Project estenosis lumbar white knight

Truck is a 1998 ford F-150 with a 4.2L essex V6. She rolled off the norfolk, VA assembly line in oct 1997 and was brought home estenosis lumbar tratamiento by my dad in july of 1998. M5OD-R2 manual transmission, 60/40 vinyl split bench seat, A/C, radio only, no tach, mickey mouse door mirrors, unpainted front bumper and unpainted steelies with stock firestones on estenosis lumbar tratamiento it. Base model for $13K. He immediately put a lund triglas topper on it and estenosis lumbar tratamiento upgraded to some michelin all-terrain tires and american racing tailgunner chrome wheels. Here is the earliest picture I could find (circa 2001/2002, with me in the foreground):

Fast forward a few years to 2004/2005 when I started to learn to drive (15) and got into vehicles. I learned to drive this beast by a simple trade estenosis lumbar tratamiento off: I wash the truck, and my dad would take me out for driving lessons estenosis lumbar tratamiento for 30 minutes. This quickly got out of hand as I would wash estenosis lumbar tratamiento the truck 3-5 times a week.

By the time I was 16 (2006) I’ve accomplished several mods. I painted the front bumper to match, got a K&N series-77 CAI, got a chrome grille shell with a billet grille, a plasmaglow fire and ice LED tailgate bar, some hella 2020 lamps for behind the grille, NBS badge swap with custom white inlays, and some ebay headlights with some rice-tastic 6000K hids. Lastly I got rid of the hideous grandpa topper for estenosis lumbar tratamiento $400. Here is the truck two years after the one pictured estenosis lumbar tratamiento above with the same background:

Then tragedy struck. I believe it was december of 2006 that I got estenosis lumbar tratamiento my first accident. I was traveling through a green light when someone pulled estenosis lumbar tratamiento out in front of me and I ran into her estenosis lumbar tratamiento (1989 F-150) at an odd angle. My front bumper, hood and drivers side quarter panel needed to be replaced. For christmas I got some rice-tastic chrome LED lights that didn’t work for poop. The truck was still in the body shop when I estenosis lumbar tratamiento installed them:

Then I did a major undertaking. I decided to do the infamous 99+ bumper swap. It was much more popular and offered many styles to estenosis lumbar tratamiento choose from for valence choices. I started out with a junkyard bumper, upper pad, and XLT valence and lightning grille. I painted the upper pad and bumper and had them estenosis lumbar tratamiento installed while living in a 3rd floor apartment. Here is the truck at work (jimmy johns delivery):

I got tired of the XLT valence. I knew what I wanted. The ultra-rare 2003-only STX valence. Limited number run WITH fog lights. The only way I could manage to score one of estenosis lumbar tratamiento these puppies was off a buddy who owned a 2003 estenosis lumbar tratamiento STX and got his cracked in a side-swipe. Insurance got him a new one and I bought his estenosis lumbar tratamiento for an astounding price of $150 (people are lined up wanting one of these). Of course the catch was it was the wrong color:

So now we’re in late 2010 and everything is well. One night I’m headed into work and a dumb-arse college kid decided to make an illegal uturn in estenosis lumbar tratamiento front of me. So I hit him. Bye-bye bumper, pad, headlamp, and hood, with severe damage to my beloved STX valence. (no pics that I could find).

After getting her back from the body shop. I lost my junkyard bumper and upper pad, as well as the grille surround with my junkyard painting estenosis lumbar tratamiento and got a brand new fomoco bumper, grille, and shell with body shop quality paint. I still have the slightly scratched hood, the lightning grille survived the crash, and my STX bumper was patched with bondo. Around this time I also bought a SCT xcal 3 estenosis lumbar tratamiento with custom dyno tuned for $400. That really woke up the beast of a V6!

That’s about it for the mods. So far my truck is at 255,000 miles. The only other things I am missing is the pioneer estenosis lumbar tratamiento CD player with 4x new pioneer speakers in the cab, zune HD for music (or my driod razr for pandora). I am also a volunteer firefighter, so I cant forget my toys: