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Honestly, I don’t even mind the Serena outburst as much as the absurd way it’s being covered. The Undefeated, unsurprisingly, had probably the most vomit-inducing commentary.It’s been a bit surprising to me. I get escoliosis tratamiento that the double standard / sexism angle has some merit. And I don’t mind at all if some people believe that was a part of this. But like kaldaniels said, it’s almost as if her behavior doesn’t matter. At least talk about that aspect of it. By some of the coverage, you’d think she did absolutely nothing and was just being picked on. They totally miss that the penalty came because it was radiografia dorsolumbar her 3rd code violation. Her 2nd one happened moments earlier when she smashed her racket on the court.

Every single player, man or woman, who does that gets a code violation. She can estenosis lumbar severa’t claim any unfair treatment from that. But it’s being completely ignored in the coverage. Why the media has always been so afraid of being critical of Serena is beyond me. It’s not like they aren’t critical of other black athletes. But she rarely gets taken to task by large sports outlets in these situations, where other players would get skewered. That’s also a double standard.

I think some contractura lumbar sintomas of the coverage is coming from people who didn’t watch and don’t understand everything that happened. They’re talking about it like Serena’s outburst was a result of the escoliosis dorsal dextroconvexa game penalty and so she was justified in it. The penalty was the result of the outburst. The approach much of the sports media is taking is a little bizarre in that they seem to completely ignore the way she behaved.

The overarching view is that she was treated differently because she’s a woman. If that’s true, then it should be talked about, and it should dolor lumbar causas emocionales be dealt with. And I’m certainly open-minded enough to listen if evidence is presented. But I’d like to see all these examples of where this happens in the men’s game without similar consequences. I wouldn’t have any different reaction if one of my favorite male players unloaded on an ump in the way Serena did.

But I watch a lot hernia lumbar sintomas of tennis, and that type of talk towards an official is not common.It’s pretty common yeah. Both men and women really. Not ever that high profile obviously, but only 4 matches a year are that high profile. Nick Kyrgios is the obvious example, but Nadal has had run ins, so has Novak. You know who’s really bad actually is Ryan Harrison. He had a meltdown this year at the Cincinnati tournament that I guess dolor lumbar cronico would blow people’s minds, given the reaction to this.

You also have the situation where coaching happens with every player, every match, and it’s usually ignored. You see this in person, it’s not hidden, there’s hand signals all the time. Novak looks at his box after literally every point at times. So the penalty is selective. In every sport, I’m of the belief escoliosis sintomas that it makes for a better viewer experience if they let ticky-tacky stuff like this go, and it’s a dumb rule anyway, doubly so now that coaches are allowed to coach on court in the women’s game. I don’t watch sports to watch refereeing or umpiring.

The only thing I saw happen here was Serena talking with the umpire at the beginning of the 2nd set about the coaching. (I think it’s a stupid rule.) Then I saw the long rally hernia de disco lumbar ejercicios contraindicados 2-3 games later where Osaka won which was fabulous tennis. I didn’t see – nor have I seen yet – any of the controversy. If this escoliosis lumbar izquierda was baseball this would be called an Ump Show. If this coaching rule is by and large ignored – much like arguing balls and strikes is an automatic ejection – why enforce it in the final match? Now I do know that players have used controversial calls to argue with umpires and either escoliosis dorsolumbar tratamiento fire themselves up or psych out their opponent. And we all know that happens in all sports. Like a basketball coach arguing with a ref to get the next call. And I do realize Serena has behaved very badly in the past at the Open. It backfired on her the last time and it backfired on her this time. But I grew up with guys like Nastase, Connors and McEnroe berating the officials. And I always liked the guys who didn’t more. Perhaps if the coaching hadn’t have been called, it wouldn’t have escalated from there. Or maybe Serena escoliosis fotos would have chose something else to get upset about to try to turn the tide. I do think there’s somewhat of a double standard in the reaction to this. I think if a man had got upset and berated an umpire it would have been handled differently escoliosis tratamiento fisioterapeutico. Even Djokovic said that the umpire may have gone too far. Serena isn’t blameless but let’s not act like she’s a horrible human being because she got upset at an umpire.