Now he knows why old men wear suspenders archives ejercicios para discopatia lumbar

I always wondered why anyone would wear suspenders. I wore them once for awhile after a hernia operation because the pressure of a belt felt uncomfortable. I had trouble with them. They don’t put buttons on most pants to fasten them to, and most suspenders are the clip on type anyway. Sometimes one of those clips doesn’t hold tight enough, and you end up walking around with your pants twisted sideways. When that happens you have to be a Houdini to reach around behind your back and get it fastened back up. Usually you have to go to a private place and take your pants down to get everything back in shape.

Sometimes when getting out of a car, one of them will catch on the seat and come loose.

That’s always nice because you’re usually out in public when that happens so a private place is a ways off, and there are other things that happen, too. One time I got my suspenders all rigged onto my pants, and when I started to get up, I was standing on one of them. Consequently I fell on my head on the floor. I think they are inherently dangerous.

The sad truth is I seem to have lost what always held my pants up. I used to have good muscle back there, but it’s gone. I complained to Janie that my pants keep sliding down nowadays, and she said, “I told you a long time ago that it was gone.” Well that’s a fine howdy do. Where did it go? It must be because I’m not doing the heavy work I used to do.

After I had my aortic heart valve replaced, Dr. Stan Hillis told me I couldn’t heave bags of cement around anymore, and to limit myself to 60 pounds. I think that was the start of my trouble. Yep, come to think of it, I am sure it was, and then the knees I had hoped would last until I cashed in my chips finally said, “That’s it,” and gave out. I had a new set installed and that pretty well took me off of my feet for a month while I got used to walking again, and during that time I lost about 15 pounds. My legs are nice and straight now just like I requested, but I think I lost about a half an inch of height. The doctor told me that now I should lift no more than 40 pounds and that’s another setback. How is a man supposed to get himself back in shape so his pants will stay up if he can’t do some heavy work. I guess I have to pay attention, though, or these knees won’t last either.

The trouble with my pants slipping down keeps getting worse and worse. I figured what held them up had just gone on vacation for awhile, and would be back shortly, but I guess it skipped the country. I ate a lot of chocolate candy hoping to get some weight back on, and it finally worked. The trouble was that it went on my stomach, which is on the other side of my body, and that compounded the problem. My belt just naturally slid down under that, and since there was nothing to hold the other side up, I had to turn my pants up two cuffs worth to keep them from dragging on the floor. That’s another fad I don’t care to take part in at my age.

So, here I am sorting through my suspenders. Among them are a bright red pair and a multi-colored pair. I think I’ll give the red ones a try. I feel sort of down about it. The worst, I think, was Janie’s comment. She wasn’t gentle at all in discussing my problem with me, and frankly, I don’t remember her callously telling me I lost it long ago.

I’m pretty good to her, buy her candy and flowers and all, but none of that mattered. She just shot me down without mercy. Do all women get that way when they get older? I remember when she used to be so sweet and nice, and was tactful. Not anymore though. It’s tough getting old, and losing what holds your pants up.