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National seating & mobility provides customized wheelchairs and adaptive seating systems for individuals who have been diagnosed as having permanent or long-term loss of mobility due to trauma, physical abnormality, structural defect or disease. Barrier free modifications

Sun medical equipment company is a medical equipment, supply, and barrier-free residential home modification company. We specialize in permanent and rental ramping, grab bar installation and barrier-free remodeling. Disability employment

We are fighting so people with disabilities can live in the community with real support instead of being locked away in nursing homes and other institutions.

Michigan alliance for families provides information, support and education to families of children and adults with disabilities from birth to age 26 who are in the educational system.

MDRC is a state-wide network of individuals and organizations that advances the issues of michigan’s disability community through grassroots activism, public education and advocacy.

People with disabilities have to deal with a wide variety of issues. We try to answer any questions you may have relating to disability. We have experience in the following areas: discrimination in education, employment, housing, and public places; abuse and neglect; social security benefits; medicaid, medicare and other insurance; housing; vocational rehabilitation; HIV/AIDS issues; and many other disability-related topics. Funding

The michigan disability rights coalition (MDRC) has established the telework loan fund to help people with disabilities purchase equipment needed to work for an employer, or become self-employed, from home or at a telework center.

The trust fund helps pay for services and projects for children with special health care needs not provided by other health care funds. The fund helps with the purchase of equipment and services that promote optimal health, mobility, and development, enhancing the lives of children and their families. Home health care

AmeriCare medical, incorporated is a comprehensive healthcare management company offering a total spectrum of bestcare outpatient and home healthcare programs and services that specializes in catastrophic care. AmeriCare’s visionary bestcare services are designed to satisfy every aspect pertaining to the needs of outpatients, home care patients and healthcare providers from nursing care in the warmth and comfort of your own home to pharmaceutical and home medical equipment needs.

AmeriStaff nursing services provides home health services for private pay, auto accident, and workman’s compensation patients. Services available are companion care, help with ADL, PT/OT, and nursing.

OakMed nursing and rehabilitation is a beaumont hospital affiliated home health care company for patients with injuries stemming from an auto accident that were initially treated at a beaumont hospital. Services available are help with ADL, PT/OT, and nursing. These services are available even after hospital discharge. Legal help

FLAC focuses on assisting victims of domestic abuse, elder abuse, or those who experience great barriers to justice. This organization is the only student run legal aid clinic in the nation staffed entirely by wayne state university law school students who provide legal services under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

The state bar of michigan can help you find attorneys in your area to handle any type of legal issue you face. You can visit their legal resource center at http://lrs.Michbar.Org/ medical transportation

Fare to freedom is a non-emergency medical transportation company servicing metro detroit. Services include doctor visits, therapy, shopping trips, errands, social events and more. All drivers are trained in rehab therapy.

Primary transportation is a non-emergency medical transportation company servicing wheelchair and ambulatory patients. Our commitment is to provide professional, safe and reliable assisted passenger transportation. Pharmaceuticals

Rx IV infusion pharmacy offers specialty drugs that are administered through IV. They offer compounding medication services, and other specialty needed pharmaceuticals.

They bring a family tradition dating back to 1945 and spanning four generations of service. They offer full pharmaceutical services and some medical equipment. Recreation

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the physically impaired, mentally challenged, and at risk youth achieve their maximum potential through outdoor therapeutic recreation.

The purpose of this league is to provide an appropriate means for persons in wheelchairs to have the opportunity to play hockey, and have the chance to engage in the competition and excitement of the sport. Our league includes players in manual and electric wheelchairs. Rehabilitation

Rainbow rehabilitation centers encourages persons with spinal cord injuries to progress to the highest level of independence using our interdisciplinary team approach and comprehensive therapies.

The recovery project provides aggressive neurological rehab specializing in spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. Programs include high intensity therapy, therapy for parkinson’s, fall prevention/ balance, vestibular rehab, redcord, occupational therapy and massage therapy.

Strength, training and recovery (STAR) rehabilitation is an integrative program in a 225,000 sq.Ft. Community-based accessible health club offering physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, massage therapy, mentoring, nutritional counseling, adaptive sport training, and aquatic therapy.

Walk the line to SCI recovery is an exercise based spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury recovery program. Our experienced team works with clients to develop and create individual recovery programs designed to activate muscles and nerves below the level of injury.

Beaumont offers rehabilitation services at more than 30 locations throughout southeast michigan. Whether you want to return to the golf course or recover from cancer treatment, they develop a personalized therapy plan.

The mission of michigan rehabilitation services is to assist individuals with disabilities into employment and self-sufficiency. Useful links

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