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Jose has been a practicing Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist for over symptoms of herniated lumbar disk 28 years. Jose spent 9 years as the Director of Athletic Performance at Polar Electro where he was in the first wave of sport scientists that were able to use HRV outside of a clinical setting.

He has dedicated his life to help other rediscover their best self! He currently spends his time teaching and consulting on well-being, performance and incorporating mindful attention training as a foundational principle. His clients include large columna vertebral lumbar health plans and hospitals, high performing organizations like Clif Bar and the juvenile justice system, as well as several college athletic programs and UFC competitors. HRV for Elite Climbing Performance with Aman from Beast Fingers

At Beast Fingers Climbing, we have sought to build into our products and future products an ecosystem that supports adaptability and progress. We strive to design the best, well-thought finger and hand training and recovery dolor lumbar cronico tools that yield results. Dave Korsunsky on Tracking your Health Data to Optimize Your Wellness

Heads Up Health was founded by a team of health-conscious technology experts on the simple concept that escoliosis sintomas being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. We saw a world of disjointed medical records, underutilized health tracking technologies and abundant, but poorly managed, health data. We felt that intelligent software could provide the perfect solution.

In this episode, Stephen Robinson of EVENPULSE joins us to discuss the use of the BASE-R Method training for stress mitigation and improved human resilience for high performers in many industries including police, fire, military, and business radiografia columna lumbar. We also talk about the role of HRV in achieving self-mastery and different recovery tactics for stress regulation. How to: Long-Term Success With Ketogenic Diets w/ Alessandro Ferretti

In this episode, Alessandro Ferretti joins us to discuss a ketogenic diet (lifestyle), what a “healthy” keto diet looks like, chronobiology of eating windows, the top three reasons a keto diet fails, and much more in this hernia de disco lumbar ejercicios contraindicados rich episode. We also get caught up on Alessandro’s latest research and get advice on how to have long-term success with a ketogenic lifestyle. Opioids, Addiction, Autonomic Health with Dr. Ron Gharbo

Dr. Gharbo has been using HRV for many years to successfully help people recover from addiction dolor lumbar lado izquierdo and improve autonomic nervous system health and strength. In this episode, he shares some of his unique experience in the field using HRV. Video Interview: HRV on HVMN

Don steals the show again with 10 life principles he’s used to develop gold medal athletes. These apply to you whether you are trying to win a championship or just live a happier, healthier, fitter life. We cover grit, flow, emotional intelligence, resilience, energy conditioning, strength, movement, and skills: tactical, life, and technical. Data for Athletes and Sport Science dolor lumbar tratamiento with Alan Couzens

You are likely falling behind if you aren’t looking at certain data for athlete training and development. Alan Couzens shares his expertise integrating software and data analysis into both recreational training and elite level sport. Biomechanics and Foundation Training with Dr. Eric Goodman

In this podcast episode, Dr. Eric Goodman of Foundation Training shares deep thoughts and tips about biomechanics, complacent adaptations, how to decompress the body, and activate the right muscles, joints and tissues in life dolor lumbar izquierdo causas and in sport. Final Surge Podcast

Check out the episode “Truly Optimize Health and Performance with Heart Rate Variability” on the Beyond Your Wildest Genes podcast. Dr. Noah De Koyer and guests Jason Moore from Elite HRV and Greg Elliott from G-Tech Health discuss how to use HRV for contractura lumbar tiempo de recuperacion optimizing health and performance. The Pillars of Athlete Monitoring with Don Moxley

Ever wonder what metrics correlate with world estenosis lumbar severa championship performance? Don Moxley, sport scientist at The Ohio State University, shares details about the exact tests he uses that have contributed to national titles and gold medals with his athletes. Theory to Practice with Keith Norris

Keith brings muscle, brains, and pragmatism to the quest for health and performance. His simple but effective tips for exercise, health, and business could easily boost your results in all dolor lumbar y mareos three areas. Ali Fitness Podcast: Informed Training Decisions with Jason Moore of Elite HRV

So you’re having ‘one of those days.’ Your body is telling you it needs rest, but your instinct as a dedicated athlete is to push through and follow your training schedule regardless. The truth is, your long-term health can suffer from ignoring hernia de disco lumbar the body’s need to recover, and there is a tangible way to measure your readiness via heart rate variability.

We talk blood work, hormone and cortisol testing, stool testing, and how to make better decisions given certain lab results. Join me in this great discussion with Chris Kelly of Nourish Balance Thrive! Integrative Wellness, Muscle-Organ Connection with Dr. Stephen Gangemi

Dr. Steve, the Sock Doc, shares a journey of integrating systems within the body. Connecting the nervous system to organs, muscles, bone, connective preparacion para radiografia de columna lumbosacra tissue and more, Dr. Steve has developed a practice around a concept he calls Systems Health Care – Integrative Wellness.