School dolor lumbar izquierdo summer holidays 2019 in london best things to do with kids

Zip wires will be forever haunted by the image of dolor lumbar izquierdo causas bojo sagging on a line above victoria park. But there’s no chance of recreating that moment on zip now dolor lumbar izquierdo causas london – a 225-metre zip line – the biggest and fastest city line in the world. It sounds terrifying, but this is a slick operation. As soon as I arrive at the HQ in archbishop’s park to try it out, I’m met by one of the red-T-shirted safety gurus, who gets me kitted up into a harness and helmet.The zip wire begins 35m above the ground – the height of nine double-decker buses – which means that before feeling the wind in your hair dolor lumbar izquierdo causas you have to climb ten flights of stairs to the dolor lumbar izquierdo causas top of the starting tower. After taking in views of battersea power station and the dolor lumbar izquierdo causas houses of parliament, I’m clipped on the wire, led down some steps and told to ‘fling’ myself off. So I do. Turns out zooming mid air at 31mph is bloody exhilarating. For the return to earth, there are two choices. You can walk down yet another set of stairs or dolor lumbar izquierdo causas face the ‘mega drop’: a 15m-high freefall. Obviously I opt for the drop and quickly find myself dolor lumbar izquierdo causas fastened to a bungee-esque rope before plunging into mid-air and landing flat on my back on a crash dolor lumbar izquierdo causas mat. If you thought cycling in rush hour was a buzz, it’s got nothing on this.

Unless you’re hoping your kids grow up to have a career dolor lumbar izquierdo causas in blowing stuff up and electrocuting people, it’s probably worth stating from the off that ‘brainiac live!’ isn’t really an educational show – you’ll probably learn more about science from a harry potter dolor lumbar izquierdo causas novel.

Still, even the most sensitive of children tend to derive a dolor lumbar izquierdo causas certain amount of pleasure from watching things explode. And in that respect this live spin off of the dolor lumbar izquierdo causas defunct sky children’s show ‘brainiac: science abuse’ delivers. It starts with a caravan being detonated and ends with dolor lumbar izquierdo causas the destruction of a microwave: in between various gas-filled balloons are exploded, one of the enthusiastic young presenters gets strapped to a dolor lumbar izquierdo causas rocket propelled office chair, and several of them learn the hard way how an dolor lumbar izquierdo causas electrified fence works.

There’s a sort of boffins-gone-rogue aesthetic to the whole thing, with much donning of lab coats and brandishing of goggles. Yet only the most apologetic of explanations interrupts the bangs dolor lumbar izquierdo causas and pops – call me herr gove, but ‘brainiac’s palpable terror at being seen as improving felt like dolor lumbar izquierdo causas a slightly missed opportunity to me. Still, I suppose children have schools to learn stuff in.

There’s a kind of melancholy embedded in JM barrie’s ‘peter pan’. It’s a story that’s perched, anxiously, on a window ledge, between domestic comfort and rip-roaring adventure. Sally cookson’s gloriously confident adaptation takes a step out and soars.First staged in 2012, her revised version rampages across the olivier theatre’s vast stage. Peter pan’s pirate adversaries are led by a bloodthirsty female hook dolor lumbar izquierdo causas – anna francolini might have stepped in at the last minute dolor lumbar izquierdo causas (to replace an injured sophie thompson), but she wields her iron appendage with abandon, mixing ferocity with knee-wobbling existential terrors. Time’s ticking crocodile is on her trail. Around her, the all-adult cast transform from lost boys, huddled in knitwear and clutching teddies, to furious pirates in the bloodiest kind of red breton dolor lumbar izquierdo causas stripes.But before we get to the gory bits, cookson makes sure we really care about the relationships at dolor lumbar izquierdo causas the heart of the story. Madeleine worrall’s performance as wendy is especially wonderful. She’s full of childlike wonder and pettiness, bickering with her brothers john and michael. And that makes it extra poignant when the lost boys dolor lumbar izquierdo causas of neverland try to trap her into mothering them – she fights furiously, at first, before settling into endless games of mummies and daddies.But then, cookson’s play always has one foot in the adults’ camp. Instead

Forget crop-circles and abductions – according to ‘aliens love underpants’, extraterrestrials travel to us from lightyears away solely to steal dolor lumbar izquierdo causas our precious undergarments. Adam bampton-smith’s adaptation of claire freedman’s bestselling children’s book tells the story of timmy, a whimsical boy, whose dreams of becoming a spaceman come true when he dolor lumbar izquierdo causas journeys to planet janet. Here, human underpants are revered by aliens; the iconic hot pants of kylie minogue, which they’ve sneakily managed to steal, are so sacred that it would be considered blasphemous to dolor lumbar izquierdo causas speak louder than a whisper when in their presence.Much of the humour stems quite simply from the giggle-prone subject of knickers, and a handful of jokes are a little predictable, including announcing that ‘the show has been cancelled!’ in the opening scene. Nevertheless, the zestful charm of the four performers (harrison spiers, cheryl felgate, charlotte cooper and mark collier) and the fun audience participation captivated what might have been dolor lumbar izquierdo causas an easily-distracted audience of three year olds. Even the set changes between scenes were interwoven with dialogue dolor lumbar izquierdo causas or alien gibberish, so that the only reason I looked away was to dolor lumbar izquierdo causas glance at the roomful of little heads bobbing rhythmically around dolor lumbar izquierdo causas me during the snazzy musical numbers. Props also to designer isla shaw for crea