrong. You have to check the filesize for yourself). If you have not compressed the 1:1 image, leave the comp field blank. Games that have issues with compression should have comp marked dolor lumbar pdf as " issues" wide (widescreen patch) – whether or not a game can be patched to run dolor lumbar pdf in widescreen mode. Games that fail to start or later error should be dolor lumbar pdf marked " no". If the game displays any oddities but plays without crashing, you can enter " issues". If the game itself already has a widescreen option, enter " support". If your game has a widescreen option, you can either see in the options or look it dolor lumbar pdf up in this list. If you didn’t test widescreen patch, leave the wide field blank. 480p – whether or not a game can be forced to run dolor lumbar pdf in progressive mode. If the game itself already has an 480p option, enter " support". A list of games that support 480p can be found dolor lumbar pdf here. FST – whether or not a game works in extracted (file system) mode, using the latest version of gcreex on your verified 1:1 disc image or dmtoolbox. No limit – whether or not a game works in with disabled read dolor lumbar pdf speed limiter.

Template to add a new entry {{ NIN| name = game_name | region = USA/JPN/EUR | sound = works/issues/doesn’t work | dsp = vxx | ver = v1.?? | lastver= | status = works/issues/doesn’t work | comp = yes/issues/no | size = | mcemu = yes/issues/no | wide = yes/issues/no/support | 480P = yes/issues/no/support | fst = yes/issues/no | nolimit = yes/issues/no | notes = }}

If "progressive patch" is enabled press "A" while in the post loading black screen (50/60hz ingame selector is running) to use 60hz and the image (in 480P) will show up. Widescreen patch included in nintendont not working due to missing dolor lumbar pdf gxsetprojection patching. Compress with dmtoolbox only.

Width must be set to default or else game shows dolor lumbar pdf no picture.Widescreen only works on wind waker demo,ocarina of time and majora’s mask. In ocarina of time, widescreen minorly distorts the inside of buildings that use prerendered dolor lumbar pdf graphics. Compress with dmtoolbox only.

Needs custom patch here to enable widescreen, without it the widescreen hack has no effect. Even then when enabled, many graphical elements are positioned incorrectly or stretched. 480P works on v5.486 of nintendont, however the in-game timers run 20% too fast (minigames etc): A result of running at 60hz, not 480P specifically

ONLY IF YOU ARE USING EMULATED CONTROLLERS: since you can’t switch controller ports to beat psycho mantis, you’ll have to die at least once in that fight dolor lumbar pdf (if u are using real gc controllers in the GC dolor lumbar pdf wii ports, everything is fine) more info here

ONLY IF YOU ARE USING EMULATED CONTROLLERS: since you can’t switch controller ports to beat psycho mantis, you’ll have to die at least once in that fight dolor lumbar pdf (if u are using real gc controllers in the GC dolor lumbar pdf wii ports, everything is fine) more info here

In "call kong" the V-rex may stop moving after entering a dead end, if this happen you got 2 chances either try again dolor lumbar pdf until it works or if you are in story mode dolor lumbar pdf as soon as you enter the hole move to the dolor lumbar pdf right and see a small contruction in a wall like dolor lumbar pdf a house you can enter,with some stairs on you the left and some spears dolor lumbar pdf to the right, stay there in the middle and save, exit the game and come back in and the rex dolor lumbar pdf should be inside since you saved on the next checkpoint.

Widescreen issues: characters models and items off balance from the backgrounds. Game backgrounds are 4:3 prerendered images. 480p issues: forcing 480p causes the CGI cutscenes to not show and dolor lumbar pdf stretches the screen in a way that only the top dolor lumbar pdf half of the playing field is visible.

Widescreen issues: screen does not fade outside the 4:3 frame. Needs custom patch to fix clipping. Differences between this build and the released build are explained dolor lumbar pdf here. The freeze when finishing an action stage that happens on dolor lumbar pdf console is caused by the game using an instruction that dolor lumbar pdf accesses an invalid memory address. May need force NTSC to display on some televisions. The game ID is RELSAB.

Loading with the gamecube IPL enabled results in a black dolor lumbar pdf screen. Pressing RESET during main menu results in a gray screen dolor lumbar pdf crash. Intended behavior is a hw reboot, returning you to the system menu. Needs custom patch to fix clipping with the widescreen hack.