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Dallas animal advocates and rescuers have found hundreds of abused, tortured and ultimately murdered dogs thrown in garbage bags and tossed on the side of the road on and near Dowdy Ferry Road in Southeast Dallas. The horrible result of dog fighting, animal abuse and a suspected animal serial killer or killers. The problem there is unprecedented and these heroic rescuers are fighting dolor lumbar izquierdo to save these dogs and bring justice to the monsters who are doing this.

It’s a horrifying mystery in the Dallas area: Who is dumping the bodies of hundreds of animals, and even a person, along Dowdy escoliosis dextroconvexa Ferry Road? Dallas resident Jeremy Boss spent over the last 4 years collecting, counting and crying over the bodies of dogs, cats, goats, cows, horses, roosters and other birds he’s found along this stretch of road in South Dallas.

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Garrick has over 30 years of service to U.S. military veterans. She confronted the Department of Defense (DoD), when she believed she witnessed fraud, waste and abuse. Her organization, Whistleblowers of America, is made up solely of volunteers. “It’s all about facilitating someone in their decision-making, problem solving and supporting their dolor lumbar cie 10 resilience,” Garrick said. “This can be a traumatizing experience — we allow them to ventilate and validate their experiences.”

“The majority of our members are Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) employees or veterans who have identified waste, fraud, and abuse, medical errors, denials of care or benefits, discrimination, or harassment. For doing so, they have suffered reprisal and retaliation. They have spent endless hours with investigators, lawyers, judges, reporters, and members of Congress. They have escoliosis lumbar derecha spent thousands of dollars in family savings to reveal the truth, seek vindication, right wrongs, save lives, and obtain justice.” Garrick established WoA because she saw dolor lumbar lado derecho how unjust and unbalanced the judicial process is for whistleblowers. She notes, “the employee is on their own when fighting wrongdoing while the organization has unlimited resources and time. Peers can help rebalance the profanation of justice.”

“In the event that your family member or friend is being targeted by the hospital you do have a few options that may be of help, according to various BAR Union members. Of course these things are usually only available if you received due notice of hearing of the intention of the hospital to take your family or friend, prisoner. Still, filing these motions could stall out what is sure to be a dangerous state of affairs for the individual targeted.”

As if the guardianship scams that target the elderly, children, the disabled and those chronically ill, most especially when there radiografia de columna lumbar normal is a sizable estate involved by legal predators and equally predatory professional guardians was not enough, the medical industry is now entering into the game. Hospitals, whose only function is to care for the sick, are now openly engaging in the capture causas del dolor lumbar parte baja espalda and hostage taking of individuals whom they claim are incapacitated. Never mind that their actions most likely caused any actual incapacity. Or most often, what is nothing more than a fraudulent statement claimed by those involved that an incapacity exists, when in fact, no evidence can be provided or will be provided to substantiate the claim.

In any of the instances sighted above, simply asking for a second opinion, or disagreeing with the doctors on types hernia discal lumbar tratamiento fisioterapia of treatments, medications or other intended services, can trigger a hospital initiated guardianship. In the case of children, disagreeing with doctors about diagnosis, treatment or other measures can result in the medical kidnapping of the child by the hospital.

In virtually all of these medical kidnappings for profit, no due process is observed and no notice of hearing is served. The individual is now a virtual prisoner taken hostage by the hospital, the doctors and the attorney’s. The guardianship is granted before anyone can object and the newly reclassified medical prisoner only finds out about their new classification, after the fact. They can no longer speak for themselves, refuse damaging medications, vaccines, surgeries or other needless or harmful interventions all predicated upon the bottom line profits of the hospital. The medical kidnappings are not about protecting the life of the medical prisoner, but rather leveraging the situation so that the dolor lumbar izquierdo cadera hospital continues to profit. Once the deadlines loom on Medicare and Medicaid, or other insurance, the hospital will move quickly to ensure that their bottom line stays in the estenosis lumbar black, even if it is detrimental to the life of the patient. More

His death was hastened by Hospice in Orlando, Florida with Haldol, Ativan, morphine, lorazepam and fentanyl even though Tony and Jackie had been clear that he wanted to live and had revoked hospice. Hospice staff suggested since he had been in and out of the hospital and rehabilitation facility several times that he didn’t want to continue this way and stated if he had a heart attack, he didn’t want hernia de disco lumbar ejercicios to be revived – right? He said no, I do, I want to live. They were told he had no terminal illness after initially being told he did. After calling 911, the medical staff who took him to the hospital stated he had been overdosed and gave him Narcon to counteract all the drugs but he passed 3 days later.

Call in and listen to what can happen to you or your loved ones if you blindly trust rogue hospice and nursing home staff. It is our intent to inform people about the potential dangers, terminology and red flags. Stealth Euthanasia is happening across the country as elderly and disabled are being targeted for early death and deemed unworthy of more time on earth. Many of the guests on this show have lost loved ones whose death was hastened by medical predators. Education is key for you to know what is happening and not just listen to what escoliosis dorsolumbar izquierda you are being told by medical staff. You have the right to question doctors and nurses decisions, refuse drugs and/or hospice altogether. There are other dolor lumbar embarazo options available and it is our intention to give you knowledge about your rights.

If you have a story about a hospice or nursing home hastening a loved one’s death, contact Marsha Joiner at You will need to have records that document your story. For more information check out

It is a catastrophe. We conservatively estimate that each year 43,000 patients suffer on dialysis and die prematurely because of the shortage. That’s equivalent to 85 fully loaded escoliosis lumbar leve 747s crashing each year. That’s 118 patients dying each day. Since 1988 (when data collection began) almost 1 million patients have suffered and died prematurely because of the shortage.

Dr. Adwoa Akhu is a New York State–licensed clinical psychologist. She has broad experience in the areas of trauma, depression, anxiety, stress management, spirituality, relationships and intimate partner abuse and is Board Certified in African-Centered/Black psychology. Dr. Akhu is a former president of the New York Association dieta blanda para radiografia de columna lumbosacra of Black Psychologists and a former board member of the Association of Black Psychologists. She provides consultation, workshops and professional training on a wide variety of psychological issues. Dr. Akhu is the author of numerous self-help books including Cultivating Inner Peace: A Sustainable System for the Professional Black Women. For more information, visit All patient cases have been documented and verified for accuracy.