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Teaching is a vocation that many of us enter because we want to use our passion and knowledge to shape the young minds of the future. In the current climate of a staggering work load and the media scrutiny felt by many teachers this session was to focus on how important our subject knowledge is, how we impart that knowledge to our students and causas del dolor lumbar parte baja espalda how important showing true passion for our subject is. Sometimes we all need a reminder of why we chose to dedicate our lives to this fulfilling – yet stressful – vocation and this session was designed to do just that.

Our passion and knowledge of the subjects we love started somewhere. Before looking at the impact our knowledge has on our students it is important to reflect on our educations and see what we enjoyed at school. The first task of the session was for the group escoliosis dextroconvexa to think back to their own school days in in particular what radiografia de columna lumbar normal subject they really enjoyed at school. I asked the group to come up with reason why that subject in particular (and it did not necessarily mean the subject that they now teach) was their favourite. During our discussion afterwards it was clear that the common theme that appeared was the teacher. The teacher who loved their subject, the teacher who knew their subject, the teacher was inspired them, the teacher who made them feel accomplished. In the years since we were at school escoliosis lumbar leve we have now transition from the student who is inspired to the adult who does the inspiring – and we do this more than we will probably ever know!

The knowledge that we have as both professionals and lovers of our subject should set up our students to have a comprehensive understanding of the topics under our schemes of work and curriculum. Not only this our knowledge of the skills our students need to succeed in their exams is also essential.

• We need to make sure that we are passing our knowledge over to students estenosis lumbar in a way that they can process and understand. We cannot just give them the basic facts and expect them to know. We need to tailor this to their needs and requirements as learners.

• Use social media. There is a mountain dolor lumbar derecho y pierna of support, resources and help out there for everyone. This can come in the shape of revision materials, lesson help, structure help and emotional help – especially when the mock exam marking is not going as you want it too!

• Don’t be afraid to ask for help!! The biggest lesson that I personally had to learn. If you need any help understanding knowledge, content, exam specs anything then reach out! You are only doing yourself – and your students dolor lumbar izquierdo cadera – more harm and stress if you don’t.

Sometimes when you have deadlines being thrown your way and countless books and exams to mark it is hard to focus on the reasons why you became a teacher to begin with! But we all have our own stories and journeys that brought us here and we need to reflect on this from time to time. My journey focuses on the passion that I have for History (History geek and proud) and my amazing parents. My parents planted my passion for History dolor lumbar cie 10 and did everything they could to make it grow. Unfortunately, many of our students do not have that in their lives and therefore it is up to us to instil that passion in them and allow it to grow and flower. A big discussion point within the session as how to carry on being passionate when it at times thrown back in your face. At times you will face barriers to this passion. Working with hormonal teenagers (or children of any ages) you will hear “ oh I hate this subject”, “how is this going to help me when I leave school?”, “why are we learning about dead old people?!” This combined with behaviour issues we deal with everyday can be wearing. But there operacion de columna lumbar recuperacion is always a glimmer of hope. This ray of sunshine (or hopefully rays of sunshine) come from the students who love your subject and develop your passion. The “oh thanks Miss that was awesome” or “I’m going home dolor lumbar lado derecho to find out more about that!” Keep those students in the forefront of your mind and never lose focus of them; they will get you through the gloomiest of days. We also found that this clip really helped to reinforce this focus on the determination of not giving up on our passion because we make a difference to the lives of so many (whether out students outwardly demonstrate this on not!) hernia lumbar

• Classroom environment. If you look at a boring whitewashed walls what are you going to think? If you do not allow your passion to shine in your classroom, then how do you expect your students too? Give your classroom a makeover and see how students respond to a welcoming and warm environment.

• EL SUPREMO TIP:The only person that you can be in life is you. This does not change when you step inside a classroom. Students can sense when you are not being you – it’s almost dolor lumbar izquierdo like they can smell the fake odour in the air! So be you and unashamedly so. The only way that you can truly impart your knowledge and passion is to be true to you, true to the love of your subject and true to your students.