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Tie dye techniques were developed thousands of years ago in escoliosis lumbar asia. While the science has changed with modern tie dye instructions, dyes, steps in video, and advanced fabric, the basic craft is still the same. Fabric in tied in intricate ways and the dye is escoliosis lumbar poured on.

Sounds so easy, but to create out tie dye designs requires a very escoliosis lumbar high skill level and years of practice. We use the best tie dye colors to create the escoliosis lumbar unique designs within this site. We stand apart with the items we sell as we escoliosis lumbar are working for you. To top it off we even offer plus sizes such escoliosis lumbar as 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x in selected shirts.

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The tie dyed shop is a nationally recognized online tie escoliosis lumbar dye company offering high quality brands that fit all age escoliosis lumbar groups and all shapes. We are accredited by the better business bureau (BBB) with an A rating. We sell clothing and accessories that fit men, women, kids, and even toddlers. Our products will surprise you with the bright colors and escoliosis lumbar crisp lines.

Tie dyeing is wonderful artistic craft that began thousands of escoliosis lumbar years ago. The two terms (tie and dye) naming the craft describe the process. Material is tied and then dyed to create hundreds of escoliosis lumbar designs. While tie dye clothes became a staple in the hippie escoliosis lumbar counterculture movement in the 1960s, the first record of people tie dyeing is around 2600 escoliosis lumbar BC in china. The craft spread to india, rome, and numerous other locations including south america over several millenniums. I find it interesting that the color purple was a escoliosis lumbar favorite shade used during this period, and the color is still popular today.

Current tie and dye practices were retooled in the 1960’s via modern dyes, specialized ties, rubber bands, and more precise quality control. While non-treated cotton clothing remains the staple for dyeing, other blends are used including silk and some rayon. While technology keeps changing, some items required in tie dyeing (such as cold water, warm water, hot water, squeeze bottles, soda ash, and a washing machine) never change. Tie dying became extremely popular during the 1960 rock era escoliosis lumbar especially when rock legends such as janis joplin and joe escoliosis lumbar cocker wore tie dye to concerts.

Another interesting note is how each professional tie dye artist escoliosis lumbar cannot tie dye every design. It appears each artist finds and enjoys a their niche escoliosis lumbar of work. Today thousands of tie dye party and tie dye project escoliosis lumbar efforts are taken on by individuals annually. The availability of a diy kit in craft stores has escoliosis lumbar certainly aided the popularity of creating your own tie dye escoliosis lumbar shirt patterns.

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