Repairing an electrical plug with ground pin cut off contractura lumbar duracion

This is a repair on an 125v A/C electric cord on a pinball machine that had its ground pin cut off. The pinball machine would appear to function correctly dolor lumbar causas, but when standing barefoot on a cement floor or while at the same time touching another device that was properly grounded the machine would deliver a nasty shock! This repair would be applicable contractura lumbar ejercicios to any device meant to use a 3 prong grounded plug, that has had its ground pin cut off.

Today’s modern US electrical wiring consists of three separate wires: black, white desviacion lumbar, and green. The green wire is always the ground and connected to the ground pin on the plug. The opposite end of the ground wire dolor sacro lumbar causas connects to the chassis of the equipment. The black wire is considered the "hot" wire.

The white wire is the &quot escoliosis derecha;neutral" or "common" wire. Some cords do not have color coded wires for hot or neutral but instead mark the neutral wire with writing, ribbing, ridges or texture. The ground wire from the device’s plug connects to the ground on the electrical outlet, which connects back at the circuit breaker to the ground loop escoliosis consecuencias of the house (usually copper plumbing) and finally to "earth ground&quot cirugia lumbar; outside the house.

Most appliances or devices have their power switch on the "hot" wire. Polarized or grounded plugs prevent the user from plugging in a device backwards. With the power escoliosis de convexidad izquierda switch on the "hot wire" this guarantees no voltage will reach the device when the switch is turned off. If the plug is non-polarized or the ground pin is cut off of a 3 prong plug, it could allow someone to insert the plug backwards. This would create a shock hazard even if the device was off since the power switch would be on the que es escoliosis dorsal neutral/common wire and the hot escoliosis dorsolumbar wire would be directly connected to the device!

So back to the repair at hand, a pinball machine that has had its ground pin cut off on the plug. The "hot" and &quot escoliosis lumbar consecuencias;neutral" blades on the plug are not polarized, since the non-existent ground pin would have only allowed the plug to be plugged in one way. This unfortunately allows the pinball machine’s plug to be inserted incorrectly into the outlet and create a shock hazard even when the machine is switched off.

It’s a common misconception hernia discal lumbar ejercicios prohibidos that higher voltage is more dangerous than lower voltages. The danger is actually in the current flowing between ejercicios para discopatia lumbar two points. Since V=IR (voltage = current x resistance) it’s easy to see why people would assume that higher voltage is more dangerous. Since V is directly proportional to I, higher voltage can also mean an increase in current cirugia de hernia de disco lumbar l5 s1 if the resistance stayed the same.

The greater the current, the more dangerous it is to humans — but the damage also depends on what part of the body the electricity is flowing through since parts of the body have different resistances dolor lumbar agudo. This is why you may hear people say to keep one hand in your pocket when working rx de columna lumbar normal with high voltages in order to not take any chance of having the current flow from one hand to the other (across the chest). It’s interesting that a current of 0.2 amps can be potentially fatal. It also takes less A/C current to cause damage than D/C current.

This is not to scare you from working with anything electrical, but just to make you aware of some of the dangers of electricity. Many causas del dolor lumbar parte baja espalda people that don’t even attempt rewiring or working on anything electrical have been shocked by a malfunctioning device or improperly grounded appliance. When I was a child I got shocked by a canister vacuum cleaner — and a few dolor lumbar derecho rinon years later had one catch on fire, so that could explain why I tend to avoid vacuum cleaners to this day! All jokes aside though, it’s amazing how many of us just take contractura lumbar electricity for granted without really understanding anything about the lights, switches, electrical rotoescoliosis dorsolumbar outlets or appliances we use on a daily basis and the dangers that are always there. But just like driving a car, riding on an airplane, or crossing the street — the dangers are always there but they are minimized when safety is practiced.