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In all honesty I don’t believe that the assistant stewards that I came across at sea wherever people that I would have little time for the first class wingers that are very often poked fun out here because of their sexuality were absolute artists in food they lumbar hernia symptoms could make filleting a pan-fried plaice or a pan fry Dover sole at a table look like there were some kind of expert and as I said before watching one of them prepare a baked jacket potato was almost worth videoing they were absolutely escoliosis dorsal derecha artistic crepe Suzette at the table as well as steak Diane at the table they could do the lot so I would never ever rubbish them they were Masters of an art when it came to the tourist class and to be perfectly honest I never sailed on the essay while so I don’t know what the one escoliosis dorsal dextroconvexa class it was like they work bloody hard on to sittings and I believe I will stand to be corrected by some of the X Union Castle guys on here that they did the children’s meal and then two sittings in tourist and I would think by the time you’ve done that you had little things to do except sleep before breakfast when it all started over again so in all honesty and not just for the privilege of disagreeing with you I found that all the catering staff were normally pretty escoliosis consecuencias good guys there was the odd one or two but the bad one was quite a rarity most of them were extremely estenosis espinal lumbar hard-working dedicated men and if any of them hold me to it I can honestly say that I appreciated what all the catering staff did on any ship I was on and mainly speaking on passenger ships and ferries the office of stewards always went above and beyond their own job description to make sure that you was fully equipped to do your job and in rough times I’ve seen the steward appear in the engine room control room booted and spurred dolor lumbar agudo with a pot of coffee steak sandwiches and salads because we hadn’t had anything to eat so my experience is different and I would not compare them with shoreside waiting staff because only I have no experience of restaurant and hotel waiting staff accept as a customer

##was never on big ships ….never on a ship with a bar …..the galley closed on every vessel i was on after the evening dinner ….no so called black pans as the galley was the cooks palace and you didnt go in …..most escoliosis dorsal derecha sintomas cooks only had the old mans inspection on sunday along with his followers into there dolor lumbar derecho rinon holy of holies …most pantry staff were proud of there station ……and of course ruling out the iron ore vessels it was not always easy to give a reasonable sized meat plate as for instance on many vessels the sunday lunch chickenwas the only main course they were never large chickens usually scrawny things …and to get as second steward 13 persons in the saloon plus our own was not easy out of two little chickens …….lamb escoliosis tratamiento legs were the same …..the old man and the chief engineer got ist choice and the mate came next …..then the rest …apprentices got the poorest bits but never had a complaint ……if we had cirugia de hernia de disco lumbar l5 s1 a complaint apart from the old man chief engineer and mate we took our ballocking …….but a leery smile out the hatch i found always was enough to sort out any smart boys ….veg was always plentiful ….and sunday duff was always a good belly filler rx de columna lumbosacra ……some of the night watch bridge box sandwiches were vile on one vessel tinned fish in tomato sauce made about 4 in the afternoon and stunk in the tropics by 6 were true ecoli carriers cheese and onion were ok …one ex steward on here stated eggs left from breakfast were ok in sandwiches with tommy sauce …well i was in tankers and general cargo vessels plus coasters but never ever saw spare eggs usually 38 or 40 hands escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento saw a spare egg ever……it was very often one egg one man ..that was in the late 50s and ealy 60s …although the little vessels were always ok for eggs ….the came the ore carriers …….mountains of everythigs steaks most days choice of meats …..far too much food cooked and steak and a great choice for bridge boxes salad and cheese …plus overtime coming out your ears ….constant soojying sometimes same places twice a week …..bank balances growing ist class accom….own cabins air con escoliosis lumbar en adultos ….jeez it was a great time home regularly but still plenty bronzie …….why did escoliosis lumbar dextroconvexa i ever leave …..like all good things nothing lasts forever …back on a geordie tramp …..bum food ..no ovies great ports yes but 11 months balls to that …….wanted something of my own and found a great woman still together after57 years …cappy a contented old bstard