Organic buckwheat hulls mattress – eco health lab hernia de disco lumbar tratamiento

I bought the buckwheat hull mattress and the neck bolster from My back feels very supported by the mattress, unlike a regular spring mattress where it feels like it is sinking and unsupported. Love the bolster, allows my whole body to lie correctly and supports my neck. The mattress rolls up easily so is nice and simple to use which I really like. Got a lavender buckwheat pillow as an extra gift and it has a beautiful relaxing smell, especially for sleeping. Martyna at eco health lab was very helpful with the order. I will buy from the website again. Emma, Co. Louth, Ireland

I am so happy with my mattress and pillows ! Thank you ECOHEALTHLAB (Martyna), Your customer service is excellent, amazing.

I am so grateful that you communicated so quickly with us and helped us understand our hernia discal lumbar ejercicios prohibidos options so articulately. All of the fabrics you use, the linen, the organic cotton are beautiful. Such high quality.

The mattress immediately made my back feel better. Especially my lower back. My body is completely supported. It’s comfortable on so many levels that it’s challenging to describe. The buckwheat pillow supports my head and neck. It feels like there is air under my head. (other buckwheat pillows have felt kind of like a brick – but yours does not) I also love that it does not trap the heat from my head.

I am amazed at how estenosis lumbar sintomas worthwhile the investments have been to get our bed in the healthiest shape we could after years of discomfort and painful mornings. The buckwheat husk mattress is exactly what I was hoping for, undyed, unbleached, breathing, feel surrounded by nature. I ordered an additional mattress like this but a bigger size, wonderful customer service. The fabric feels to the body as if it gives energy back- that provides us with the sense of revitalization. The effect of these fabrics on our living environment encouraged us to get rid of every synthetic thing in our home. Borislava L., Renton, United States

I ordered two organic buckwheat mattresses several months ago, however, I purposefully waited a while before I wrote this review so that I could provide better feedback. I loved the mattresses the first night we slept on them, and still love them months later.

They are not very thick- maybe 2 inches- but super radiografia de columna lumbosacra dieta comfortable. The rows are well stuffed with hulls so you get firm support, but not so hard that it’s uncomfortable. I am a slender bony build and have no issues with hot spots. My husband tends to sleep hot, and he found these mattresses cool for sleep.

We have co-slept as a family, which meant someone got the gap between the two mattresses, and that was no problem as the gap is minimal. Have also slept sideways, so the rolls were vertical vice the intended horizontal, and this was also comfortable. I have a young child, hence all the crazy sleep positions.

While certainly an investment, I find the price for such estenosis lumbar ejercicios a well-made organic product to be fair. In fact, we are considering purchasing another. In addition, when one considers that the mattresses should last a lifetime, with potentially only a refill of new hulls at some point, then the cost is actually quite a bargain.

1. Before taking the plunge and ordering, I had several extensive email exchanges with the company owner. She was very responsive and thoroughly answered each of my questions one by one. I also called the US number listed on the website and spoke with the owner’s sister, who while not as knowledgeable on the specifics of the mattress, was super friendly and pointed me in the right direction. Namely, to email the owner directly.

3. I had been concerned about proper packaging as the mattresses should not get wet and one never knows what elements shipping boxes are exposed to enroute. But the owner promised it would be packaged well, and she did not disappoint. The outside of the box was shrink wrapped and the inner contents had a plastic film covering as well, as one can see in the pictures. One corner of the box was a little wet (I live in a very rainy state) but the escoliosis izquierda inside was dry!

4. The mattress is not in the cover when shipped, but it’s not difficult to slip it in and zip it close. One of the concerns I had before ordering was that there would be residue from the hulls slipping through the mattress and/or cover. Not the case! After four months of daily use, to include rolling/unrolling the mattress every day…no mess. I unzipped the cover to check, and no hulls have slipped through the mattress itself either. The material is a thick, sturdy, tight dolor lumbar izquierdo causas weave. The picture shows how the mattress fits into the cover and one just needs to zip close.

5. I ordered two twin size mattresses with the intent to lay them next to each other. The owner had the great idea to create covers which zip together. Brilliant! This was a special order, hence the reason my order took longer to prepare. In the picture you can see how the two covers zip together.

6. Each twin size mattress is 38 x 75 inches. On arrival, however, the mattress only measured 72 inches long. Over time some lengthening has occurred, approximately 1.5 inches have been gained due to the natural settling of the hulls. If we order again, I will probably request one extra tube in length simply because I am 5’9” and a little extra length is always nice. As we are using the mattresses on the floor the slightly shorter length has not been an issue. We sleep with a fitted top sheet so it’s possible that this has prevented the hulls estenosis lumbar tratamiento in the tubes from completely settling and achieving the complete twin length.

7. We received pillows as a surprise extra gift. Love these as well. The pillows are filled with a good amount of hulls, so they are not flat, but rather, almost as thick as a standard polyfill pillow. There is however, still enough give that you can really nestle your head in. The combination of pillow and mattresses makes for superior sleep. In fact, my four-year-old daughter exclaimed on a recent trip after a night in a hotel, that she missed her buckwheat mattresses!

8. For those concerned that the mattress and/or pillow sleeps noisy due to rustling hulls, we have not found that to be the case. The mattress is tightly filled with hulls so really doesn symptoms of herniated lumbar disk’t rustle at all. The pillows are not as filled, so you can hear a faint rustle when you shift, but nothing we have found to be annoying.

10. As I mentioned above, we sleep with a fitted sheet over the mattresses. The covers can be washed, but changing a sheet regularly seemed like a better option, so this is what we have elected to do. We also purchased wool blankets to lay on top of the mattresses but underneath the sheet to protect from any accidents. We do have a small child sleeping on the mattress after all. I have washed the pillow cases on cold and hung them to dry. No shrinkage and they dried soft. I have also washed the mattress covers once, also on cold, and hung to dry. No shrinkage, was able to put the mattresses back in the cover without issue.

I just want to thank you so very much and especially for those wonderful gifts! Everything is amazing! My queensize mattress is beautiful and the craftsmanship dolor cadera izquierda y zona lumbar is top notch! And I just love the smell of everything, the mattress, the cervical neck pillow, the lumbar pillow, the buckwheat pillow with lavender I love, love, love and that linen pillow with cherry stones just all the finest quality and I can not wait to try out the night shades! Everything came on the day you said it would preparacion para radiografia de columna lumbosacra without any damage and many notifications from UPS. This is one of the best investments I have made for my health because it is so important to have quality sleep and to me that means the finest quality material (That beautiful 100% undid and unbleached high quality, GOATS certified, organic cotton), which means ECO HEALTH LAB! Money well spent! Martina thank you for being so kind and the great customer service because every time I would call or e-mail you which was a lot of times, you always responded and answered any concerns or questions I had. I am so excited about my purchases from your company and thanks again for the wonderful gifts! Can not wait to tell people I know about your wonderful products at ECO HEALTH LAB!