The prisoner. the endless void. columna lumbar rx

The stone cell stunk with shit and sweat. There sits only one window no bigger than sintomas de escoliosis lumbar a head almost twenty feet above. It gave no light, nor did it quite hold a true purpose other than allowing birds in to nest in the ceilings of the prison. There’s a door—just one, simply big enough to fit any knight in armor at an average height and in the middle lay a man—no, a boy, breath ragged and half dead. A shame that was it to this room, for it was left guarded by Saint Templars who could be heard outside of its steel exit muttering the chants of their cirugia hernia discal lumbar gods.

Fear burned in the souls of those Templars, yet there was never anything quite to fear… Just a child barely even an adult, calling out for help through his tears.

Every day they could hear the break of his voice begging for something. Food, water, a mother he had long lost…

Outside, the Templars straighten up, shoulders broad and hands clasped behind their backs as the hall door opened with a slow creek. The morning light peeked through, flooding the otherwise dim, cobblestone hall. Not one, but two slowly curled around escoliosis toracica the door in a silent argument. A woman, hair long and braided at her shoulder, dressed in white and gold stood with a frown on her brown features. There’s a bronze crown made up of circles that rested at ‘round her head, shimmering in the light as she stood against the wall, awaiting another to follow.

In comes a man, one a touch taller than she but just as regal. The Templars at least knew him escoliosis derecha. He was a fellow Knight at one point of his life, one whom had seen his share of successful battles and built soldiers just as glorious as he. Yet, there was no pretending who this man was. Tall and muscular, pale but rugged and covered in a row of colorful medals he wore at his breast. With his head down, he sighs and kicks the door closed behind them.

“You cannot keep these things alive while the Good Lord shines above, Ludvig. They are a walking disaster waiting to snap at the right moment.” Her accent is thick. Some words sound as if they slur together yet leave a trail of a gentle hum behind it. It’s soothing, but difficult to understand to the standing knights. Nevertheless, they ease forward, watching her strut through the hall, head high, and markings at her cheeks.

Silence is shared betwixt the group and an awkward cough clears the air. With eyes wide and mouth agape, the Priestess escoliosis tratamiento wore her offense loudly. Slowly, as she recovered herself, she clenched her teeth and turned her brown escoliosis lumbar levoconvexa lips downward. “Your blasphemous words will not bring back the hundreds those abominations have killed. You take him out without slitting his throat and the blood of his victims is on your hands.”

“You can’t blame one boy for someone else’s hunger!” Ludvig huffed, sliding a hand down his face and running his fingers through the scruff of his beard, “He can be trained just like the others. His hunger can rotoescoliosis lumbar izquierda be controlled just like the others. I know what I’m doing, and right now it seems the current dramatics is that I’m saving the life of a boy who has no idea what’s happening to him.”

The two of them stand just feet before the cell, the guards still quiet and motionless before them, never once breaking their stance before the higher ups. The Priestess sighs, her arms crossing in defeat. Within that room she knew lurk a monster that tore through villages, lying in wait to pounce on them the moment they decided to release them. It happened every time. They’d open the door and the cretin would be hunched over, bearing its true skin.

Ludvig held up a hand with a slow quieting wave, “Yes. This is High Priestess Azizai Hawthorne, gentlemen. She and I have been sent here to retrieve— ahh, what’s his dolor lumbar derecho rinon name… Araxisys?” From his pocket, Ludvig produces a folded parchment with a broken blue seal. He holds it out for one of the guards to take, yet neither reach out for it. Instead esclerosis lumbar they eye it with unease then glance up at the old warlord before one turned to unlock the door and step to the side.

The rusted door creaks with a sharp scrape, the stench pluming out in a rolling gust that brings a handkerchief to the nose of the Priestess. She coughs, stepping in behind Luvig with caution. The beast could be anywhere, waiting to snatch them up and yet…

Nothing. There was no attack. No warnings from the man within… Just a shriveled body in the middle of the floor, frail and small. He’s filthy, probably covered in heaven only knows. His hair covers his face and his body simply lie there curled into a weak ball. He looked uncomfortable, head and body awkwardly turned against the molded cobblestone and an arm tucked underneath him.

“A trained one, ser. They said she put up quite the fight protecting him and the rest of their people. Apparently, she and a couple others could control hernia discal lumbar sintomas their shifting and spent their years training others.” The guard shifted, “Allow me to speak freely?”

He fidgets and takes a breath, “I believe you’re right in what you’re doin’… for them. The Vosuns escaped with them out of the Pragalian Isles durin’ the rx de columna lumbar normal Purge and those Shamans did everythin’ they could t’ unite our people— which they did. I think they deserve a chance to at least try and live normally ‘cuz they sure wasn’t gettin’ it from the rest of the people here.”

Such a pathetic sight. Araxisys never moves, but that shallow noise of his breathing echoes in the room. It’s a rattle, like he’s… struggling, mostly. Too weak to move and far too exhausted to beg for his life. If this herniated lumbar disc sleeping position was death, the months he spent in his hole was his escape to freedom for God had long left him and his people and every ounce of relief was better than this.

Hawthorne circled the man on the floor, watching her step of what dark clumps may be hidden in the shadows and pauses, kicking his dirty feet with the tip of her boot, “He’s worthless.” High Priestess Hawthorne stared down at the young man, “He won’t live past his eighteenth with his body so… tainted.”

“It’s the only way radiografia dorsolumbar to survive the first moon.” Ludvig huffed, “He must survive the challenges his kind has first.” He kneels, carefully pushing away the hair from Araxisys’ face. Here he can see him, cheeks shallow and eyes focused on something off in the distance, but alive. “I will get you back into shape, boy. I’ll give you a reason to strive. You don’t deserve this, but the first part is precaution dolor lumbar ejercicios, it’s only for a few more days. You will be monitored and protected then free— I promise you. Do you want this?”

“She’s gone, my boy.” A breathless gasp and he wheezes out a weak, dismal noise. Now on his knees, Ludvig leans closer to him, shushing him with a soft pat, “Don’t worry. When you are ready the one who hunted your mother will be your first bounty. Her name shall not go down in vain because of fear. Do you wish to avenge her?”