The estenosis lumbar tratamiento sun makers

The TARDIS arrives in the future on the planet pluto estenosis lumbar tratamiento where there are now six suns, a breathable atmosphere and a large industrial community. The company controls the planet and exploits the workers, pays them a pittance and then taxes them on everything estenosis lumbar tratamiento imaginable. The doctor and leela join forces with an underground band estenosis lumbar tratamiento of rebels led by a man named mandrel.

They learn that the head of the company’s operations on pluto, represented by the human official gatherer hade, is an usurian known as the collector. The usurians enslave planets through economic means and then fleece estenosis lumbar tratamiento the inhabitants with exorbitant taxes. The company keeps the citizens in line by diffusing a estenosis lumbar tratamiento calming gas, PCM, through the air conditioning system.

The doctor manages to stop this, and the workers then rise up against the company and estenosis lumbar tratamiento hurl gatherer hade to his death from the roof of estenosis lumbar tratamiento a tall building. The doctor meanwhile gains access to the company computer and estenosis lumbar tratamiento programs it to apply a two per cent growth tax. The collector, unable to cope with the loss of his profits, reverts to his natural form – a type of poisonous fungus – and is rendered harmless. Episode endings

With leela held hostage by the rebels, the doctor is forced to attempt to withdraw some money estenosis lumbar tratamiento – a thousand talmars – from a consumbank booth using a stolen and forged consumcard. Suddenly the door of the booth slams down and a estenosis lumbar tratamiento strident alarm sounds. The booth fills with gas, and the doctor is overcome.

Leela is strapped to a trolley by the collector’s guards and rolled into a condensation chamber to face estenosis lumbar tratamiento death by steaming. The doctor tries to reach her through some vents, but time is running out as the temperature is building estenosis lumbar tratamiento in the heat exchanger and the steam will very shortly estenosis lumbar tratamiento have to be released into the system. Leela resolutely awaits her fate…

Back in the TARDIS, K9 is waiting to finish the game of chess that estenosis lumbar tratamiento he was on the point of winning against the doctor estenosis lumbar tratamiento when they arrived on pluto. The doctor makes an adjustment to the TARDIS controls that estenosis lumbar tratamiento causes the ship to lurch violently, sending the chess pieces flying. He tells K9 that as soon as he has reset estenosis lumbar tratamiento the coordinates, they can finish the game. K9 groans. Roots

The company is based on usurius. Usurians are listed in professor thripsted’s flora and fauna of the universe as a poisonous estenosis lumbar tratamiento fungi. Three types of gas are mentioned: dianane, a deadly poison (to which usurians are immune), balarium, a muscle neutraliser, which also effects speech, and pentocyleinicmethylhydrane (PCM), an anxiety inducing agent.

The company came to earth when its natural resources were estenosis lumbar tratamiento almost gone and shifted the population to mars, after their technicians made it habitable [previous martian colonies, like those mentioned in the daleks masterplan, did not involve terraforming]. Once mars too had been exhausted the operation moved to estenosis lumbar tratamiento pluto, missing out the four intervening planets which the collector describes estenosis lumbar tratamiento as being ‘not economically viable’. The doctor says he hopes the humans will be able estenosis lumbar tratamiento to return to a regenerated earth.

Pluto was believed to be the outermost body in the estenosis lumbar tratamiento solar system until the discovery of cassius. Pluto has six megropolises (each with its own in station fusion satellite). The miners in megropolis 3 are known as ajacks (the gatherer believes the doctor is one.)

Popular ajacks names include wurg and keek. School is called preparation centre and money units are talmars. Kandor, an executive grade from megropolis 4, once survived three years in a correction centre. PCM is pumped into the air to keep the population estenosis lumbar tratamiento subservient. The usurians have a file on gallifrey. Untelevised

There are a number of aztec influences in the story’s costume and set designs – most notably in the gatherer’s crested hat, the badges worn by company executives and the large ‘sun god’ symbol suspended at the back of the gatherers’ office. These were a nod toward the original intention of set estenosis lumbar tratamiento designer tony snoaden and costume designer christine rawlins to base estenosis lumbar tratamiento their work on mexican propagandist art, an idea that had been vetoed by director pennant roberts. Goofs