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Where do I even start. The loose dog running down the highway? The two dogs found on the coldest night of the week with no food or water? The three cats found wearing collars huddled together in a school yard? The scared house cat found under a bush? The sweet pitti running loose, lost and confused in zero-degree weather? The poor cat injured at a recycling center? The call for help with a cat hoarding situation?

So the good news is the happy, goofy lab found running down the side of Route 17 is just fine! He is a big boy who loves everyone he meets (which tells us he once had a loving home). Sadly, we have not been able to find his owners, and no one has come looking for him. How dolor de lumbares he found himself running down the side of a busy highway will remain one of those mysteries.

Enter Wiggle Butt, a young pitti found running loose in a local neighborhood in ZERO degrees! But this girl is smart — she turned on her charms for the first person she found out in the freezing temperatures, who called our local animal control officer. As of now, her owner still hasn’t been found.

If the dogs weren’t keeping us busy enough, let’s talk cats! How did three sweet, very young cats wearing bell collars find themselves huddled together for warmth in 5-degree weather outside one of our local schools? Were they lost? Dumped? Did they follow their family’s children to school, and no one noticed? If ever you wished cats could talk! Luckily, they were spotted and scooped up before hypothermia or frostbite could set in. We are searching for their owners but, so far, we aren’t having any luck. Sadly, none of them are microchipped.

Now let’s talk radiografia columna lumbar about Cole, a sweet, biscuit-making kitty who was found by a man out walking his dog. At first the man thought nothing of seeing the cat underneath the bush as he walked by with his dog. But when the cat was still there on his return trip, he knew something wasn’t right. So he took his dog home and walked back to the bush and Cole was still there meowing. The kind man scooped up Cole and brought him to us. Thanks to Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley, we may have found his owners. They are on vacation but contacted us right away, believing that Cole is actually Eric and has been missing since November. Everyone please think good thoughts that we might have a happy reunion taking place very soon!

Sadly, not all of our days have happy endings. Some days we get there too late to save them. To the kitty injured at the recycling center, we are sorry we couldn’t save you, but know that in that short moment of time you touched our hearts and, if nothing more, we ended your suffering. Though we only knew you for a few minutes, we hope you understood the kindness of strangers who tried so hard and who will not soon forget you.

We ended our week with a call for help from our friends over at Ani-Mall Pet Hospital. They had been made aware of a hoarding situation in Sullivan County, where the caregiver had been put in the hospital leaving thirty cats in the house with no one to care for them! Twenty of the cats are now at Ani-Mall receiving much-needed vet care for severe upper respiratory infections, parasites and fleas. To start, six of these sweet angels will be coming to Pets Alive with the hope that, as we are able to find them loving homes, we will be able to take more from this sad situation and finally give them the lives they deserve — loved and spoiled.

Racing against time, we worked diligently with one of our transport partners, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC, who transported dozens of animals from an animal shelter in Tennessee. The shelter’s Director was arrested on charges of animal hernia lumbar ejercicios prohibidos cruelty last month, and was subsequently fired by the shelter’s board of directors. Since that time, 3 others associated with the case were also arrested hernia discal lumbar on animal cruelty charges. Overcrowded conditions at the shelter led to an unsanitary and unhealthy situation for the animals. In late December, a newly hired Director of the no-kill facility sought help to reduce the animal population through transports to other shelters and adoptions.

The timing of the transport was tricky. It was wedged between a minor snow storm Wednesday evening as Brother Wolf’s transport van drove through the night to arrive at Pets Alive on Thursday morning prior to winter storm Harper bearing down on the Northeast this weekend. Fifteen dogs found a home at Pets Alive and are now on the mend from living in deplorable conditions. They will be available for adoption in early February.

Eight shepherd-mix young dogs were huddled together, looking fearful but relieved to be in the warmth of a spacious kennel. They came in at the last minute and Pets Alive agreed to take these scared pups. Four of them are pictured here hanging out in the corner of their kennel shortly after they arrived at Pets Alive.

We continue to assess each dog’s medical condition and are working to acclimate them to their new surroundings. Each dog will require vaccinations, microchips, deworming, blood work, spay/neuter and a lot of tender loving care. This will cost us several thousand dollars. Won’t you help us care for these precious animals so they heal? There are several ways to help:

My second wish is for Nala. You see Santa, Nala is breaking Ms. Becky’s heart. Nala is the victim of divorce and, instead of her family fighting for her, they gave her up. Now this slightly grey-in-the-muzzle 11 year old is finding herself spending the holidays in a kennel instead of sleeping in front of a fireplace surrounded by family. She is the perfect girl, loves everyone she meets, both human and canine, but so many people come in looking for puppies or young dogs. Ms. Becky worries that Nala is going to get overlooked because of a few grey hairs. Santa, could you please bring a family for Nala who will appreciate the love of a senior pet. Speaking as a senior myself, I can tell you we have a special kind of love to share with our families.

Santa, my third and last wish this year is for Ms. Becky and Pets escoliosis lumbar Alive. 2018 marks the 30 th year Pets Alive has been in operation, and it has been an amazing 30 years with many ups and some downs. Ms. Becky sometimes worry how we will make it through even one more month, especially when one of us gets sick or something breaks (and given how long we have been around and how old our buildings are, lots of things break). Ms. Becky and everyone at Pets Alive has been working hard, and right now something special is happening: When someone donates to our general animal care fund, a wonderful couple will make a matching donation to our kennel building project fund up to $250,000! So Santa, if you could please spread the word about this amazing opportunity for all of us at Pets Alive, we know it will help guide the way to our next 30 years.

1,698 days. That’s how long Leon has been waiting for just the right family to come along and make him their very own. This sweet, big boy was found wandering in the backyard of two of our volunteers.They knew right away that the handsome boy was lost or, worse, had been abandoned by his family. The search began to try and find his owners, but after a few weeks and no luck, they dolor lumbar pdf had no choice but to bring Leon to Pets Alive.

Now more than four years later, Leon is still waiting for a special family to pick him. Do you have a soft spot for sleek handsome boys? Enjoy little love nibbles? Willing to share your pillow each night? If you answered yes to any of those questions, Leon is the man for you!

Please donate to Pets Alive so we can continue to provide a safe landing spot and loving environment for strays in need. A donation today to our GENERAL ANIMAL CARE FUND will receive a matching donation towards our KENNEL BUILDING PROJECT thanks to our very special supporters Joe and Kelly Sicari.

Not every dog who comes to Pets Alive is socialized and ready for adoption. We also take in very shy animals who have had little or no human contact. That’s the backstory of Laura, part of a litter of 8 puppies from North Carolina. With much training and patience on the part of Pets Alive staff and volunteers, all but three of the hound mixes have been adopted since 2011. Laura is now ready to find her forever home, too!

Wanda wanted to make a difference in another dog’s life, so she returned to Pets Alive in 2017 and offered to foster Laura. She couldn’t bear the thought of Brandi’s remaining siblings spending the rest of their lives at the shelter. By bringing Laura home and working on her socialization skills, the family’s goal was to help the shy girl get her own happily ever after.

Before the Vogels could foster Laura, they committed to getting to know her better, traveling from their home an hour away to spend some 10 weekends at Pets Alive — a couple of hours each time — to get Laura used to walking on a leash and being around them. After several months, Laura went home with dolor lumbar causas the Vogels to continue her training.

Since summer of 2017, the transformation has been remarkable. “Laura started as a little lady who couldn’t tolerate touch to one who will let us pet and scratch her,” says Wanda. “She is still shy, even around us, so we are careful to not startle her. She will tolerate a bath, brushing and wiping muddy paws. She wants to be in the same room but is not ready to join you on the couch — yet. She loves to walk, and walks beautifully on a leash now.”

As for the best home for the girl? “I think she would blossom in a quieter home with no children, someone or a couple who are okay that she won’t be a cuddler right away, a home with or without other animals,” Wanda says. “I just look into those soft brown eyes and see the gentle old soul inside and I know she deserves a family.”

While it won’t be easy to let Laura go, the Vogels say her placement in a forever home will allow them to foster another shy pup. “I tear up whenever I think about it,” says Wanda. “But I know that the dolor lumbar y pierna izquierda right person to adopt her will give her a great life. Then we take Laura’s brother or sister and start again.”

Please donate to Pets Alive so we can continue to provide a safe landing spot and loving environment for strays in need. A donation today to our GENERAL ANIMAL CARE FUND will receive a matching donation towards our KENNEL BUILDING PROJECT thanks to our very special supporters Joe and Kelly Sicari.

Hercules – a Roman hero and god known for his strength and many adventures! Our Hercules was found running on the streets of Middletown, NY over a year ago. We will never really know what adventures Hercules had before finding safety at Pets Alive, but we do know his adventures were not kind to him. Underweight and dirty, we can only imagine Hercules did not fair well on his last adventure on the streets. But his strength for survival never wavered!

Now up to a healthy weight, he is flexing his muscles and has become an all-star at agility and basic commands. Hercules, being the hero and god he is, does need a home where he can be the center of attention. You know heroes don’t like to share the spotlight. So if you think you have the muscle and stamina to keep up with a real live hero, we have just the boy for contractura lumbar duracion you!

Please donate to Pets Alive so we can continue to provide a safe landing spot and loving environment for strays in need. A donation today to our GENERAL ANIMAL CARE FUND will receive a matching donation towards our KENNEL BUILDING PROJECT thanks to our very special supporters Joe and Kelly Sicari.

Paris slowly started to grow and feel more comfortable in her new, safe surroundings of the Pets Alive Kitten Nursery, but still a shy girl who was not sure of the humans who were trying to fuss over her. Adopters would come and go, and Paris would watch as her feline friends left to start new lives with their rx de columna lumbosacra new families.

Paris turned four this year….please don’t let Paris turn five at Pets Alive. We know there is a family out there for her, searching for a calm, slightly plump girl to complete their home. We love our Weather Girl Paris, but we dream and hope every single day that her family will walk through that door and give her her happily ever after in a home to call her own.

Help Paris, one of our 12 Strays of Christmas, find her happily ever after this holiday season. Can’t adopt at this time? Share her story. AND GREAT NEWS! Paris is one of three animals that have been chosen by a supporter who will donate half of Paris’ adoption fee! So your adoption fee is 50% off!

Please donate to Pets Alive so we can continue to provide a safe landing spot and loving environment for strays in need. A donation today to our GENERAL ANIMAL CARE FUND will receive a matching donation towards our KENNEL BUILDING PROJECT thanks to our very special supporters Joe and Kelly Sicari.