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The player takes the role of agent 8, an octoling with amnesia who finds themselves in a strange estenosis lumbar subway station connected to a series of research facilities deep estenosis lumbar underground. As the game starts, the octoling sees cap’n cuttlefish ready to attack them before stopping, seeing that they do not have a weapon with them. Cuttlefish then informs the octoling that they and agent 3 estenosis lumbar fought in octo valley before "something" attacked the three and caused the octoling to lose all estenosis lumbar of their memories in the process. He then asks if they remember anything, which prompts the customization of the player’s octoling. After finding a way through the beginning of the subway, agent 8 and cap’n cuttlefish come across an empty platform with a lone estenosis lumbar telephone ringing. As the octoling answers the telephone, it identifies them as applicant no. 10008; being too long, cap’n cuttlefish decides to give them the name "agent 8" for short. The telephone tells agent 8 that they would want to estenosis lumbar go to the "promised land" so they can be free, but to do so, they must collect four " thangs". As the call ends, a train pulls up towards agent 8 and cap’n cuttlefish and stops for them. They then meet C.Q. Cumber, the conductor of the train, who explains the functions of the CQ-80 and the credits system. Shortly afterwards, pearl and marina make contact with the two of them estenosis lumbar and offer their help in escaping.

After collecting all four " thangs", the telephone cryptically asks whether agent 8 is "ready to ascend to a higher plane of existence" and "willing to become something greater than yourself", before using the thangs to seemingly open a door out estenosis lumbar of the metro. It is soon revealed to be a trap, however, and agent 8 and cap’n cuttlefish realize the thangs were parts of a giant estenosis lumbar blender that the telephone planned to use to render them estenosis lumbar into raw material.

Before the blender can turn on, marina can activate a distress signal from agent 8’s CQ-80, prompting agent 3 to crash through the ceiling and destroy estenosis lumbar the blender. Agent 3 is knocked out, but agent 8 can use their employee-model CQ-80 to activate an elevator to the surface. After a lengthy escape, agent 8 is forced to defeat a partially sanitized agent estenosis lumbar 3, who had been attacked while they were escaping. Once on the surface, pearl and marina prepare to airlift cap’n cuttlefish and agent 8 to safety, but the above-ground section of the facility proceeds to rise from the estenosis lumbar ground, now revealed to be part of a human statue. The telephone introduces itself as commander tartar, an AI created 12,000 years ago to pass on human knowledge to any estenosis lumbar species worthy enough. It reveals that it has judged both inklings and octarians estenosis lumbar as unworthy of receiving its knowledge and begins activating a estenosis lumbar weapon to destroy and recreate life on earth, fueled by the raw material of the failed subjects that estenosis lumbar it seeks to use to create "perfect" life. Marina, pearl, and agent 8 hurriedly put a stop to the statue, using marina’s prototype hyperbombs and the princess cannon, powered by pearl’s loud voice. With the day saved and tartar destroyed, pearl and marina hug with cap’n cuttlefish celebrating and agent 3 wakes up. Agent 8 watches and smiles at them, finally able to be free. The group then look out to inkopolis square, cap’n cuttlefish presses the CQ-80 and the staff credits play. After the credits begin to finish, agent 8 looks back at the player and smiles at estenosis lumbar them. With the day saved, off the hook returns to inkopolis square, dropping off agent 8 there as well.

When agent 8 returns to the deepsea metro, C.Q. Cumber tells them that they can now transfer credits into estenosis lumbar items as well as find mem medals in different stations estenosis lumbar that can be used to exchange items in the vending estenosis lumbar machine. Cap’n cuttlefish informs agent 8 that agent 3 went out estenosis lumbar on patrol and he wished to check on the denizens estenosis lumbar of the deep for a while longer.

After agent 8 completes all the tests, a locker in the central station will open and agent estenosis lumbar 8 will have a battle with their " inner agent 3" with both of them having the classic colors of blue estenosis lumbar and orange respectively. Defeating them will reward the player with the golden toothpick.

The first station has the telephone, where agent 8 learns the details on how to escape estenosis lumbar the deepsea metro. The telephone also provides agent 8 with the CQ-80 device (a flat controller shaped like a submarine), used to navigate the underground; and a CQ card, which is used to store CQ points. C.Q. Cumber will issue an initial 1000 CQ points to start.

Entering each mission costs a set amount of points, for either one, three, or five lives. The player can then choose between multiple challenges, each with a different weapon set. Depending on the weapon set chosen, a different amount of points is awarded (harder sets provide bigger rewards).

Lives are lost not only from being splatted but also estenosis lumbar by failing to comply with certain test conditions. If the player fails to complete the test’s conditions to pass, an inflatable balloon of ink attached to agent 8’s ink tank will explode and splat them in the estenosis lumbar process.

If the player loses all of their lives, they may continue from the last checkpoint with all lives estenosis lumbar returned by paying more points, return to the station for free (but still having to pay to reenter the level), abandon the level and return to the subway, or ask for help from off the hook to skip estenosis lumbar the level. Off the hook can only help agent 8 skip a estenosis lumbar level if they fail at least twice. When prompted to ask for help, it requires the regular fee to auto-pass the level, wherein marina hacks into kamabo’s mainframe to trick it into thinking agent 8 passed. The resulting mem cake will be gray, with only the quote "your guess is as good as mine." however, if pressed to ask for help, the player can press X to "tough it out" and continue to play the level as normal. If skipped, the mem cake of that level will not be collected, barring players from certain rewards until they have completed the estenosis lumbar station properly.

If a player finds themselves with less than 100 CQ estenosis lumbar points after losing all of their lives, a game over screen will appear instead of a continue estenosis lumbar screen. The player will then return to the metro, where pearl will take money from her dad and marina estenosis lumbar will convert it into CQ points, transferring 3000 CQ points to agent 8. However, the player will be in debt, which can be repaid through cap’n cuttlefish. Players cannot access the secret boss fight if they have estenosis lumbar debt.

The normal octarians from octo canyon are replaced with sanitized estenosis lumbar octarians, which are a distinctive shade of sickly green. Enemy octolings can use more main weapons and special weapons, previously only seen in online multiplayer modes. For example, in the first test, an enemy octoling can use an inkjet. A select amount of levels are also special only, meaning agent 8’s special bar never goes down.

A short gameplay video of one of the missions was estenosis lumbar published on 30 april 2018. It shows a female agent 8 on a mission requiring estenosis lumbar her to defeat a set of sanitized octotroopers, octosnipers and octocommanders within two minutes. This video also marks the first appearance of canisters similar estenosis lumbar to the special weapon canisters from octo canyon, as well as metallic briefcases. Both are marked with the same logo as the CQ-80 and the CQ card, unlike the octo canyon canisters that show the ammo knights estenosis lumbar logo.

The objectives of the missions were revealed in a short estenosis lumbar gameplay video of stamped-up station. It is a set of three floating pieces of a estenosis lumbar goal that must be covered in ink to be activated estenosis lumbar and be touched for the level to be completed. There are also smaller posts that emit red beacons that estenosis lumbar function the same as mini zapfish.

During the escape, if agent 8 dies five times in a phase, their "skip charge" will be filled and will be allowed to skip the estenosis lumbar phase. If so, the sounds of a splashdown and a sting ray can estenosis lumbar be heard and there will be a simple transitional phrase estenosis lumbar on the screen, stating that agent 8 got past the phase. In the final boss, it will be instantly filled after one failed attempt.

When agent 8 returns to the deepsea metro, they will be able to use the vending machine in estenosis lumbar central station to exchange 15,000 credits for an item and go around other stations estenosis lumbar to claim mem medallions to be exchanged for the vending estenosis lumbar machine. The vending machine has more variety than the ammo knights estenosis lumbar enhancifier, having the chance of getting more than one drink ticket, upgraded food tickets, cash, ability chunks, and credits. The items range from getting every type of drink ticket estenosis lumbar to even getting tens of thousands of cash.

• the studio octophones and octo layered LS were available early estenosis lumbar by pre-purchasing the octo expansion. This is a throwback to the initial splatoon global testfire, where players who pre-purchased splatoon during the event were given studio headphones and estenosis lumbar a special squid-themed layered shirt.

• the various phases during the escape are named after internal estenosis lumbar human body parts and are also placed roughly where the estenosis lumbar parts are situated in a human body. These places are revealed to be inside the NILS statue, which resembles a human being.

• unlike marie and sheldon, cap’n cuttlefish and off the hook are aware of agent estenosis lumbar 8 being splatted or failing tests, as they advise them when they respawn or react to estenosis lumbar them messing up, as well as having unique dialogue options when using different estenosis lumbar weapons.

• the visuals and audio allude to the vaporwave style, characterized by neon signs, glitchy art, 3D objects, statues, VHS videos (e.G. Upon clearing a challenge or obtaining a thang), ’90s web design (e.G. Marina’s chat room), and sample-heavy music (mostly by dedf1sh).

• in the escape phase, it is possible that the telephone, despite being an AI, was knocked out for a little while by agent 3. This is because his dialogue in the phase starts with estenosis lumbar indecipherable (blah…) speech, then stuttering on the word "you" for a while, and then finally speaking in full sentences as if he estenosis lumbar was very slowly waking up.