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Physiotherapy is physiotherapeutic system of medicine which includes examination treatment, advice and instructions to any person preparatory to or for the purpose of or in connection with movement dysfunction, bodily malfunction, physical disorder, disability, healing and pain from trauma and disease, physical and mental conditions using physical agents including physical agents including exercise, mobilization, manipulation, mechanical and electrotherapy, activity and devices of diagnosis treatment and prevention.

The commonly used phrase ‘health is wealth’ has gone through a total reversal as for now wealth is all what is considered as health. In this world of total anxiety and stress due to the heavy workload, chronic health problems have become common among the masses.Problemas lumbares abnormal lifestyles, consistent exposure to computer screens sitting in absurd postures for long hours has given birth to neck pains. Due to the weird routine the people are following, this pain has become common among the masses, disc problems and trapped nerves being some of the major cases.

Irritations caused due to the chronic neck pain are not just limited to the neck; this pain is often accompanied by weakness, tingling in the hands, arms and shoulders as well. Besides this there are many other side effects associated with the neck pains. The most vital way of eradicating this pain is a physiotherapy treatment which is the best cure to the neck pain which is also called as the cervical pain. As physiotherapy’s standards are incomparable, we at extra care physiotherapy pvt.Problemas lumbares ltd. Are well aware about the management of the neck pain. From mild to intense neck pains, we treat the root cause not just the symptoms. This pain not only disturbs the neck but other parts of the body as well. In such a case stiffness and soreness in the neck is often complained by the people. The major causes behind the inculcation of the cervical pains are observed to be trauma and muscle imbalances, stiffness in the neck is mainly caused due to abnormal positioning of the muscles, ligaments and joints. Our teams of physical therapists are blessed with rich experience to determine the root cause of the neck pain, unlike others we not only treat symptoms but also eliminate your pain through our method of physiotherapy that best cures this chronic ailment.Problemas lumbares our professionals by making use of highly advanced equipments eradicate the root cause and bring the victims of the neck pain back to a life, free of hurdles.

Arthritis, the commonly known joint disorder is caused due to multiple reasons; it basically leads to pain in the joints along with certain kind of disturbances and inflammation in the joints. Joint pains are frequently accompanied with arthritis which is of numerous kinds; the ranges can vary from wear and tear of cartilage to over reactive immune system which is rheumatoid arthritis leading to inflammation.

Rheumatoid arthritis causes are unknown; a worldwide active research is going on in this case. The symptoms of arthritis come and go; they prevail till the disease is active and then they become inactive for a short period of time. The best way to overcome this disease and to restore movements is with physiotherapy procedures, though there is a lot of confusion prevailing about arthritis, physical therapists are the best way to get hold on the pain.Problemas lumbares we, at extra care physiotherapy carefully understand your pain and also take care that the techniques and activities implemented on you is under strict guidance. To eliminate the symptoms of aching joints, popping or clicking sensations, do not go for temporary and home derived treatments, all you need to do is to consult physical experts who will best work to determine the cause of the symptoms and will rehabilitate injuries by tackling them. Age, genetics, weight, previous injuries or infections are some of the factors that can make you the victim of arthritis. Some of our basic aims at extra care physiotherapy are to make the people suffering from this disease independent by reducing their pain with the help of advanced machineries and equipments that will improve your physical movements.Problemas lumbares our physical experts give vital advice and personally encourage the patients to exercise that leads to strengthening muscle power. Our services and treatments are offered in the most cost effective way, we believe that our dedication tied with your efforts can beat this disorder.

Spinal cord is one of the most fragile and most prominent parts in our body; any damage to it can make us bedridden. The most chronic aliment that is often observed related to the spinal cord is slip disc or in simple words the rupturing of shock absorbers. Spine bones are said to be layered on one another and the discs are kind of beds or shock absorbers which are placed between the disc.

Though the disc do not slip but they do split or rupture and this failure leads to the gel or fluid to run into the other tissues present in the arrangement of spine and disc and this is the main cause behind this ailment as fluid that is released creates pressure on the spinal cord or on the nerves causing pain in the damaged disc or the area which falls under the influence of the affected nerve. This ailment that does cause a lot of trouble can best be cured by a connective tissue manipulation and mackenzie exercise regime treatment that reduces the tension around the spine and changes the mechanism of the disc helping it return to the normal position and thus resolving the problem and reducing the ongoing pain. This ailment can best be treated with regular physiotherapy treatment which helps in regaining the vitality of the discs that act like cushions.Problemas lumbares slip disc is not just limited to the neck or spine, it can also occur in your back. Since there is a widespread network of nerves in our spine this can lead to the propagation of pain to the nearby areas as well. Some of the most common symptoms of ruptured disc are numbness, moderate to severe pain, tingling or weakness in the neck, shoulder, arms and hands and the same sensation can be felt in the back legs and feet. Extra care physiotherapy being one of the leading providers of cost effective physiotherapy treatment and services treat its patients in a comfortable environment that revitalize him of his ailment. Our teams of professional experts carefully listen to the patients and understand their problems, we then personally recognize their pain and by making use of our years of experience, we cure our patients in the best possible way.Problemas lumbares

One of the most common ailments suffered by a large amount of people in today’s fast, hectic and workaholic world is muscular pain. It is a very common pain that engages more than one muscle at a single point of time. This pain gets totally unbearable when it is accompanied by the pain in tendons, ligaments and cartilages. Muscular pain, also referred as ‘myalgia’ is a symptom of several disorders and diseases as it brings with it a little amount of fever which works as an alarm for us to know that there is something that needs to be fixed or correctly healed. There can be endless reasons that may result in pain in your muscles but some of the most prominent reasons can be fatigue, rare activity and activities in long stretch. Muscles are present everywhere in our body hence a person can experience all types of muscular pains, be it in the neck, upper back or lower back.Problemas lumbares once the cause is known the pain can be easily eliminated and can be shunned in the near future as well.

Physiotherapy is the best treatment for all the ones who are the victims of muscular pain. Our experts at extra care physiotherapy after thoroughly understanding your problems devise the various physiotherapy exercises that work to heal the pain in your muscles, they even conduct the tests to check the causes behind the occurrence of the muscular pain and further come up with assessments that are made on the basis of the results drawn .The experts have rich knowledge about muscular pains and their treatments. The treatment given by us is highly reliable and cost effective, is low on pockets but has a high impact.

Has your body lost its flexibility?Problemas lumbares are your joints hurting? Have you narrowed down all your physical work? If the only answer to all these questions is a yes, then you are surely suffering from arthralgia or joint pain. Joints play a major role in making your body flexible, it is the presence of the joints in our body that assists us in multitasking and also helps us perform the day to day activities without any difficulties. Each bone of our human body has joints such as the legs have knee joint, arms have elbow joint and so on and so forth. If these joints in our body start hurting the person might find difficulty in performing his daily chores with maximum potential. Joint pain usually occurs due to injuries which make the ligaments, bursae or tendons which are near to the joints to suffer.Problemas lumbares ligaments, cartilage and bones in the joints are also affected by the joint pain, whatever may be the cause of the joint pain,it is unbearable. The best way in which you can deal with this pain is by going through regular physiotherapy treatments that will work to break the stiffness in your joints and will provide you with instant relief. We, at extra care physiotherapy have a team of experienced experts that will work best to cure your this ailment, the treatment will begin with the enquiring about the pain and after our therapists analyze all the symptoms they will reach out to a conclusion on basis of which they will begin with the therapy sessions. The treatment given by us is harmless and the most trusted and cost effective.

There is nothing possible without machines in our lives, in today’s world machines have become indispensable as they lend great aid in making any task easy and valid.Problemas lumbares there are numerous machines and equipments which are used in the treatment of various diseases and our experts at extra care physiotherapy believe in giving both manual as well as mechanical remedy of the diseases. The equipments that are put to use in the physiotherapy helps the patients to recover from the ailments. It’s not just the machines and instruments that support the healing process but also the furniture integrated in our clinic makes the person feel comfortable on his visit. Our physiotherapy equipments like chair couch, table aim to provide relaxation and reduce pain which occurs during the healing of joints, muscles and nerves. When patients come for examination and diagnosis, he is made to relax on a fully cushioned and adjustable flat bench with head support which can be adjusted in various angles and degrees at the time of a check up and also used during the physical therapy sessions for massage.Problemas lumbares weights are also employed while exercising hands, legs etc.

Our physiotherapy sessions also motivate the patients to engage exercise balls and elastic bands .In order to tackle strain in the back and spine, large ball filled with air and integrated stool is put to use. Without any cut medications below the skin are given using electrotherapy and ultrasound machines. These machines and several other machines used for the treatment hold lot of prominence to the physiotherapists. Extra care physiotherapy aims to provide vital treatment to the patients with full reliability and accountability

Have you ever experienced a cramp, a muscle pull or a displaced bone while playing? If yes, then you must be fully aware of the crises you must have gone through at that moment.Problemas lumbares the pain you had experienced back then must have aggravated at the point when you got to realize that you are no more in a position to play your favorite sport ever again. It is a total heart ache, when you are injured while you are playing as even the winning turns into a painful affair. To handle you through such a situation we at extra care physiotherapy have made an excellent mark in the field of providing physical therapy and courses for sports injuries. Our learnt therapists engage in providing suggestions and treatments related to rehabilitation of the various injuries, diseases and disorders. Sports physiotherapy as the name suggests is a specialized field of physiotherapy that deals with injuries and issues related to sports professionals.Problemas lumbares our experts not only conduct research and have a deep understanding of the areas of problems but they also help in the process of recovery coupled by providing education and resources to prevent problems. Extra care physiotherapy provides therapies to people of all age groups involved in sports at any level of competition. Our physicians and trainers who are practicing sport s therapy have ample information about the injuries suffered by sports professionals. The treatment begins with the face to face session with the injured; the discussion gives a complete understanding of the problem which gives way to the best rehabilitation plan to start with the course.

Nervous system plays a very prominent role in our body; it regulates our senses and keeps us and our brain in a normal state.Problemas lumbares nervous system is the network which is widespread in our entire body, which assists our various organs to communicate with each other and if any complications occur in conveying of a message this leads to neurological disorders that steal away our senses. This is more devastating than a disconnection of a phone line while you are talking to your loved one. Normal functioning of the nervous system is very vital for human survival, though the brain and spinal cord are surrounded by tough membrane packed in the bones of the skull and the vertebrae, the nerves lie deep under our skin and are prone to electrochemical and structural imbalances. The causes vary by disorders and by individual cases but genetic disorders congenital abnormalities, injuries, lifestyle and environmental factors cannot be avoided.Problemas lumbares

Extra care physiotherapy provides the best physiotherapy treatments that have the potential to heal a wide range of neurological ailments. Our experts with their years of experience and dedication, study various neurological symptoms of the patients after which they begin with the treatment which is refined to your needs. The physical therapy healing totally relies on the condition of the patient and the symptoms which will ensure about the physical potentials that can be achieved. Our neurological treatment offers various treatments such as mobility treatment, muscle, functional, spasticity, sensory and fatigue treatment. Extra care physiotherapy is the best in treating its patients and offering them a life free of ailments.