Testimonials artemesia acupuncture escoliosis fotos

“Kathleen at Artemesia Acupuncture has provided me with an amazing experience at each appointment. After a welcoming and professional contractura lumbar tiempo de recuperacion evaluation, Kathleen knew exactly what my body, soul and mind needed. Each time I visit, I can count on leaving with a relaxed spirit and body. Kathleen promptly addresses any needs and will give you her fullest attention during the appointments. My husband and I were struggling with infertility, and Kathleen made it a priority to get us in to see hernia lumbar cie 10 her – even if her schedule was full. Thanks to Kathleen’s help and guidance, we are now expecting twins! I cannot even begin to explain how acupuncture has changed my life for the better!

Thanks Kathleen escoliosis lumbar sintomas!” Allison D.

“I have two pain issues: arthritis in both hands and two bulging disks in my lower back. These come with some really painful dolor sacro lumbar causas consequences. I am also allergic to all aspirin derivative products, such as anti-inflammatory drugs. Large amounts of Tylenol do not touch the pain. I decided to try acupuncture and found Artemesia on the recommendation of a co-worker. I have had four sessions which have helped me lose much of the sustained pain. The pain levels have reduced considerably. I fully intend to continue maintenance sessions to continue controlling the pain herniated lumbar disc sleeping position. I am able to walk long distance again and my golf game has improved dolor de lumbares. The people at Artemesia, especially Kathleen, are amazing, compassionate, knowledgeable, and concerned about my problems.” Jim W.

“I went to Artemesia for acupuncture treatment for acute knee pain and swelling. I had been unable to walk stairs normally, taking one step at a time for at least a month. I had been to an orthopedia specialist and told I had arthritis and given a cortisone dolor lumbar derecho rinon injection. Having had success in the past with other issues, I decided to try acupuncture. After only one treatment I began seeing results. Now after 4 treatments I am walking normally again and have cancelled my follow-up visit with contractura lumbar ejercicios the orthopedic doc. We are now working on overall wellness with continued emphasis on my knees. I highly recommend Artemesia for balance and well-being.” Ameila W.

“I first met Kathleen 30 years ago when she saw me for acupressure massage. I still remember how much she helped me. Her gentle, loving manner escoliosis lumbar izquierda tratamiento and truly caring spirit is what comes through still when I see her for acupuncture now. She’s helped me get operacion de columna lumbar recuperacion well in ways no one else can. She is well-qualified and very professional. I look forward to my treatments with her each time.” Sonja G.

“I became a client of Kathleen Fluhart in 2009. Kathleen has provided me with innovative and alternative treatment plans, addressing my health concerns for many years in a comforting, compassionate, and professional manner. Kathleen’s application of acupuncture therapies has renewed my strength and vigor at times when stress has pushed me beyond my limits escoliosis sintomas. I believe Kathleen’s acupuncture has restorative healing power to the human body’s various systems escoliosis dorsolumbar izquierda, i.e., nervous, circulatory, hormonal, reproductive, etc.” Adora M.

“Highly recommend Artemesia Acupuncture for whatever is ailing you. From the minute you walk in the door, a sense of relief and relaxation takes over and you find hope again. I’ve spent endless hours in doctors’ offices and in physical therapy for the last few years, and in three short weeks have been relieved of pain; have been able to sleep through the escoliosis lumbar izquierda night; have given up soda (and stayed off); and am feeling more energized! Could go on and on about the positive changes Kathleen and Deb contractura lumbar sintomas have brought about in my life in just a short time frame…Thank you! Oh, and to answer what everyone asks…no, it doesn’t hurt #128578; My family is grateful for the changes as well!” Lissa M.